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Embrace a smart IoT culture with our IoT development company in USA to gain a winning edge in your industry. We help businesses like yours with process automation at scale and speed. IoT opens up exciting opportunities for various business niches by creating a plethora of smart IoT devices and sensors with heightened connectivity. Our IoT professionals can help you capitalize on trailblazing IoT advancements by leveraging the trendiest digital technologies. We offer end-to-end IoT development services which include human subject validation, system integration, specialized IoT platforms, firmware development, IoT cloud development, etc. If you want to integrate your business with smart devices, we are just a call away! We will help you infuse the power of IoT-embedded systems and enable your customers to step into a futuristic reality.

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    IoT Solutions Offered By Our IoT App Development Company

    Being one of the best IoT development companies in the USA, we develop scalable and over-the-top IoT platforms for every business vertical and size. We build applications for smart gadgets for startup firms, scaleups, and large-scale enterprises and enhance the feasibility of their products. We strive to solve real-world problems by integrating smart solutions into life.

    IoT Consulting Services

    Planning to build an IoT app to take your business to a whole new level? But don’t know where to start? You can connect with top tech geeks at our company for the best IoT consulting solutions. We first listen to your requirements and gauge their practicality before jumping to a final solution. For professional guidance on IoT device development and IoT integration that aligns with your business requirements, connect with us today.

    Custom IoT App Development

    We craft personalized IoT solutions for businesses to ensure that their end users have a once-in-a-lifetime experience with their IoT-embedded systems. To build your human-centered IoT differently, our IoT mobile app development company follows a unique approach to earn trust and establish the IoT case. Further, we also prepare your customized IoT system to scale as per business needs. We design and deploy systems for our clients that have the potential to bring a tangible impact on the real world.

    Hardware Prototype & Design

    We design smart device prototypes to verify the ideas of our clients and conceptualize them before committing to any full-cycle development. For hardware prototyping, we employ ready-made enclosures, IoT sensors, and IoT boards. The prototype development process includes schematics, custom enclosure creation, firmware development, PCB layout, design, PCB signal, and full documentation. We try to capture the user requirements to provide them with market-ready IoT solutions.

    Embedded Software Development

    As a top IoT software development company, we create high-quality embedded and firmware systems to implement into IoT infrastructure. This includes device drivers, protocol stacks, BSPs, microcontrollers, etc. We have a proficient team of IoT engineers and skilled developers who design, program, prototype, and test your embedded software to ensure it is efficient and error-free.

    IoT Dashboards

    We can also help you configure your IoT devices and manage systems remotely with the development of interactive dashboards. Our IoT dashboards allow users to analyze sensor data for real-time tracking and analytics using Business Intelligence tools. With the help of predictive maintenance systems, effective tracking, and analytical tools, we ensure the efficiency of an IoT product.

    Mobile Apps for IoT Devices

    As a well-established IoT app development company in USA, we have extensive experience and technical expertise in creating native and cross-platform mobile app development to give users on-the-go access to operate and control their IoT devices. Our solutions include the development of wearable interactive applications, mobile apps with Wi-Fi connectivity, contactless payment integration, and image recognition applications.

    Why Webgen Technologies USA Is The Right IoT Development Company

    Our wide array of holistic IoT development services puts users first to ensure a seamless experience. By leveraging our solutions, businesses keep pace with evolving market trends and extract full value from their investments. Hire us to revolutionize your legacy infrastructure with faster turnaround times and venture into a new zone.

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    Best Industry Experts

    As a top IoT development company in Kansas, USA, IoT application development and connected digital products are our core competencies. We have the industry’s best 1% software talent who handle everything, from idea to deployment, with their in-depth technology expertise, domain knowledge, proven methodologies, and consistent support. We are trusted by globally renowned brands, startups, and large-scale enterprises for enhanced customer satisfaction with innovative IoT-embedded solutions.

    Built-in Security

    We follow top-tier data security protocols to ensure the high-end security of your applications and hardware designs. We integrate leading technologies like blockchain technology to enhance the security and frictionless dialogue between shared ledgers, databases, and sensors.  Leveraging high-grade security in IoT systems and solutions optimizes visibility in the solutions and provides quality assurance. 

    Top-level Usability

    We keep usability our top-most priority thing in the list and analyze stakeholders’ feedback to understand the areas of improvement. Besides, we follow the best UI UX design practices to create Internet of Things (IoT) solutions keeping in mind the end user’s perspective. We strike the right balance among your application’s usability, functionality, and design with our unique ideas. In other words, we design products based on your specific business needs and user needs.

    High Scalability

    We are considered a top IoT application development company in USA because of our scalable solutions. Our IoT developers ensure that the applications and IoT systems run and perform flawlessly without slowing down even when the number of users expands, workload increases, and more enabled features are included. We strive for scalability from day one. Our IoT solutions are tailored to offer our clients full-fledged development services with great scope for scalability.

    Industry-Focused Solutions

    We have solutions for every business niche and industry. Hire our IoT experts to venture into your new industry or modernize your existing infrastructure. We focus on delivering business and industry-centric services to our clients that help them set a benchmark or standard in the industry. By deploying best-in-class IoT software for your business, we discover a whole new world of possibilities for your users.

    Industry-specific Services By Our IoT Development Company In USA

    At Webgen Technologies USA, we offer a robust suite of a broad range of IoT development services that help you solve your core business problems in every sector. With our proficiency in IoT development skills and profound understanding, we make lives smarter by developing high-end IoT development solutions.

    Smart Home & Workplace

    We build mobile applications and software for smart homes and offices to revolutionize day-to-day activities and transform lifestyles. From managing home appliances to measuring home temperature, and controlling home access to personal assistants, we have got you covered. Our other IoT application development services include developing voice sensors, heat sensors, and other multi-tenant platforms to be used for home automation.

    Healthcare IoT Solutions

    As one of the top IoT application development companies in USA, we build state-of-the-art IoT solutions to enhance patient management and improve the quality of healthcare services. We help hospitals and healthcare facilities to automate their workflows, monitor patient health, manage inventories, and handle tasks efficiently. Further, we provide customized IoT solutions to centralize the health sector data for better analysis, performing emergency time diagnosis, and remote patient monitoring.


    We have gathered enormous experience and knowledge over the last five to six years on IoT-based app development to help the retail sector boost its productivity and efficiency. With our solutions, we help retail and eCommerce businesses give their users a better shopping experience in-store. Also, our solutions support better inventory management and traceability. Businesses can now meet the changing consumer behaviors and gain insights from smart devices, beacons, and sensors.


    Our IoT-powered apps streamline the logistics and supply chain sector by enabling real-time fleet management and efficient transportation. Hire our IoT hardware development company to boost the quality of logistics services like route planning, route optimization, real-time order monitoring, security, safety, and 24/7 surveillance. With smart logistics and transportation, IoT enablement, and connected vehicles, it’s easy to improve operational efficiency in the logistics sector.


    We offer custom IoT manufacturing software development services for industrial automation and remote product asset management. For performance optimization, we build an ecosystem where connected machinery works in collaboration with each other to attain faster and automated production. We strengthen employee safety, control the toxic release of byproducts from plants, and undertake other safety measures through sensors.


    Technological advancements like IoT have turned out to be a boon for the education system as it transforms the sector for better on-premise safety, classroom engagement, and student management. Smart classrooms are the best example that revolutionizes the way teaching and learning are conducted in classrooms. Smart microphones, foreign language instructions, and task-based learning are used to address education-specific challenges with smart IoT applications.

    Our IoT Development Process

    Our best-in-class IoT development services combined with a disciplined approach will help you repurpose businesses and embrace the remarkable rise of the “Internet of Things” that mainly comprises five segments - IoT devices, data collection, processing, connectivity, and users.

    Data Collection


    Review & Prototyping

    Product Development


    Have an IoT application concept in mind?

    Webgen Technologies USA is a specialized IoT development company in Olathe, USA with a team of seasoned IoT professionals who are skilled in various aspects. We can help you develop a wireframe and the application from scratch. Schedule a free consultation today!

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    Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring IoT software development companies for their business.

    IoT app development or custom IoT development is the process of developing mobile applications or IoT embedded systems that are controlled remotely from smartphones. IoT apps are mainly used to track and monitor a product or human’s conditions via sensors or external data sources. Custom IoT apps are built by businesses to cater to the specific needs of the businesses.

    The future of IoT development is bright because it has the potential to evolve and integrate with the various aspects of our lives. Apart from that, the latest technological advancements are driving the revolution behind the increased use of IoT apps across various industry verticals. These technologies include 5G, Artificial Intelligence, environment monitoring, human wearables, smart gadget development, Metaverse, Web3 development, blockchain, predictive analytics, etc.

    Edge computing is a process of computing data on-site or near-site, instead of uploading it to a data center or on the cloud. It is a technique of local source processing and storage of data of IoT devices to meet their computing needs. Edge computing has certain advantages such as reduced delay in better communication in the processing of data and communication between central IT servers and IoT devices.

    If you want to hire one of the top IoT development companies in Kansas, USA, you need to ensure that the following checklist is fulfilled.


    • Long-established years of experience
    • Rich knowledge of IoT applications and IoT protocols
    • Following an agile and disciplined development approach
    • Hands-on experience in building IoT apps for various industries
    • Proven track record of successfully delivering IoT projects
    • Post-deployment support and maintenance

    The total development cost for IoT applications depends on myriad factors starting from category or business vertical, app complexities, features, UI/UX design, technologies used, and resources assigned to the project. To get an exact cost estimate, please connect with our sales team today.

    The time to create an IoT application relies on some critical factors like project type, experience level, project scale, complexity, functionalities, and more.

    IoT developer platforms our IoT developers are well-versed with are as follows –

    Azure IoT Hub – As one of the leading Azure IoT application development companies, we use Azure IoT hub for our backend solutions hosted on the cloud to connect to any device remotely. Azure IoT enables seamless and reliable communication between an IoT device and an IoT application on mobile devices.


    AWS IoT Core – The AWS IoT core platform is used by our developers to connect IoT devices with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data processing and secure interactions.  With AWS IoT, you can even interact with devices when not online.


    Google Cloud IoT – Google Cloud IoT is useful for connecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data in the cloud or for edge computing environments.

    Besides IoT platforms, our developers rely on several other technologies like connectivity, hardware & sensors, protocols & standards, and 5G boards.


    • Connectivity – Bluetooth, ZigBee, LAN, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, NFC, Sigfox, and RFID.
    • Hardware & Sensor – Arduino, Raspberry Pi, iBeacons, OBD devices, Miniature boards, Eddystone beacons.
    • Protocols & standards – HTTP/HTTPS, TCP, Homekit, Nest, LoRaWAN, OpenIoT, DDS, and BLE.
    • IoT development boards – Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi, Particle, and Arduino.
    • 5G Boards – Qualcomm, arm MBED, Lattice, and Xilinx.

    Webgen Technologies USA is one of the top IoT software and app development companies that specializes in delivering connected IoT solutions for optimized and intelligent performance. We assist enterprises across the world to uncover limitless opportunities in the IoT world, right from strategy building to consultation, and end-to-end development. Our IoT professionals are trained to work on cloud platforms, integrate gateways, and provide edge computing services to develop a perfectly designed IoT system.


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