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Leverage our multilingual sentiment analysis services to analyze human emotions and gain clear insights. Webgen Technologies USA aims to drive business performance by studying the customer attitudes and sentiments behind using a product or service. Capturing opinions plays a bigger role in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and churn. Leading brands worldwide rely on sentiment analysis systems to identify a customer’s leanings toward a product or service. It can be negative, positive, or neutral. Based on the findings, brands try to improve their offerings, address the customer needs, and meet their expectations.

  • Real-time sentiment monitoring
  • Customer Intent classification
  • Text Analysis

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    Our Range Of Sentiment Analysis Services In The USA

    Our AI professionals deliver exceptional results by analyzing the sentiments of the customers using the power of Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and machine learning. Having accurate data is essential to make sentiment analysis systems function properly and we, as a top service provider in the USA, ensure that relevant data is utilized to gain actionable and integrated insights.

    Emotion Detection & Analysis

    This is a process of detecting the emotions of your customers behind purchasing your product or using your service. Understanding the purpose of using your brand is what emotion analysis does. Our AI experts train and improvise sentiment analysis models to easily capture the emotions and attitudes of a customer from their expressions and opinions. These points of expression can be anything from text, customer feedback, sarcasm, emojis, etc.

    Fine-Grained Analysis

    The objective of fine-grained analysis is to detect polarity and attitudes associated with your brand. A user experience with your product or service can be positive, negative, or neutral, and understanding these attributes helps a business improve its product or service quality. All the customers' opinions are available in tangible shape i.e. ratings and reviews on various platforms and sites which need to be mined effectively to extract useful information.

    Aspect-based Analysis

    Most reviews by customers contain sound and suggestive feedback which helps a brand identify key problems and sources of the problems. Aspect-based analysis generally takes your brand to the next step by pointing out the positive and negative things from a particular review such as “extremely satisfied”, “very poor”, “took a long time”, etc. Analyzing these reviews results in improved services by addressing the customer's issues promptly.

    Multilingual Analysis

    Our sentiment analysis services include assessing sentiments in various languages based on the regions from where your business operates, countries where you ship your products, and more. We use cutting-edge sentiment analysis tools to categorize words, phrases, etc. in various languages and use algorithms to make sense of them. Language-specific data mining and processing, sentiment lexicons, and language translation are some of the techniques used by our AI professionals.

    Intent Classification

    We also help brands understand the intent of the customers i.e. what are they up to by tracking and analyzing queries, emails, comments, and other user-generated data. We improve the efficiency of customer service and aid in better marketing campaign analysis with our conversational AI applications and custom intent classifier. Further, we analyze the voices of the customers to detect their intent and emotion behind the call.

    Text Analysis

    Our sentiment analysis process from text sources includes surveys, social media, and customer reviews. We study the feedback of the users from their survey responses and provide sentiment scores based on our findings. This helps brands address the immediate concerns of their customers. Text analysis of customer reviews assists in identifying their pain points and gaps in the business. Furthermore, going through the comments and reactions (like, love, support, anger, etc.) helps a brand change its perceptions and boost its brand image effectively.

    Why Your Business Needs Sentiment Analysis Services

    If you want to integrate customers’ perceptions into your business operating model and stay on the edge, you need to adopt sentiment tracking and analysis. Extracting your users’ sentiments and acting on them helps you score big on your customer service experience. Take a closer look at the benefits of sentiment analysis for your business.

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    Plan Product Improvements

    Extracting customers’ sentiments, opinions, and attitudes towards a product or brand across multiple touch points helps you understand their experience with your brand and whether it resonates with them. This way you can plan better product offerings by detecting the gaps and integrating new features. All in all, you can enhance the user experience and amplify your brand image.

    Brand Reputation Management

    The most important aspect of sentiment analysis is a thorough analysis of websites, emails, and social media profiles. Partner with our sentiment analysis services to establish a stellar reputation in the market by eliminating all the gaps. By responding swiftly to alerts, negative comments, etc., you can manage your business reputation online and ensure that your brand image is not adversely affected.

    Prioritize Customer Services

    When you effectively understand your customers’ intent behind a support call, you can quickly address their needs. We help your brand prioritize customer service issues and escalate complaint tickets on a top-priority basis based on their concerns, real-time feelings, and intentions. Thus, sentiment analysis of customer queries streamlines the process of customer services and enhances customer satisfaction.

    Crisis Prevention

    By gaining real-time insights about negative comments and reactions from testimonials, reviews, and social media channels, we help brands quickly take action and resolve the issue before it turns into a major crisis all over the internet. For instance, reacting promptly to any negative mention by a customer can help you solve the issue tactfully before the word gets spread to more people.

    Social Listening

    It is a known fact that a majority of unsatisfied customers vent out their disappointment and frustration on the social media pages of the brands. Hence, social listening and sentiment analysis of the audience’s feelings are imperative to improve the brand presence online and also identify the areas for product or service improvements. Our sentiment analysis process uncovers the emotions of the users behind a product from their comments and opinions on social media and drives business decisions for better performance.

    Informed Decision Making

    Knowing exactly what customers like and dislike the most and what their expectations are from your brand helps in intelligent business decision-making. Having a unified view of the customer's journeys with your product or services helps in reducing customer churn by providing business leaders with real-time prompts and pinpointing the areas of concern. Customer sentiment analysis aids in informed decision-making and better addresses the needs of the customers.

    Industries That Take Advantage Of Our Sentiment Analysis Services

    There are numerous applications and real-world use cases of sentiment analysis across major industry verticals. Sentiment analysis helps businesses retain old customers while winning new ones. Let’s take a look at the industries that are using this AI-powered solution to understand their customers better.


    Sentiment analysis experts help finance and banking institutions improve their business operations, predict future trends, plan better services, etc. We leverage deep learning techniques and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to assess business performance, study users’ reactions, and analyze articles. All this helps finance organizations in better investment decision-making and serving their customers better.


    The retail sector depends largely on customer sentiment analysis for assessing the customer's reactions and responses to a particular product. Analyzing product reviews by users on e-commerce websites and social media sites is an important part of our sentiment analysis process. Mining meaningful information related to customer’s product experiences is used by the retail sector to perform proactive research and improve brand awareness.


    In the medical and healthcare industry, customer sentiment analysis is used to enhance patient experience. We analyze their conversations to gauge the intent and emotion behind those conversations. Further, we extract valuable insights from structured and unstructured data for making informed decisions and carrying out healthcare operations within minimum intervention.

    Social Media

    Social media is the open platform for customers to publicly post their opinions, and express their likings and dislikes regarding a particular brand. Through sentiment analysis, the interpretation of the live reactions of the audience on the social media platform has become possible. Social media monitoring results in the calibration of users’ emotions, intentions, and attitudes around a brand, product, or service.


    Another great advantage of sentiment analysis is the identification and handling of fake information, news, etc. Analyzing the motive of suspicious posts across multiple social media platforms prevents cyber-attacks and hacking. Most of the time, languages and text are ambiguous, and our sentiment analysis services help identify fake reviews by understanding the tone and emotion behind the text. To protect your government’s image and reputation, sentiment analysis is necessary to implement.


    Automobile businesses use customer sentiment analysis to attain valuable insights into customer behavior through their feedback and ratings. Techniques like heat maps, customer positivity index, etc. consider various factors like statuses of the complaint tickets, text expressions, priority of tickets, etc. help automotive brands understand customers’ emotional state and take prompt actions to resolve them.

    Our Sentiment Analysis Process

    The experts at Webgen Technologies USA follow a transformative and solution-based process to build a personalized end-to-end workflow for sentiment analysis. We add human intelligence to artificial intelligence for better accuracy and scalability.



    Workflow Customization

    Feedback Cycle


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    Leverage the power of sentiment analysis to understand customers' emotions toward a product or service and improve your business performance. Our AI experts effectively curate and train custom-built sentiment analysis models to gain live insights into customers’ behavior and attitudes.

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    Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before using sentiment analysis services in Kansas, USA.

    Sentiment analysis is a process of studying and analyzing the conversations, opinions, expressions, reviews, and feedback of customers to understand their emotions about a product, service, or brand. Most companies leverage sentiment analysis services to assess and apprehend how a product or service is perceived by a customer, the intent behind its purchase, and how they respond to its use.

    The sentiment analysis process is executed by leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify the words used by customers to express their feelings for a brand. Text analysis, voice analysis, and aspect-based analysis assist our sentiment analysis experts in determining the emotional tone of a customer’s response like surveys, testimonials, and comments on social media. The results are categorized as negative, positive, and neutral based on the use of words or phrases used in the text. Other sources of sentiment analysis include chat transcripts from customer support, email conversations, employee interaction data, news, articles, podcasts, public videos, etc.

    The structured and unstructured data extracted from businesses about their customers’s opinions and experiences based on their interaction with a particular product or service is referred to as customer sentiment data. The data are collected and analyzed in real-time to measure customer satisfaction levels, their opinions, and their pain points.

    It is difficult to estimate an exact cost for sentiment analysis because it relies heavily on the project requirements, data availability, AI, and machine learning techniques employed. Reach out to our sales team to discuss your requirements and get an exact quote.

    Our digital marketing experts at Webgen Technologies USA are of the opinion that sentiment analysis is an effective tool for improving digital marketing strategies and boosting company sales. It helps a company in the following ways –

    • Monitoring brand reputation
    • Better audience research
    • racking marketing and PR efforts
    • Influencer marketing

    Webgen Technologies USA is a reputed agency known for providing superior-quality sentiment analysis services. We have the best experts who offer solutions with the highest level of accuracy. Our hands-on expertise and rich knowledge in understanding the true emotions of the customers and their mindsets regarding a product, service, or brand, help us excel in the field of sentiment analysis services. Besides this, we also shine in the areas of services such as mobile app development, website development, blockchain technology, metaverse, AR/VR, and more.


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