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Boost your business with a customized and balanced blockchain-driven system by hiring our private blockchain development services in Kansas, USA. By implementing our next-level blockchain solutions, you can secure your organization's data and save time and money. We enable startups and large-scale enterprises to meet the evolving demands for decentralized apps to improve security standards. We use the latest technologies and frameworks like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Polkadot, Corda, etc. to develop proofs-of-concept (POC), and enterprise-grade solutions. Utilize the full power of private blockchain with the support of our certified blockchain developers.

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  • High-performance

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    Private Blockchain Development Services We Offer

    Webgen Technologies USA is a private blockchain development company in Olathe, Kansas specializing in blockchain technology to empower your business and help you break the limits that restrict its expansion. Leveraging private blockchain ensures that your organization gets a unique identification through customized blocks set up by the network validator.

    Private Blockchain Consulting

    We hire the world’s top blockchain professionals to help you enter the blockchain space or expand your existing blockchain network with top-notch solutions. They will help you understand the feasibility of your private blockchain technology for your specific project. They identify, prioritize, and assess the possible use cases by evaluating and defining the risks and complexity.

    Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Development

    Our company provides our clients with evidence and documentation for their blockchain concepts, also known as PoC. This verifies whether their project ideas have any potential in real-world scenarios. PoC is a prototype that checks the practicality of your proposed solution in the real environment. After validating PoC, our seasoned blockchain engineers proceed to the stage of MVP development.

    dApp Development

    Outsource your dApp development project to our private blockchain developers in Olathe, Kansas, who leverages an agile methodology to build secured and multi-functional dApps on a private blockchain network. Our developers offer a lot of benefits starting from client-centric app design, customized features, scalability, and advanced security, to faster deployment.

    Smart Contract Development

    For flawless development and execution of secure the smart contracts aligning with your business needs, we can always count on us. Get self-enforcing immutable smart contracts on top blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Corda, and Hyperledger Fabric. Automate your workflow and ensure smooth contract execution without intermediary assistance and prevent time loss.

    Private Blockchain Integration

    The robust expertise of our team allows us to integrate private blockchain seamlessly into your existing system. We ensure to help you throughout the integration process by adapting blockchain to your currently existing infrastructure. Private blockchain integration by our private blockchain development company in Kansas will give access only to reliable members who have been granted permission to access the network.

    Trading Platform Development

    Get hack-proof, efficient, and scalable trading platforms on the web and mobile. The blockchain-based platform ensures high security while facilitating seamless transactions of cryptocurrencies in real-time. Webgen Technologies USA has been engaged in trading platform development for years and has helped businesses from start to finish including UI/UX design, frontend, and backend.

    Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

    To support the seamless exchange of various digital assets, tokens, and cryptocurrencies, our private blockchain experts develop crypto wallets backed by high security and amazing features. Transactions made through digital wallets are extremely safe and hacking or virus attacks are out of the question when it comes to implementing private blockchain.

    Custom Blockchain Apps Development

    Our private blockchain development agency in Olathe, USA offers custom app development services for enterprise projects and individual organizations. We help you transform your business by streamlining operations and automating workflows. With our application development, you can strengthen security, cut intermediary costs, and bust operational bottlenecks.

    Blockchain Launch and Maintenance

    Our services include deploying your private blockchain and maintaining it regularly to ensure that it is free from security breaches, performance glitches, and other app vulnerabilities. Being an end-to-end product development company, we ensure that everything is top-notch from architecture, UI/UX design, backend, frontend, security, planning, and execution.

    Why Choose Our Private Blockchain Development Company In USA

    Being one of the top private blockchain development companies in the USA, we are the definite market leader in the private blockchain space and have evolved throughout the journey of delivering cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide.

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    Technical Expertise

    We have gathered vast experience and deep knowledge of public and private blockchain networks by serving businesses with blockchain development projects for a decade. Our team is driven by leaders with a wealth of experience in blockchain app development , exchange platform development, NFT development, wallet development, crypto bot development, and so on.

    Outcome-focused Solutions

    We carry out a comprehensive analysis of your business goals before proceeding to the planning and development phases. This helps us in preparing a foolproof roadmap for the project and designing a better conceptual workflow. Once we have defined everything, we go on with the blockchain development and ensure that our clients get desired results.

    Agile Development Approach

    Our private blockchain developers in Kansas, USA follow an agile methodology that helps them deliver superior solutions for your business. We provide regular reporting and also welcome constant feedback from our clients’ ends to maintain consistency and transparency in our service delivery.


    Our pricing models are competitive and you have the advantage of picking a tailored service package that fits your business requirements and project budget. By providing affordable services, we ensure that all types of organizations, irrespective of their sizes, can hire our blockchain services and explore the benefits of this game-changing technology.

    Marketing Proven

    We have a strong digital marketing team that has successfully led innumerable campaigns related to blockchain projects. Besides assisting with blockchain development, we devise tailored marketing strategies comprising social media marketing campaigns, SEO, and others, to help you meet your objectives and decode the online growth formula.

    24*7 Support

    Hire our trusted private blockchain development company in Olathe, Kansas that goes the extra mile to ensure 100% client satisfaction. We are available 24*7 to assist you with your queries, resolve technical issues, and also collect feedback and requirements to upgrade and maintain your blockchain application.

    Top Blockchain Development Platforms Our Developers Work

    Our blockchain developers work on popular blockchain platforms to create efficient, secure, and scalable deFi applications, decentralized marketplaces, crypto wallets, and many more. We are amongst the top private blockchain development companies in the USA offering adaptable and innovative blockchain solutions to businesses.


    Ethereum is the oldest blockchain platform which was introduced in the year 2013 and is adopted worldwide by blockchain professionals for developing decentralized applications (dApps). As per the opinions of the top industry experts, Ethereum allows decentralization in the true sense and also supports smart contracts.


    Stellar is an open-source blockchain platform useful for creating DeFi applications. Stellar is particularly used by reputed business organizations for exchanging currencies across borders and carrying out international trade with top-grade security. It speeds up transactions and streamlines payment processes.


    It is an open-source umbrella platform for blockchain that our top private blockchain developers in Olathe, KS use to build enterprise-class blockchain applications. With its rich components, it works well on private blockchain deployment by ensuring speed and security.


    Corda utilizes a peer-to-peer distributed ledger technology that allows blockchain engineers to build interoperable blockchain networks that aid in seamless transactions in a private network. Corda is mostly preferred for efficient and scalable smart contract development.


    Tezos is also an open-source blockchain platform that is used for developing dApps, smart contracts, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, etc. The platform’s unique ability to adapt to new uses with its long-term upgradability, collaboration, open participation, and smart contract safety.


    Polkadot is a versatile blockchain network framework designed to build peer-to-peer applications. It's robust capabilities and multi-platform functionality make it every blockchain engineer’s favorite for developing decentralized apps. With the Polkadot ecosystem, libp2p handles crucial app functions like communication and peer discovery.


    Substrate, as an open-source framework, simplifies the process of blockchain development by making it faster, safer, and cheaper. It provides our private blockchain developers in Kansas, USA, with free access to an extensive codebase that is leveraged by them for creating significant networks.


    It is a platform that operates on blockchain technology and supports two native tokens NEO and NEO Gas. It is used for smart contract development and tokenization of digital assets. The smart economy system that NEO was originally introduced comprises digital identity, digital assets, smart contracts, and a smart economy.


    It is an open-source and decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain with a native cryptocurrency called AVAX. Avalanche offers infinite scalability to smart contract solutions and transactions are typically finalized in less than a second. Due to its high scalability and transaction speed, it is considered a close competitor to Ethereum. The AVAX token is utilized for facilitating payments of transaction fees across the network.


    Dragonchain is a blockchain platform suitable for both established businesses and startups for building scalable blockchain applications. This hybrid blockchain platform was initially created by The Walt Disney Company in 2014 and was later open-sourced in 2016.

    Hedera Hashgraph

    It is a form of distributed, open-source, and proof-of-stake ledger technology that uses a leaderless hashgraph known as asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT). Hedera Hashgraph provides a cryptocurrency network that makes it easy for everyone to deploy applications and process transactions but is overseen by a business group that manages the software.

    Our Private Blockchain Development Process

    We start with private blockchain development by obtaining requirements and determining the right blockchain platform for your project. Hire our private blockchain development services in Kansas, USA to get a blockchain-powered application built with cutting-edge tools and technologies.

    Understanding Requirements

    Blockchain Ideation

    Proof-of-Concept Development



    Looking for top private blockchain developers?

    Leverage our cost-effective and impressive private blockchain development services in Olathe, USA to get a distinctive and tailored private blockchain solution. Connect with our seasoned blockchain developers to discuss your project now.

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    Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring top private blockchain development companies in Olathe, Kansas in the USA.

    The key difference between private and public blockchains is in terms of their accessibility and control. Public blockchains are decentralized public networks that anyone can participate in, view transactions and verify them. Two noteworthy examples of public blockchains include Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    Private blockchains, on the other hand, are accessible to selected group members, individuals, or organizations. Unlike public blockchain, these networks are not open to anyone and any outsider requires permission to participate in or join the network. Private blockchain development is more used by business organizations or firms for their internal purposes which require more control over their network operations. Private blockchain data is not accessible to the public and transactions are validated only by the network participants who have the authority to do so.

    Private blockchain development allows your business to safeguard your data by giving limited access to authorized participants or network members only.

    Here are the key benefits of private blockchain in business –


    Cryptographic auditing – Audits via cryptography provide an additional layer of security to private blockchains and are much more secure than public blockchains. It adheres to your organization’s privacy policy, it eliminates all the potential loopholes and vulnerabilities.


    Enhanced efficiency – Given all the numerous benefits offered by private blockchain including the secure sharing of data and information within the network, it has proven to improve operational efficiency.


    Glorified database – Private blockchain is an interconnected network that allows members or participants to join only after authorization. This makes the database safest as anyone cannot view or access the data without entity authentication.


    Network Control – Another benefit that private blockchain development offers is complete supervision of the network and its operations.

    Here is an overview of the most critical aspects that the developers of our private blockchain development company in Kansas focus on while creating a private blockchain network:


    Privacy – Being a private network, we give immense importance to the privacy of the participants in the network, terms, data, and transactions. We ensure that our private blockchain application operates efficiently in the best interest of the participants.


    Smart Contracts – Smart contracts streamline the process of contract execution by automating the verification and enforcement of the terms of the agreement between the parties. So developers need to incorporate smart contract functionality into the network to automate the chain’s operations.


    Data Integration – Implementation of a private blockchain network requires proper integration of traditional databases which facilitates transaction analysis and processing.


    Interoperability – By creating interoperable blockchains we make sure that our networks work seamlessly with other networks and interact with each other to facilitate the easy exchange of data and assets across blockchain platforms.


    Governance – Private blockchain networks require control and governance to ensure that the network is working efficiently and transparently.


    Scalability – As an established private blockchain development company in USA, we ensure that our private blockchain is customized to your business model and at the same time is scalable to accommodate the increase in transaction volumes.

    To create a blockchain network and build a solution on it, a developer needs to follow the below steps with their core logic to attain success.


    Step 1 – Selecting the protocol


    The selection of the blockchain framework is the first and foremost step in building a private blockchain. For Ethereum-compatible network development, an EVM-based protocol needs to be chosen. One can also select Substrate for faster and safer development. Cosmos on Provenance framework is ideal for building private blockchains experiencing a scalable ecosystem. If you are unable to pick your ideal blockchain platform, you can make changes to an existing protocol. You can also reach out to our private blockchain development company in Olathe, Kansas to assist you with the protocol selection.


    Step 2 – Building a core logic


    After protocol selection, comes the stage of building core logic which includes modifying the current logic, making a decision regarding the consensus algorithm, setting transaction fees, and updating header info. You also need to make changes in the block height as per requirement, build pallets, decide on permission modules, and select the right storage option for your blockchain.


    Step 3 – Stage of Development


    This is the DevOps phase which involves several crucial steps such as hosting the test network, selecting file storage, and genesis key store creation. After completion of these steps, you need to select the total number of nodes and their geographical locations at the time of deployment. API will be integrated with seamless and free transfer of information with external sources.


    Step 4 – Testing Stage


    This is one of the most crucial stages of private blockchain development after the core logic has been built because testing ensures that it is functioning properly on the test network. Testing ensures that integrations are working properly, locating vulnerabilities in blockchain and resolving them, checking for connectivity problems, and looking for migration possibilities. The testing process is useful for evaluating the performance of the chain.


    Step 5 – Launching the private network


    When testing is completed, and security issues and connectivity issues are addressed properly, you can deploy the main network.


    Step 6 – Network Integration


    After deployment of the network, the final step is the integration of wallet, SDKs, block explorer, faucet, benchmarking, and monitoring tool, with the main network. This makes your private blockchain networking ready for operations.

    Zero-knowledge proof is the cryptographic technology integrated with private blockchain development to keep the information during transactions sealed except for the exchange of essential values between the prover and the verifier. ZKP allows a user to prove to another user the truth of the statement by revealing the content of the statement.


    By integrating the ZKP with a private blockchain, one can get the following benefits –


    Simplicity – ZKPs need no technical knowledge or software expertise to operate, yet it brings powerful results with capabilities to impact our everyday lives. Although ZKPs are completely unencrypted, they are highly secure.


    Security – Sharing information on a private blockchain with ZKP is tightly secured and users can share transaction information with confidence.


    Time-saving – ZKPs are famous for cutting down the time needed for processing and completing blockchain transactions. While saving time, it also offers value to users.


    Privacy – ZKPs safeguard every user’s privacy and never require users to share sensitive data.


    If you want to integrate ZKP into your private blockchain network, our private blockchain developers in Kansas, USA are the best experts to reach out to.

    Hyperledger is an umbrella project of multiple open-source blockchain platforms hosted by the Linux Foundation and Hyperledger Fabric is one of its frameworks that is private and is used for creating blockchain applications and networks. Since it is a private blockchain, all the networks are permissioned which implies all the participating members are identified, verified, and authenticated before they are allowed to enter the network.

    Yes, blockchain networks are known for their security and transparency in data sharing. Both private and public blockchains have various real-world applications in businesses. A public blockchain is a permissionless decentralized, shared, and public ledger system that facilitates the secure and transparent sharing of data across a business network. The records shared are immutable meaning, no one can edit, modify, or delete data from the system. A private blockchain development is a partially decentralized and permissioned network that lets only the network participants view or share data securely. Although in public blockchain anyone can join, view data, and validate transactions, they provide greater transparency and decentralization. All in all, the blockchain system delivers new efficiencies in terms of transparent and secure data sharing while saving costs for business organizations.

    Private blockchains are more and more preferred these days by businesses to ensure greater governance and control over their data along with privacy and security. Here are some use cases of private blockchain –


    • Supply chain management
    • Healthcare
    • Digital Identity
    • Real estate
    • Fintech
    • Digital voting (Government)
    • Wills and property inheritance cases

    Several factors determine the price for developing a private blockchain such as project complexity, selection of blockchain platform, third-party tools costs, resources hired, or hours dedicated to the development. For an exact quotation, feel free to get on a call with our blockchain consultants.

    Initially, the project will start with the development of a proof-of-concept consensus mechanism algorithm, and following its completion, the private blockchain network protocol will be finalized with the required features and functions and this may take a few weeks. So, the total time required for development is hard to estimate without knowing the project requirements in detail.

    Webgen Technologies USA is one of the top private blockchain development companies in the United States and there are various reasons for considering us as the most reliable and efficient service provider. We identify and understand our client’s requirements and expectations and likewise, assign proficient blockchain developers to deliver top-notch solutions catering to your specific needs.

    We understand the importance of protecting our client’s ideas and interests and so, we sign a mutual Non-disclosure agreement to uphold our client’s trust and confidence in our knowledgeable and eminent developers.

    Yes, support and maintenance post-deployment is one of the services included in our robust range of private blockchain development services. We have a support team available 24/7 to provide all kinds of assistance post-development and resolve technical problems, and other issues.


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