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Text-to-speech (TTS) is a new-age assistive technology businesses use to improve user engagement and enhance a reader’s reading fluency and comprehension. Webgen Technologies USA is currently the market’s best company providing custom text-to-speech and voice app development services. We will help you explore the leading aspects of speech-enabled digital products with our cutting-edge AI and ML-powered technologies. From converting text to speech in real and human-like voice quality to personalized voice notes, the TTS technology makes everything smooth and easier. You can hire our service to obtain speech conversations from text input in more than 70 languages. So, what are you waiting for? Partner with us to expand your audience reach and skyrocket your business growth.

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    Our Text To Speech Services To Broaden Your Customer Reach

    Applications and software that convert text-to-speech use Artificial Intelligence and ML algorithms to train engines to identify a language and understand its tone before generating superior-quality speech.

    Custom Text to Speech Apps

    We provide AI-powered text-to-speech services where text gets converted automatically into lifelike speech. We build apps that will help you differentiate your brand from your rivalries with a customized and realistic text-to-voice generator. We create apps that understand the emotional tones of your text to produce speech, maintaining the same tone.

    Customized Text To Speech Voices

    Our AI and ML developers leverage Text to speech technology to deliver voices that sound realistic. With the help of a unique and state-of-the-art AI voice generator, we help our clients get their tailored and brand-oriented text-talker voices. You can also tune the synthesized voice output based on scenarios through fine-grained audio controls like pitch adjustments, pronunciation changes, etc.

    Automated Text Translation Services

    The elite experts of Webgen Technologies USA are capable of translating text from more than 70 languages using neural machine translation technology. We develop, train, and, deploy ML models to help businesses accelerate their business operations where text translation is of paramount importance.

    Speech To Text App

    Our service also includes speech to text app development services where users get to transform audio files into text in a convenient and readable format. They can even edit the files, upload, and share them for collaborative participation and decision-making. Our apps are equipped with high-end technology that allows users to convert speech to text offline, without any internet connection.

    Speech Recognition Software

    This is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology that decodes an audio input to generate a transcription in text format. It identifies any type of spoken words that may come from varied sources like recorded voice clips, phone calls, and microphones. The process of speech recognition software development involves the use of language models to determine word sequences after breaking the audio input into smaller parts like phonemes, words, and sentences.

    Voice App Development

    With our top-notch voice app development solutions, you can generate synthesized voices in dozens of languages to address your global audience. We have AI professionals with decade-long experience and have worked with clients all over the world. With a solid grasp of how to build voice applications, they help businesses connect better with their target audience and accomplish business goals.

    Significant Benefits That Text To Speech Technology Offers

    Text to speech technology development has become an essential add-on for businesses who want to propel their business forward by reaching more customers and giving them a whole new kind of text-to-speech experience.

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    Customized Speech

    Our AI and ML experts train engines to tailor speeches as per business situations and requirements. You can generate different types of custom speech variants and tones. TTS is the right technology to implement for real-like speeches with natural-sounding voices to fit your business scenarios.

    Multiple Language Translation

    English is not the only medium of communication between businesses, partners, stakeholders, and customers. With the help of Text to speech technology, you can convert your text into your preferred choice of language and generate speech to engage better with your local or regional customers. It allows for language translation of more than 70 languages.

    Reach A Wider Audience

    Since with TTS it is possible to go for speech conversions into numerous languages, marketers can now utilize this opportunity to market to a larger audience. By eliminating the language barriers, brands can provide their costumes and potential customers with personalized experiences. You can build a unique and custom voice for your brand in multiple languages.

    Deploy Text To Speech Output Anywhere

    We develop text to speech technology solutions that can be deployed on any platform or cloud. Our services encompass flexible deployment anywhere, either on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge locality using speech containers. After building natural speech synthesis, we integrate it into applications by optimizing for both cloud capabilities and edge localities.

    Increases Brand Value

    By turning text inputs into lifelike speech resembling real human voices, we help businesses create cutting-edge speech-enabled applications and software that talk. Hence, you can build a whole new category of digital products for your audience with which your customers can interact and engage. All this will uplift your brand value in the marketplace and help you stay ahead in the game.

    Increases Mobility

    Conversion of text into audio gives users a multimedia experience as instead of reading news, articles, and blogs, they can now listen to them at ease from anywhere. It offers users a hands-free experience of getting information from online articles, PDFs, and other text-based digital content.

    Industry Applications Of Text To Speech Technology

    TTS technology is extensively used by companies to enhance the dynamics of business-customer relationships. There are diverse applications of Text to speech tools and are used in various ways by businesses.

    Navigational Tools

    Modern-day navigational tools offer voice guidance with the help of Text to speech engines to generate sound files to provide directions and suggest optimized routes to users. Although Google and Apple Maps constitute the traditional examples, innovative brands are also using TTS to build directional navigation software to integrate into their store-finder apps, virtual real estate tours, etc.

    E-Learning Systems

    TTS technology has great potential to become an effective learning tool that would enhance the vocabulary and reading capabilities of the students. Educational institutes can use this tool to convert static content such as PDF files, eBooks, study materials, and other training-based documents into audio files to give learners an interactive learning experience. TTS converts words into speech and these playable audio files can be made available online or uploaded. Integration of text-to-speech services in the education sector improves accessibility and promotes inclusion of differently-abled students.

    Voice Recording

    Audio recording and voice recognition software are used to improve the quality of sound in audio files or blend audio clips together to generate cohesive audio content. AI experts train ML models to create a voice file mimicking an existing voice, that can be either human or digital. Voice recordings are also used by brands to incorporate intros and outros of video ads, incorporate sound effects, and edit out unnecessary speeches or sounds.

    Interactive Voice Responses

    The telecommunications industry is exploring the benefits of this Text to speech technology to provide customized messaging and interactive voice responses to facilitate better interaction and communication with customers. TTS is used for reading out customer records from the existing database which earlier were done by employing human executives.


    The impact of TTS in the advertising landscape is far-reaching. In fact, voice-based advertising is a disruptor in the marketing arena. You can reach out to millions of people across multiple touchpoints which eventually helps your brand push prospective leads down the sales funnel. To make your brand name stand out, digital marketing companies incorporate TTS into web pages, mobile apps, and videos for swift conversion of text to speech.

    Text-to-Speech App & Website Development Process

    Our developers conduct thorough research and employ effective AI models to identify language, collect language information, and train engines to generate synthesized voice output. Our solutions give businesses a winning edge by connecting with larger audiences worldwide.

    Research & Analysis


    Model Creation

    Model Training

    Testing & Deployment

    What to deploy a high-quality Text to Speech app solution?

    If you are seeking a custom AI text to speech service, connect with our experts today. We develop customized speech-activated applications that generate natural-sounding human speech output from various text formats.

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    Here are the answers to the most common questions people have regarding text to speech app development services.

    The Text to speech (TTS) is an assistive technology that uses Machine learning techniques and neural networks to convert text into speech. The text to speech engines are trained and programmed to identify written text in various formats and languages and convert it into phonemic representation using AI and ML models. Speech synthesis is a part of TTS technology that results in the artificial production of human-like sound output by analyzing waveform patterns from text. 

    We, at Webgen Technologies USA, use the best text to speech assistive technology to produce top-of-the-line solutions for your business. 

    • Unit Selection Synthesis – This technology studies a text input and analyzes the database of natural speech to define sub-word units and synthesize them to new and human-like speech without modifying signals.
    • Formant Synthesis – Formant synthesis is used to determine the voice tone, noise level, and basic frequency of your speech. Formant synthesis also termed as rules-based synthesis is used to create the waveform of your customized speech. 
    • Articulatory Synthesis – The process of articulation is done using this computational technique. It synthesizes the speech based on the human voice, male or female vocal tract. This helps in defining the final sound quality of the speech.
    • Neural Synthesis – A neural network is made of artificial neurons which is used to develop artificial audio waveforms. Neural synthesis is used for the generation of sound levels at different levels of individual samples. 

    Apart from these, our developers use trending tools and programming languages like .NET, PHP, C+, etc.

    The cost primarily depends on the project’s scale and complexity. Furthermore, the prices change as per the character counts and features used to synthesize the speech. 

    The time to develop the cost depends on the project features, scale, complexity, resources employed, and technologies used. Hence, it is not possible to provide you with a price estimation. 

    The TTS technology pre-processes the text input and then uses an ML algorithm to build a connection between sounds and phonemes to produce accurate intonations. The TTS engine utilizes a sound wave generator to create life-like and fine-tuned synthesized speech.

    Yes, as one of the leading solutions providers for text to speech app development services, we have a strong grasp over the creation of customizable AI-enabled text-talker voices. Our application identifies texts in more than 70 languages and can tune generated voice output as per your brand’s identity, pitch, business scenario, and pronunciation.

    Webgen Technologies USA is a market leader for top-notch and unparalleled AI & ML solutions, including Generative AI, object recognition, text to speech, business intelligence, etc. Our prime focus lies on analyzing clients’ requirements and priorities in order to deliver custom-fit solutions designed for success. 


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