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Step into the future of real estate with progressive and tech-driven custom real estate app development and boost your business in a contemporary way. Our team of app developers builds user-centric applications that transform the way real estate business processes are managed. With a decade-long industry experience and hands-on experience in using cutting-edge technologies, we can increase your sales by 5X and skyrocket your business revenue. Achieve customer satisfaction and get qualified leads with our unique and user-friendly real estate mobile application. Talk to our experts today to get an app for your business.

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    Comprehensive Real Estate App Development Services

    Webgen Technologies USA delivers the best-in-class real estate app and software development solutions to help industry stakeholders - real-estate developers, agents, buyers, and sellers, trade properties with a single tap or swipe on the mobiles.

    Mobile App Consultation

    Technical consultation with professional and adept mobile app developers is the first step to building an exceptional real estate app. Convey your project requirements to our experts to gain insights on the feasibility and profitability of your app idea. After carefully analyzing and evaluating your requirements, they will guide you through the app’s prospects and prepare a foolproof strategy to pave the way for your app’s success.

    UI/UX Design Support

    We built an app from scratch, from designing the UI/UX to developing and publishing your app on the app stores. Our talented team of UI/UX designers provides creative mobile app design services that perfectly capture the aesthetic of your real estate business and meet your user's needs. Connect with our app designers to give your real estate app an innovative and contemporary look and feel.

    Custom Real Estate App Development

    As a leading real estate app development company in Kansas, USA, we ensure that our application is tailored to the unique needs of your business. Our custom-made real estate mobile apps are integrated with distinct features and advanced functionalities to give your customers the best-ever user experience. Leverage our app development expertise to revolutionize the process of property buying, selling, and renting in the real estate ecosystem.

    Real Estate Web Application Development

    We help you build a strong online presence in the real estate market with real estate web app development. With user-friendly interfaces and smooth navigation, we make property searches and listings quick and effortless for our users. Our web application development solutions aim to enhance the digital reach of your real estate business and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

    Enterprise Real Estate Software Development

    Our enterprise real estate software development caters to the unique business needs of large-scale real estate enterprises. With the help of our software solutions, our clients can gain insights into advanced data analytics of real estate market trends and attain seamless process integration. Furthermore, our enterprise software optimizes business processes, assists in well-informed decision-making, and helps you attain your strategic goals.

    Property Management App

    Real estate or property management is quite complicated, considering the large-scale and unorganized nature of the real estate sector. But not anymore! The introduction of an advanced property management app equipped with trending features has made the job of real estate managers easy. Get on-demand real estate app development for easy property listing and management.

    Online Property Booking App

    Gone are the days when booking a property required a physical visit and face-to-face conversation with the owner or agent. Now, anyone can book properly online and conveniently close a deal with a few clicks. Hire mobile app developers from Webgen Technologies USA to develop a class-apart property booking app to attract potential buyers and allow them to book properties online.

    Home Auction App Development

    In today’s digital era, it is imperative that you have access to advanced home auction app development solutions. Instead of relying on offline agents to process real estate transactions, get an innovative mobile app to allow sellers to list properties for auction and buyers to place bids online. We build blockchain real estate app development for home auctions to ensure transaction transparency and security.

    Broker Management App

    Our broker management solution allows brokers to easily manage property listings flawlessly in the comfort of their homes. From adding property listings with descriptions, photos, and pricing to managing appointments with potential buyers and tracking and making brokerage payments - all can be done from one place with a broker management app.

    Common Features Integration

    If you have any existing real estate app in which you want to integrate new-age features such as GPS or location tracking, advanced search filters, analytics, reporting, and more, our real estate mobile app developers can help. With our advanced features integration, we make buying and selling houses and apartments less time-consuming. Realtors can streamline business operations and automate manual tasks with our feature-loaded real estate application.

    App Maintenance & Support

    We ensure that your business-critical real estate app runs smoothly without any flaws, is up-to-date with the current mobile app trends, and complies with industry standards. Our support team is available 24/7 to resolve technical issues immediately. App maintenance and support are critical to identifying and fixing bugs affecting the app's performance and keeping your app up-to-date with the latest security updates.

    App Promotion and Marketing

    We have a reliable and professional marketing team comprising SEO experts and social media marketing strategists with years of experience. Our digital marketing services involve comprehensive App Store Optimization and social media marketing for your newly launched real estate app. We ensure that your app ranks higher on Google Play, App Store, or both to attract more potential users. We will also promote your application on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., to connect with your audience and make them aware. 

    Why Webgen Technologies USA Is The Best Real Estate App Development Company

    By partnering with our app development company in the USA, you will get a functional and robust real estate app and take your business to the next level with a boost in quality leads and access to global buyers. Here are the outstanding advantages you can enjoy by hiring our services.

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    Qualified Lead

    Real estate mobile app development can boost property sales by attracting more potential and qualified leads. More smartphone users mean more leads, increased conversion opportunities, and higher revenue. Our targeted mobile app development approach brings you closer to quality leads, ensuring optimal engagement and business growth. You can get on a consultation with our app development experts to build a feature-rich and robust real estate app.

    Global Buyers Access

    Our services facilitate global connections between clients and agents, expanding your reach and enhancing your portfolio. Our mobile app development for real estate boosts business sales by allowing buyers worldwide to view and book properties online, accessing crucial details like price, photos, broker fees, and more. Our app development solutions help you tap into the digital space seamlessly and assist you in reaching potential clients in any corner of the world.

    Advanced Tech Stack

    We design and develop mobile applications for our clients from the real estate industry by employing the latest and emerging technologies. Our real estate applications will help you stay ahead of the curve and make the most of the technology solutions to cater to the ever-growing needs of your customers. By leveraging next-gen technologies, we deliver full-stack mobile app development solutions that are loaded with rich features and cutting-edge functionalities to provide users with unparalleled digital experiences.

    Agile Development Methodology

    Being a prominent agency for app development for real estate sector, we ensure rapid project delivery with our agile development method. By breaking the entire development cycle into phases we emphasize continuous improvement while keeping our client in the loop. Transparency and efficient communication help us plan, prepare, execute, and deliver our projects better. Furthermore, we also provide a well-documented report of the entire project development process for post-development support.

    Extensive Pricing Options

    Webgen Technologies USA offers comprehensive and custom-made engagement choices that fit the budget of every business irrespective of their size. Our pricing plans are customizable and scalable, meaning you can modify your plans anytime as per your project requirements. By putting our clients’ preferences and needs first, our dynamic pricing offers make us unique in the industry and help us gain a competitive advantage.

    Advanced Technologies Integrated Into Real Estate Mobile App Development

    We leverage the power of state-of-the-art technologies to create robust real estate applications. By integrating advanced technologies, we develop future-ready solutions that elevate user experiences, streamline processes, and deliver unparalleled value within the real estate industry.

    AI & ML

    We utilize Artificial Intelligence technology to analyze extensive datasets, forecasting property values, pricing, and market trends. Our AI-powered chatbots ensure rapid responses, while machine learning provides personalized recommendations. We deliver efficient real estate app development solutions integrating advanced technologies like AI and ML. These apps automate precise valuations, manage leads, and interpret behavioral data, providing property players with forecasting, analysis, and data representation for informed decision-making. This instills confidence in buyers for future investments, as AI-powered real estate apps empower investors to explore opportunities and predict market anomalies.


    By leveraging IoT, we transform property management and offer buyers comprehensive insights into a property's condition to transform the real estate experience. When delivering real estate services, we prioritize integrating IoT to enhance application intelligence, enabling proximity-based marketing. Our IoT development services ensure meticulous care for equipment and empower solutions to provide transformative insights by storing and analyzing data from sensors within real estate spaces to influence and improve customers’ daily lives.


    As a leading real estate app development company, we employ blockchain technology to establish a secure and tamper-proof ledger for property records, reducing fraud and simplifying ownership transfers. Our cost-efficient real estate application development solutions seamlessly integrate with blockchain, streamlining transactions, ensuring fraud prevention, and enhancing security. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) adds transparency, aiding in document management, process storage, and ownership token verification. The secure and transparent nature of blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries which also allows organizations or individuals to purchase properties using cryptocurrency.


    We incorporate metaverse technology into your personalized real estate apps to elevate user experiences beyond reality. Users can virtually tour properties, participate in virtual open houses, and engage with agents in realistic settings. Overall, metaverse has leveled up the real estate touring and buying experiences. Buyers no longer need to visit the property to see the property and this reduces the time of both agents and buyers. This speeds up the process of selling and realtors and property owners can close deals faster.


    Our commercial real estate development apps are cloud-based which are ideal for syncing big data and cutting down your IT expenses. Cloud server for your real estate mobile application eliminates the need for an in-house server, as realtors, agents, and property owners can easily conduct and manage operations online. They can track their customer data and store details in the cloud-based storage which also frees them from the fear of data loss.

    Our Process Of Mobile App Development For Real Estate

    Leverage the expertise of the best real estate app developers in Kansas, USA who follow agile principles and analyze consumer preferences to build an app that stands out in the market. By meticulously planning the development process, our team of app developers ensures the timely deployment and launch of your iOS or Android mobile application to the app stores.

    Project Analysis & Consultation

    UI/UX Design




    Want to level up your real estate business with a distinct mobile app?

    Our real estate application development services will help you unlock efficiency, attract more clients, and establish yourself as a trusted name in the real estate industry. Connect with real estate app developers to kickstart your mobile app project.

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    Here are the answers to some questions raised by our clients before hiring real estate app development companies for their business.

    In this mobile-first digital era, you must consider creating a customer-centric mobile application for your real estate business. App development for commercial real estate can benefit your business in many ways and fuel up your revenue growth.


    • A mobile application will increase your customers’ accessibility to your property listings. You can now reach global buyers in no time.


    • You can provide property buyers with personalized virtual property tours and elevate their buying experience through secure online transactions powered by blockchain technology.


    • A mobile app can bridge the communication gap between buyers and sellers, eliminating the need for an agent or broker. Sellers can directly list their properties and connect with potential buyers online.


    • Buyers can get real-time information and updates on the property location, new offerings, and pricing details.


    • It becomes easy for real estate agents and developers to analyze the market gaps, predict trends, and understand customer preferences through data analytics and reporting.


    • You can stay ahead of your competitors with a highly performant real estate app that is loaded with unique features, enriching your customers’ experience.


    So what are you waiting for? Hire real estate app developers from Webgen Technologies USA to get a best-in-class app and skyrocket the growth of your real estate business.

    Besides providing value to your customers, you can also make money from your real estate application with the help of numerous monetization strategies and tactics. Given below are some income-generating techniques that can be implemented by app owners.


    • Membership subscription – Introducing a special range of features, offerings, deals, and services to members who purchase premium packages is a great way to generate a continuous flow of income from your real estate app.


    • Free-premium model – In this model, you can provide a basic version of the app to free users where features will be limited and charge for a feature-rich app edition that comes with advanced search tools and functionalities.


    • Sponsored or Featured Listing – You can charge property owners and real estate developers a fee for displaying a listing on the top of other listings in the search results of your app to catch the eyes of potential buyers. Featured listing can be either monthly subscription-based or one-time based on the needs of the property owners.


    • In-app advertising – Another interesting way to earn money is by displaying ads from agencies and businesses that deal with real estate, such as home loan providers, interior designers, renovation companies, relocation services, mortgage lenders, etc. Incorporating adverts that are relevant to users is quite effective in generating additional revenue for your business.

    The real estate app development features that you must consider integrating into your app to cater to the needs of the property buyers and sellers. As a premier mobile app development company in the USA, a pioneer in creating stellar apps for real estate businesses, we ensure that the top features are incorporated into the app as per our client’s requirements.


    • Easy and quick property listing
    • Listing management (Add, remove, or edit listing)
    • Advanced search and filtering
    • Quick as well as detailed view of property details
    • Saved favorite and shortlisted properties
    • Alert and reminder settings
    • Interactive maps with Geo-location integrated
    • Virtual Property Tours and 3D visualization (AR/VR)
    • In-app chat and call support 24/7
    • Property reviews and ratings
    • User profile and account management
    • Secure online payment gateway integrations
    • Social media integration and sharing
    • Integration with IoT devices
    • Mortgage Calculator
    • Multi-language and currency support
    • AI-powered recommendations
    • Property Comparisons


    If you are seeking a professional agency to build your app integrated with the above-mentioned features, Webgen Technologies USA is a name you can always count on. We can aid in Web3 real estate app development powered by metaverse and blockchain technology to give your users an immersive, secure, and engaging property trading experience.


    Being a leading real estate app development company in the USA, we build feature-packed dynamic mobile applications for our real estate clients by using the latest and popular app development frameworks, libraries, and programming languages. With the right technology stack, we ensure rapid app development without compromising the app’s quality and performance.


    • UI/UX design – Figma
    • Frameworks – Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, Realm
    • Programming language – Java
    • Database – SQLite, Room Database, Firebase
    • Open source platform – Fastlane
    • Cloud Platforms – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform

    The purpose of creating a real estate mobile app is to bring all the stakeholders under one roof together. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or real estate agent, it doesn’t matter. Directly or indirectly, our real estate solutions cater to every single need of yours. The sector is vast, having innumerable businesses and stakeholders associated with it. Our solutions have proven to be beneficial to all of them.

    1. Real estate buyers
    2. Builders or contractors
    3. Realtors
    4. Construction firms or agencies
    5. Real estate agents or brokers
    6. Construction architects and engineers
    7. Property board firms
    8. Mortgage lenders or companies
    9. Space management

    The cost for real estate app development in our company is dependent on multiple factors such as the app’s scale and complexity, UI/UX design requirements, platform selection ( Android or iOS app development), framework, size of the development team, number of features to be integrated into the application, etc.  Share with us your app requirements to get an exact cost estimation.

    It is hard to give a timeframe for app development without analyzing the project requirements and evaluating the project scale. Several factors determine the total time required to design, develop, test, and deploy your application. Some of them are project scale, complexity, number of features and functionalities to be integrated, number of developers assigned for the project,  testing, and deployment.

    Yes, our support team will be there for you after your app is launched to ensure that it functions flawlessly without any technical issues and is free from bugs. Our continuous support and maintenance post-deployment assures you that every technical glitch is resolved promptly and your app is also upgraded to its latest version.

    Webgen Technologies USA is the one of most renowned real estate app development companies in the USA, offering next-gen mobile app development services to real estate businesses worldwide. With a proven track of delivering 500+ successful projects since 2011, we make an ideal app development company. Our 12+ years of experience, 75+ professionals on board, and agile methodology assure top-notch user-centric app development which will uplift your user experience and help you establish your strong digital presence.


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