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We build next-gen, interactive, and robust decentralized applications (dApps) to optimize business processes and give your business a distinctive edge. Leverage the expertise of our dApps developers for cutting-edge and revolutionary solutions to dissolve boundaries in financial transactions and open up new possibilities. Blockchain-powered dApp development is worth investing in because it helps businesses fuel their revenue growth. Our dApp development on major blockchain networks like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Tezos, Corda, Hashgraph, EOS, TRON, etc. improves the welfare of the industries like healthcare, banking, supply chain, and more. With 75+ blockchain professionals on board, we can help businesses from any industry vertical with a top-notch decentralized application.

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    Our dApp Development Services That Yields Long-term Value

    Our developers at Webgen Technologies USA leverage Web 3.0 technologies like decentralized exchanges, smart contracts, and NFT marketplaces to help our clients get a strong foothold in the blockchain landscape. Consensus algorithms and decentralized storage of blockchain systems allow our developers to deliver custom-fit solutions capable of transforming businesses.

    dApp Consulting Services

    Our team of dApp consultants provides solutions to real-world business problems with their profound knowledge and expertise. Their expert guidance on the app architecture, UI/UX design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance ensures that your app meets the highest industry standards. With our dApp consulting services, you can stay updated with emerging market trends, tools, and technologies and get suggestions on selecting the right blockchain platform for your dApp project.

    User Interface Design

    Our team of seasoned and creative app designers at our blockchain dApps development company follows a systematic and highly structured design approach to craft a user-friendly and impressive app interface. With our eye for detail and meticulous design process, we can design an innovative dApp that aligns with your business goals and give your users a great experience while using the app. For dynamic and intuitive dApp design with responsive user interfaces, we are the right technology partner.

    Decentralized Exchange Development

    Scalable and customized DEX development by our dApp development company supports seamless peer-to-peer transactions and eliminates the need for a central authority or an intermediary. Our comprehensive decentralized exchange platforms are tailor-made and offer high functionality by using robust and secure smart contracts. You can also connect to external applications and exchanges from your dApp through API integrations.

    Smart Contract Development

    Hire dApp developers from our reliable blockchain development firm to build secure and failure-proof contracts to streamline your financial operations through your dApp. Our smart contract development services cover writing and testing codes of the contract and deploying them on various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polkadot, Hyperledger, Polkadot, and others. Besides developing contracts, we will optimize your old contracts so that it supports modern or new functionalities and features.

    dApp Integration

    Besides offering interactive and robust decentralized applications, our app development team offers seamless integration of dApps with distinctive features. With our dApp integration support, you can offer your users a feature-packed decentralized app with immersive user interfaces and a stunning user experience. Through the selection of the right technical components and blockchain platforms, we enhance the experience of the users.

    dApp Porting

    Our dApp development services include end-to-end full support for dApp migration to a blockchain platform keeping in mind the specific requirements of our clients. Our dApp porting process is implemented by our best blockchain developers ensuring the stability, security, and scalability of your decentralized app without any data loss or inefficiency in app performance.

    dApp Upgrade Services

    If you have an existing dApp that you want to upgrade, you can get it done by our team of developers without any difficulty. Our comprehensive and on-time dApp upgradation services prevent app downtime and elevate the user experience. With our world-class dApp upgrade services, you can have peace of mind that your business and financial operations are fast, smooth, and continues functioning uninterrupted.

    Cloud Service Offerings

    Our decentralized applications allow users to record and store every transaction on the decentralized exchange platform on the cloud. Our dApp developers build a centralized storage space called the cloud where users can enter their data and transaction record securely without hampering the app's performance. These records are stored safely on the cloud server and can be used for further exchanges or transactions on a peer-to-peer network.

    Decentralized Storage Services

    We assess and examine the features of various decentralized cloud storage platforms to select the best one for your organization. Our secure decentralized storage services render a safe and efficient storage platform to record end-to-end transactions. To choose the best and most appropriate storage platform for your dApp project, consult with our expert team.

    EOS Decentralized Apps

    Decentralized app has the power to save and store transactions in a distributed public ledger. And our high-performing and secure EOS dApps are built leveraging smart contract programming and EOSIO SDK. The EOS platform ensures smooth performance and efficient multiple transactions through the decentralized application in seconds. EOS dApp development by our blockchain dApp development company saves both money and programming time.

    dApp Testing

    We have a seasoned team of app testers who continuously strive to enhance the performance of your app through proper usability testing and performance check. Their work dedicatedly to detect bugs or any other technical glitches in the app that can affect the app’s usability and hamper the user experience. Our testing process ensures that there are no loopholes in your app and it functions smoothly across all platforms and operating systems.

    dApp Support & Maintenance

    The responsibility of the dApp development team doesn’t end with app development and deployment but goes beyond that. We provide 24/7 steady support and maintenance services for your dApp to ensure that if anything goes wrong, our team will always have your back. If your application encounters any bug issues or any other problem or if you have any queries regarding app features or functionality, our support team is just a call away.

    Why Hire Our Blockchain dApp Developers In USA

    Our talented pool of dApp developers with extensive blockchain expertise makes us one of the top dApp development companies USA. Hire our offshore development team to build your first blockchain app powered by decentralized architecture, stunning features, and high-level functionality.

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    Industry-best Blockchain Experts

    As a renowned mobile app development company, we have been serving clients from varied industries with top-notch mobile applications for more than 12 years. Whether you need a simplistic business app or a customized blockchain dApp, we have the best minds with rich technical expertise and in-depth knowledge to bring your vision to life. They leverage leading-edge tools and blockchain platforms to craft an innovative and future-ready blockchain dApp.

    Dedicated Team

    When you hire our services, you will be assigned a dedicated team of blockchain developers who have experience in crafting world-class dApp solutions for a global clientele. Our dedicated blockchain dApp development team has firsthand expertise in dApps protocols and vast experience in the crypto and blockchain industry allowing us to provide next-gen solutions and help businesses thrive in the long run.

    Unmatched UX Solutions

    We specialize in providing intuitive user interface design that offers a great user experience combined with seamless navigation on the app. User-friendliness has always been our top priority while designing decentralized applications for our clients. Simple navigation and elegant user interface design ensure that your app leaves lasting impressions on users.

    Project-based Model

    Our project-based approach to dApp development help us meet the dApp development need of every organization as per their unique requirements. When you hire our dedicated resources, they will work on your project full-time and ensure that your application is top-notch and fine-tuned to meet your business’s specific goals.

    Diverse Portfolio

    Working with a considerably large number of clients across the globe has made us highly competent in the industry. Our robust portfolio of blockchain-based dApp projects reflects our rich expertise and made us a leading blockchain dApp development company in the USA. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction with our top-notch quality of work.

    24*7 Assistance

    Our round-the-clock support to our clients ensures that every query is addressed promptly and on time. Consistent 24/7 support by our dApp development team assures that technical issues are resolved quickly and app performance is not compromised. Further, we follow a strict testing and quality assurance process to provide our clients with error-free innovative dApp solutions.

    Industries Our dApp Development Company Serves

    We provide dApp development solutions to varied industry verticals using ultra-modern technology stacks, top-class programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Our reliable and end-to-end dApp development services assist businesses tackle complex business challenges and propel business growth.


    dApps are redefining the finance sector by shifting from traditional finance to secure and decentralized finance. Exchange of digital currencies, transfer of assets, and other transaction-based activities are streamlined with the help of DeFi development and can skyrocket your business growth. dApps have helped them lead the way forward with faster and low-cost transactions in a peer-to-peer network without involving any third parties.

    Supply Chain

    Decentralized applications are used to simplify supply chain operations and management. At the same time, the use of blockchain technology enhances efficiency, trust, and transparency in supply chain management. Businesses using our dApp solutions have successfully overcome difficulties in their operations which are mostly the cause of delays and discrepancies in their service delivery.


    The healthcare sector is also making profound use of blockchain dApp development services to store patients' medical records safely and securely. Data stored in a blockchain is hack-proof and is impossible to delete or change. This exclusive dApp feature help doctors and medical professionals easily track past medical records and treatment history of the patients and draw conclusions based on the records.

    Real Estate

    The introduction of decentralized applications powered by blockchain and integrated with smart contracts functionality aid in asset management and transfer of ownership. It eliminates lengthy paperwork and the need for an intermediary because information and records are stored in the blockchain network where it is impossible to tamper with the data. It reduces the chances of scams in the industry.


    Decentralized gaming platforms have opened up new revenue streams for gaming businesses by attracting more and more gamers. Web3 games powered by decentralized architecture make the platform safer for players to store in-game assets and trade NFTs securely in a peer-to-peer system. Moreover, gamers can store their assets in crypto wallets which can be transferred and used in other gaming platforms.

    Digital Identity

    Our team is involved in developing dApps for storing and verifying identities such as voting information, passport applications, and others. The use of decentralized applications makes the voting process efficient, transparent, and faster with the integration of smart contracts on the blockchain network. It becomes easier for government personnel to verify passports and other identity documents without fearing data tampering or data loss.

    Our dApp Development Process

    Our streamlined and agile dApp development process is the outcome of our years of experience, attention to detail, and innovative capabilities. We do all it takes to deliver flawless, functional, and top-class decentralized apps on time and within your budget. We are excited to venture out into your innovative project idea.

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    Here are the answers to some common questions people ask before they hire dApp developers in the USA.

    dApps are applications or programs that operate on a decentralized peer-to-peer network instead of running on a single server or system. Hence, the name decentralized application. dApp is not controlled or owned by a single entity and is outside the purview of a sole authority. dApps are built of blockchain networks and integrated with smart contracts which makes it secure, transparent, and safe for the users to store and share records. dApp is somewhat similar to traditional web applications because it uses the same front-end technologies used in web pages. However, for the backend, smart contracts are used to connect to a blockchain network rather than integrating API into the database.

    dApp development is the creation of blockchain-based decentralized applications where the backend code runs on a P2P network using smart contracts. Unlike traditional apps, the development and coding process is more stringent and codes are unalterable once it is initiated on the mainnet. Our blockchain dApps development company offers world-class dApp solutions comprising dApp consulting, smart contract development, UI/UX design, dApp porting, and dApp upgradation services.

    Decentralized applications for businesses are helpful in safeguarding the privacy of the users, enhancing security, and speeding up business processes. Since there is an absence of centralized servers when data is stored in a blockchain, it eliminates the chances of data misuse by the controlling authority. Hence, user data is extremely safe on the blockchain.

    The advantages of Web3 dApp development for businesses are summarized in the following points –

    • Full transparency
    • Development flexibility
    • Lack of Censorship
    • High-grade data security

    Decentralized applications are way better than traditional apps in certain aspects. These are as follows –

    • Records that are stored in dApp are unalterable and hence are tamperproof. Unlike conventional applications, data in dApp are immune to hacking or cyber threats.
    • dApps are governed and controlled through the autonomous system and hence, any changes or modifications in the app are determined through consensus of all network members.
    • Unlike conventional applications, dApps do not run on a single server and so, there are no chances or risk of failure of the central point and entire server breakdown.

    Our dApp development process is supported by the latest and cutting-edge tools and technologies that make your application secure, scalable, fast, and interoperable. Let’s take a look at the complete tech stack leveraged by our blockchain professionals and app developers for crafting unmatched dApps.


    Blockchain Platforms: Our team of seasoned blockchain experts provides tech-powered solutions utilizing popular blockchain technologies. We try to recommend the best blockchain platform to our clients based on their unique app development needs.


    • Ethereum – It is a decentralized, public, and open-source platform integrated with smart contract functionality and perhaps, the most used platform for dApp development.
    • Polygon Matic – This is an Ethereum-based token used to boost the Polygon blockchain network.
    • Polkadot – This high-level blockchain protocol is used by our dApp developers to maintain interoperability in applications.
    • Avalanche – This powerful blockchain platform development utilizes the popular programming language Golang for building dApps for businesses.
    • Near – Near protocol is a layer-one blockchain which is a highly scalable network used for developing user-friendly dApp.
    • Cosmos – This is a decentralized network that supports multiple blockchains with its modular architecture.
    • Solana – This public blockchain network uses a Proof-of-stake mechanism. It is widely used for developing dApp because of its lower fees and faster transaction time.
    • Stellar – This open-source blockchain network is common for building decentralized finance applications with robust scalability and advanced features.
    • Binance – It operates as a decentralized network built upon the robust foundations of BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanisms.


    Technology Tools: Our dApp team boasts extensive experience with diverse blockchain technologies such as Hyperledger and Ethereum. We’re committed to delivering cutting-edge blockchain innovations and proactively guiding our clients toward optimal solutions for their needs.


    • Ethereum Geth – We utilize Geth for Ethereum node deployment, address fund transfers, block history exploration, Ether mining, and contract creation.
    • Testnet – We conduct dApp testing on the Blockchain Testnet prior to mainnet launch for bug and issue prevention.
    • Zeppelin – We employ Zeppelin tools for smart contract security audits and efficient management of reusable smart contracts.
    • Blockstack – Our dApp development team leverages Blockstack to build scalable dApps, empowering users to own their data, while enjoying the flexibility of programming language choice.
    • Truffle – Our dApp development company utilizes Truffle, providing a development environment and asset pipelines for Ethereum app development, enabling custom deployments on various public and private networks.
    • Remix – We utilize Remix, a browser-based IDE, for creating, deploying, debugging, and testing Solidity-based smart contracts, seamlessly connecting with the Ethereum Blockchain through Metamask integration.


    Back-end Programming Languages – Our proficient dApp developers possess expertise in utilizing top back-end programming languages such as Node.js, JavaScript, and more, enabling them to construct real-time multi-user decentralized applications with robust backend functionalities.


    • Solidity – In Solidity, we develop smart contracts for blind auctions, voting systems, multi-signature wallets, and crowdfunding. Solidity’s object-oriented nature supports libraries, inheritance, and user-defined types for enhanced contract development.
    • Golang – Our blockchain dApp developers proficiently employ Golang for writing Hyperledger Fabric chain codes, leveraging its platform independence and open-source nature as a statically typed programming language.
    • Rust – Rust, a multi-paradigm, high-performance, statically typed programming language, prioritizes safety and performance, empowering developers to build stable and resilient applications.
    • JavaScript – JavaScript serves as the language for storing all dApp code, offering a dynamic and prototype-based nature that supports object-oriented and declarative programming styles.
    • Java – With our extensive experience working in Java, we have become experts in writing codes for microservices in dApps.
    • js – Our profound understanding of Node.js language helps us build the backend of dApp smoothly and flawlessly.


    Front-end Development Stack: With a vast collection of front-end libraries, we make our dApps frontend easy to understand and more predictable. We develop and launch dApps for our clients using a powerful and simplistic frontend framework.


    • JS – This is a feature-rich framework mostly used for web decentralized applications packed with rich features and functionalities.
    • Bootstrap – This framework is open source which lets our developers develop responsive and decentralized applications and websites in HTML, JS, and CSS.
    • jQuery – This lightweight framework is the most preferred choice for dApp development because it supports a diverse variety of plugins and can be used to integrate special effects in an app.
    • React – React is an open-source JS library mainly rendered for the purpose of building user interfaces for single-page decentralized applications.


    Cloud Services: Top and high-performing cloud services are used by our developers to deploy and manage decentralized applications. Let’s have a glance at those cloud services.


    • AWS – To launch dApps on major blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric, and Corda, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered ideal by most organizations worldwide.
    • Microsoft Azure – Applications with multi-party workflows powered by smart contract functionality are deployed using Microsoft Azure or Blockchain Development Kit (BDK).
    • Google Cloud – The Google Cloud’s Blockchain Kit with its exceptional feature of “Pay-as-you-go” is leveraged by our experienced blockchain dApp app developers in the USA to deploy blockchain-based dApps.
    • Digital Ocean – This cloud hosting platform is beneficial for cloud computing and can also be used for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

    Several factors determine the total price of development and the deployment of decentralized applications which include app scale and complexity, the location of your hired agency, UI/UX design, app features, and functionalities. For appropriate cost estimation, you can talk to our sales team now.

    The amount of time needed by our developers to create and deploy a blockchain-decentralized application is hard to estimate because different aspects influence the total time of app development. Project complexity, features, functionalities, resources employed, etc. mostly determines the time required to complete the project.

    Outsourcing your dApp project to a trusted dApp development firm is pivotal to ensuring the success of your app. Here are a few things to look out for before closing a final deal with a development company.


    • Past portfolio – Checking the company portfolio regarding dApps or other blockchain projects done for previous clients will help you understand their skills.
    • Client reviews – Customer testimonials will help you understand their reputation in the market, as well as their success rate.

    Technical expertise – The developers should have ample experience working in leading blockchain platforms like Hyperledger, Tron, Corda, Tezos, Stellar, and EOS.

    Yes, we can optimize your app for Google Play and Apple App stores through the App Optimization services. Furthermore, we have a capable and highly experienced digital marketing team providing strategic social media marketing services to promote your app across all channels. Our SMM and SEO services can help you get noticed by your target audience and also find the right investors to grow your dApp market.

    Webgen Technologies USA is one of the top dApp development companies where we turn your innovative ideas into fully-functional and high-performing decentralized applications. We plan and implement a perfect roadmap for your app design, development, and deployment which are highly scalable and reliable.


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