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We offer data-driven solutions to help organizations transform business models and generate new revenue streams. We revolutionize native business operations and unleash opportunities that will help you to scale and outperform your competitors. Webgen Technologies USA’s data analytics consulting and solutions in Olathe, Kansas in the United States deliver value across the journey of our clients and empower their users with intuitive and agile system processes. By augmenting automation and intelligence, we enhance decision-making and help companies provide tangible results. Our global team with more than 75+ data specialists works diligently to convert data into actionable insights using business intelligence and analytics. Leverage our industry knowledge and solid data foundations to reimagine what’s next to impossible.

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    Our Robust Suite of Data Analytics Services

    Our data analytics experts fine-tune business models by extracting meaningful information and embedding analytics into the business functions at stages that drive the decisions made by organization leaders. We harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics to deliver growth-oriented data solutions to navigate the future journey of your business.

    Data Analytics Consulting

    Our consultants, with more than 10 years of experience, help you in finding an optimized data analysis solution that would help you gain a sustainable competitive edge in the market. Most importantly, our team of consultants will help understand whether a business idea is feasible with the amount and quality of data your company has. We will also prepare and provide you with Proof-of-concept (POC) after trying various types of ML algorithms. We can also integrate and make big data part of your existing data analytics solution or build a standalone solution from scratch.

    Advanced Data Analytics

    We uncover the potential of our client's data assets and build advanced Machine learning and analytical models to visualize data. Our robust data architecture aids in the mining of gigantic volumes of data sets of large enterprises and optimize them to reveal hidden and critical insights. We will help you discover the destiny of your data and open new scopes of business growth and improvement. Our data analytics solutions in Olathe, Kansas in the USA help companies of all sizes elevate their business performance and resilience by integrating the right strategy after deriving value from the company’s data.

    Data Aggregation

    Our data aggregation services involve collecting structured and unstructured data from disparate sources (both primary and secondary) and binding them into a unified format. This format is then used by data analytics professionals to better understand and analyze them statistically. We impart consistency in the process of data collection by creating a data summary from a large pool of data and forwarding it to the concerned department for high-level data analysis. Companies hire us to compile information from relevant databases and organize it into a simple and easy-to-understand format.

    Business Intelligence

    Businesses deal with massive volumes of data and our data analytics services in Olathe, Kansas in the USA are used by them to address their business analytical needs. We fuel their analytics reports by generating real-time insights. Our business intelligence solutions and reporting help them comprehend the business pain points and seek ways to overcome the challenges. We strive to deliver scalable and business-centric solutions that are aligned with our client’s requirements. By creating and training deep-learning models and visualizing data, we help businesses across the world recognize their market trends to make them future-ready.

    Customer Analytics

    To achieve business success, it is important to understand the mindset of your potential customers and get a deeper insight into their behaviors towards your product or service. We, as a leading service provider for data analytics solutions in Olathe, Kansas in the USA combine incisive market research with analytical explanations to provide strategic solutions to enterprises. Studying customers’ purchasing behaviors, likes and dislikes, and product preferences enable market segmentation and also help them enhance customers' experiences. Leverage our customer analytics services to anticipate your customer buying pattern, tailor customer service, and retain your customers.

    Marketing Analytics

    Understanding your competition and analyzing the behavior in the market will help you figure out areas where you are lagging. Examining the business models and strategies that your rivalries are adopting and trying out something better and new will help you stay ahead. By using the expertise of the best marketing data analysts, you can try new marketing tactics by predicting market trends and forecasting sales. Our data analytic service processes marketing data to evaluate the effectiveness of your business marketing activities.

    Enterprise Data Management

    Our data management solutions facilitate easy storage, access, linkage, retrieval, and linkage of company data across your data lifecycle. We establish an effective data governance system to store and manage massive volumes of data sets in a safe environment. Data management is considered the process of ingesting and organizing data in a manner that can be used later by companies for analytical purposes. We leverage high-level analytics tools and techniques to integrate data and derive actionable and recurrent conclusions necessary for strategic planning in business.

    Sales Forecasting

    The process of analyzing past data to predict the trends in the market and forecast the sales volume is sales forecasting. Data forecasting is considered a mandatory practice by all types of businesses to predict the future course of events in the market. It is a detailed analysis process executed by our analytical experts by studying past and present data such as customer details, total numbers of products sold, what were the peak demand seasons, and so forth.

    Data Warehousing

    Our analytics professionals will help transfer your data to your data warehouse which can be either in the cloud or on-premise. We can also build a customized data warehouse after scrutinizing your business needs. Our data warehousing services are integrated with a robust Business Intelligence framework, smart database, powerful data integration infrastructure, and an effective data model. Businesses can curate smarter business strategies as data becomes readily accessible now.

    Data Modernization

    Our advanced and high-level data analytics services process includes migrating data from traditional and legacy databases to modern systems. We can help you in upgrading the old or existing data analytics model and convert it into a new-age solution that is powered by deep learning and machine learning algorithms. We aim to meet the new and evolving analytical needs of our clients and help them maximize their returns. Particularly, our data modernization services are critical for organizations that have to deal with enormous amounts of unstructured data starting from customer voice recordings, images, textual content, social media comments, and so on.

    Data Visualization

    Another important part of our data analytics solutions for small businesses and large enterprises is data visualization. It is the process of presenting graphically the drawn insights, trends, and information to make it easy for business leaders and readers to understand. Our data visualization experts highlight critical findings and market patterns by using elements such as graphs, maps, images, and charts that would aid in devising business strategies. They use trending data visualization tools to outline and present data-driven facts intuitively.

    Automated Reporting

    We make data visualization easy for our clients by serving them with automated reports in various formats like Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, Word, etc. Our seamless data reporting makes it convenient for business leaders to extract value and distribute it to other stakeholders before making critical business decisions. We will deliver your automated reports on a pre-defined schedule i.e. daily, weekly, or monthly. You will have complete access and control over the interactive dashboards where you can update information.

    How Our Data Analytics Services Drive High-Level Business Decisions

    Our data analytics solutions map all the data sources and unravel critical business insights used for making wiser decisions. We identify hidden patterns in large data sets and go in deeper to extract valuable information. Our services bring a plethora of advantages to your business by transforming historical and real-time data, both structured and unstructured data, into meaningful conclusions.

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    Anticipating Customer Needs

    Considering the competitive pressure that businesses are facing these days, the ability to understand the customer’s needs has become paramount to optimize their experiences to build longstanding stable relationships. Customers expect companies to know them better and provide them with personalized solutions. By predicting their needs, organizations are now able to deliver real-time experiences.

    Better Decision-Making

    Big data analytics combined with AI and Machine learning can make accurate predictions and help in the decision-making process of the brands. Poorer decisions can bring a negative impact on your business and therefore, proper and qualitative analysis by a Data analytics consulting company in Olathe, Kansas in the USA can enhance business decisions and drive growth and profitability.


    One of the most important benefits of data analytics is the automation of crucial business tasks and HR management activities. Whether it's payroll processing, data cleansing, or shortlisting candidates and screening them; data analytics make that all easy. Finance companies automate loan application processing, responses to customer inquiries, and invoice /form processing.

    Predictive Modelling

    You need the expertise of Data analysts to perform predictive analysis of your business state and customer relationships. It helps you to comprehend the root causes of your problems that arise in business and how to fix them. Our data analytics software solutions in Olathe, Kansas in USA, use game-changing predictive modeling tools to foretell future outcomes. In the finance sector, predictive analytics is leveraged to detect fraudulent activities and determine the credit scores of individuals.

    Personalized Services

    Today, personalized marketing has become the most important standard for business marketers and they strive to enhance customers’ journeys with their products or services. And Big data analytics is seen as a way to achieve this. Big data analytics uses recommendation engines to get a holistic insight into the customer. This aid in price optimization, product recommendations, customized marketing campaigns, etc. to cater to the unique requirements of a particular customer.

    Customer Loyalty

    Behavior and sentiment analysis are the primary enablers for retaining customer loyalty and making them stay. Our data analytics services in Olathe, Kansas in the USA include drawing useful information from market research and customer behavioral data that would help companies understand exactly what their customers expect from them. This way you can improve your quality of service, boost sales and retain customers.

    Insightful Data Analytics Solutions For Various Domains

    Data analytics are paving the road for future-ready business organizations of all scales and types. Explore the use cases of big data analytics in various industries.


    Organizations utilize the power of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to plan their budgets, analyze profitability, and check performance. Apart from this, financial analytics is beneficial for monitoring a company’s revenue and expenditures. It also plays a key role in mitigating financial risks and planning long-term business goals

    Product and Sales

    Prioritizing sales channels and product performance analysis is necessary to ensure that you attain your pre-determined goals. Our sales and product analytics help you to identify the market trends and our pricing analysis is used to determine an optimal price of the product that would increase sales. Tracking and analyzing customer behaviors and interactions with your product in real-time aid in identifying common obstacles and how to improve them.

    Supply Chain

    Supply chain analytics by our data analytics consulting company in the United States is the process of analyzing collected data of the supply chain management with the use of analytics models and tools. To enhance and streamline the supply chain processes, businesses demand in-depth analysis of their performance and identifying the risks involved in the supply chain. Other aspects of supply chain analysis include driver route optimization, determining optimum inventory levels, inventory management, and stockout preventions.

    Human Resources (HR)

    The employee recruitment and management domain, combinedly known as HR management, is also harnessing the power of data to gain valuable insights regarding employee performance and hiring structure. The HR department relies on employee experience analysis to gauge their satisfaction working in a current or earlier organization. It is also used for measuring employee retention percentages and analyzing labor costs.

    Logistics and Transportation

    The logistics sector hires data analytics services companies to keep track of the shipments, vehicles used, and product deliveries to customers. Deep analysis and study of the incoming shipment and dispatched shipment minimizes the chances of product loss or misplacement. Predictive analysis is further employed for checking optimal fuel requirements through route optimization and driving patterns. You can also integrate our IoT analytics solutions to check cargo temperature vehicle condition and driver behavior.


    Healthcare analytics have streamlined the delivery of healthcare and medical facilities to the common people. Hospitals, doctors, and nurses now can monitor patients' conditions and raise alerts by studying patients' data and past medical history in less time. They no longer need to spend hours manually scrutinizing reports and treatment history. The usage of cutting-edge analytics and reporting tools has simplified the process.


    Manufacturing analytics is important to help various production companies optimize product quality and prevent production loss. It can be also leveraged for checking equipment condition and power consumption. Overall, analysis of massive volumes of data related to manufacturing activities increases the efficiency of the equipment and improves productivity.

    Our Process

    Our data analytics services process starts with understanding your requirements and ends with submitting reports. We deploy a very comprehensive yet easy-to-understand methodology to derive actionable insights from your data.

    Understanding Project Scope

    Collecting Data from sources

    Data Analysis

    Data Visualization

    Submitting reports based on our findings

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    Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring data analytics services in Kansas.

    Data analytics is all about discovering the potential of big data by transforming data into purposeful information. Collecting huge volumes of raw data and doing an in-depth analysis of the data to derive meaningful and informative conclusions that will help businesses in their decision-making is known as Data Analytics. The process of business data analytics involves using a wide assortment of analytical tools, statistical models, and trending and quantitative methods, to predict actionable outcomes and draw valuable findings from big data. 

    Data analytics is important to foster business growth, streamline operations, and improve decision-making capabilities. The exceptional benefits that data analytics brings to your business are explained below. But before that, you need to understand that a successful analysis of your business depends on numerous factors: Quantity and quality of data collected, the analytical software and methodologies used by the data analytics solutions companies, and lastly, how skillful the analysts are to extract meaning from your data.


    The advantages of using data analysis for business are:


    Informed decision-making – Business intelligence and data analytics leave no room for guesswork while making decisions. The data collected is efficiently utilized to provide information that adds value to your organization. Our data analysts at Webgen Technologies USA leverage two types of analytical models to assist businesses with smarter decision-making. Firstly, Predictive analytics is used to foretell customer trends, demand outcomes, and sales volume in the future. Secondly, they use Prescriptive analytics to suggest measures and practices that businesses need to make to respond to predicted market changes.


    Mitigating business risks Most organizations, these days, rely heavily on data analytics solutions to predict risks, avoid inefficiencies, and identify problems. It is useful for recognizing high-potential risks in businesses and implementing measures to prevent them. The finance and insurance sectors are mostly benefitted from risk analysis because they can limit their loss by taking precautionary actions.


    Improves Efficiency – Data analysis in business is used to streamline activities in the business workflow. For instance, collecting data and analyzing it helps in identifying the loopholes or bottlenecks which are hindering the performance of your business. As a business leader, when you became aware of the possible problems in the future, you will immediately seek ways to prevent them. This naturally improves your business efficiency.  

    Enhances security – These days, business operations involve handling massive amounts of customer data, both online and offline. However, with this comes the risk of serious cyber security threats like data breaches, data loss, hacking, etc. When you hire a reputed and reliable data analytics services company, rest assured your data is safe. Data analysis strengthens your company’s data security and protects you from reputational damage.

    In today’s data-driven world, businesses need to make critical decisions based on the findings extracted from enormous volumes of data. Data can be structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. It is the job of data analysts to study them and derive meaning from them. 


    Data analytics improves the decision-making process of an organization by imparting knowledge about the present market situation, the latest trends, customers’ experiences, and future movements. After a company gains all the hidden yet purposeful insights from the large datasets, they try to better allocate resources, and budgets to achieve what seemed implausible earlier.

    Data analysis is the practice of collecting, inspecting, evaluating, and transforming data into useful information which businesses can use for taking their next step or action.  Data can be available in any type and format. It can be textual content, graphical elements, or statistical figures. Hence, it becomes essential for your to know whether your hired agency is capable of analyzing the data you have provided. As one of the top data analytics companies in USA, we provide the following types of data analysis.


    Descriptive analysis – Here, our goal is to describe a set of data and generate short summaries or conclusions based on our analysis. Descriptive analysis is all about explaining the data in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. 


    Exploratory analysis – This is a process of examining data and scrutinizing them thoroughly to find correlations between variables. Exploratory analysis is useful for unveiling new connections, forming hypotheses, and identifying causes.


    Inferential analysis – This one is an interesting type of analysis as it takes a small data sample from a large data set and analyses it to understand the trend and generalize the set. However, the accuracy of the analysis is largely depended on the selected sample.  


    Predictive analysis – It is the study of the present and past data to forecast future movements in the market, and predict customer behavior and sales. This type of analysis is mainly used for making futuristic decisions in business. 


    Prescriptive Analysis – It is a combination of Artificial Intelligence solutions and big data to identify the actions that your business needs to take to optimize performance. You can devise strategies and decide the way to move forward once you have eliminated the loopholes or bottlenecks. 

    Diagnostic Analysis – Although similar to prescriptive analysis, diagnostic data analysis helps discover alerts and guides you to avoid them. Our diagnostic data analytics services notify you of potential risks in business before it occurs and prevent loss.

    Your data is completely secure with us. Our database systems and files are protected using the highest level of encryption. This means every single piece of data or information that you shared with us is 100% protected. We adhere to security standards and data privacy policy to ensure that our clients have complete peace of mind using our services. Further, we take all the precautionary measures and update systems regularly to enhance security. We are vigilant about potential targets and hence educate our employees about the importance of data protection. We neutralize even the slightest security threat by reporting it faster. 

    The pricing model of our data analysis services is dependent on the project requirements and complexity. Our pricing plans can be customized as per your needs and budget. The primary factors that mainly influence the data analytics services cost are data type (whether it is structured or unstructured), whether it needs to be modernized, the resources required, and what type of statistical models and tools need to be implemented.

    We have helped numerous organizations of various industries and domains with our premium-level data analytics services on cloud, on-premise, or any other platform.  We have helped them with a wide range of services such as analytics consulting, data discovery, data transformation, data platform implementation, data modeling, and data analytics.

    Fintech companies leverage Analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) to manage risks, get customer insights, explore financial opportunities, and get a clear picture of their positions in the market. Healthcare and wellness businesses make use of healthcare analytics to improve patient care, and diagnosis, and streamline clinical processes. Our clientele from the retail sector utilizes data analytics to predict market trends, study behavior, manage data, etc. To take a deeper look into our data analytics services for small businesses and large global enterprises, please visit our profile section.

    No, you do not need to possess any technical skills to use our services. If you want to extract insightful meaning from your company data or any other sources, you just need to share with us your requirements and leave the rest to us. We will study your requirements, collect the data, analyze it, visualize it, and present our findings in the form of a comprehensive report. We make sure that our conclusions drawn from your data are accurate and clear to understand. Besides, we will also provide you with recommendations on how to improve your business strategies to overcome the challenges. 

    Organizations usually require business intelligence to draw data-driven conclusions about their business operations and enhance their capability of decision-making. Business intelligence helps companies improve their customer experience by taking actions based on these insights. 


    Our robust BI models combine data mining, data analysis, and lastly, data visualization to help our clients gain specifics from each data set and trends. Our experts offering data analytics solutions in Olathe, Kansas in the USA have wealth of experience in using the right BI tools and analytical models to help clients globally.

    Our data analytics reports are completely customizable. You will have full access to live dashboards so that you have a glance at the underlying details drawn from our analysis. Our reports are easier to track and share with other business leaders of your organization. By providing customized reports and dashboards, we ensure that you have real-time information regarding what’s happening in your business with the help of our effective data visualization and precise reports. 

    We prioritize data accuracy by eliminating errors while analyzing data. Our Kansas State Data analytics services are top-notch and we have emerged as one of the best service providers in Olathe, USA due to our dedication and excellency to deliver accurate results. Our predictions have helped many businesses thrive and rise to new heights.

    Yes, we offer support for using our service. You can reach out to us anytime regarding any query or doubt after we have submitted our reports.

    Compared to the other data analytics solutions in Olathe, Kansas in the USA, our service is a notch higher for the following reasons.


    • Data Specialists with more the 11 years of experience in the domain.
    • Easy and fast communication with our team whenever you need them.
    • High-quality data visualization that brings life to your massive data sets.
    • Live dashboards to track our reports in real-time.
    • Fast reporting that uncovers the underlying truth and acts as a guide to help you progress.
    • Meets the data security standards and requirements to ensure your data is in safe hands. 



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