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Get reliable and secure medical software and digital solutions built by our IT pros who have more than 12 years of experience and specialization in healthcare. We built stellar high-performing mobile applications and software prioritizing the usability and security of patients. Our dynamic and brilliant approach to software development adds value to the healthcare sector and individual users as well. We harness the power of leading-edge technologies like AI, ML, and AR/VR to create innovative solutions. If you want a tailored software solution catering to the needs of your patients and the ever-evolving healthcare industry, Webgen Technologies USA is the right place.

  • 12+ years in Healthcare IT
  • Regulatory Compliant
  • Custom AI-powered solutions

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    Explore Our Healthcare Software Development Services

    With our steady service and strive for excellence and innovation, we have successfully earned the recognition of a leading health tech company in the USA. By leveraging the benefits of software solutions, we have helped the sector overcome critical challenges and improve patient care.

    Healthcare IT Consulting Services

    Our end-to-end healthcare software solutions include health software development consultancy services where the top tech experts of our company will get on a call with you to understand your needs and provide a secure, efficient, and tailored solution. From developing management software to front-door applications for patient care, we have the right expert advice for your healthcare organization.

    Custom Healthcare Software Development

    Get custom healthcare software by leveraging our developers' technical expertise and in-depth knowledge. Our software as a medical service (SaMD) involves a thorough analysis of your business requirements, preparing a strategic workflow, and developing tailor-made software specific to your business goals. We can also help with the integration of next-gen software solutions into your existing IT ecosystem seamlessly.

    Healthcare Software Product

    We have been in the market for software product development since 2011 and we know how to create a winning digital product for your medical or healthcare business. After analyzing the market carefully, we prepare a roadmap for your software product, and our healthcare software developers in Kansas, USA, develop an MVP that perfectly matches your unique brand and features. We also build cloud-based custom SaaS models that adhere to HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.

    Remote Patient Monitoring Software

    From IoT healthcare devices to wearables, our software professionals have solid knowledge and vast experience in building Remote Patient Monitoring software. Our efficient solutions improve access to better healthcare and medical services by allowing doctors and healthcare providers to monitor patient’s health remotely and intervene from time to time.

    EMR and EHR Software Development

    Webgen Technologies USA specializes in the development of customized Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software to transform the way healthcare facilities and professionals interact with patients. Our exceptional custom health software development services assist healthcare providers in quickly accessing and monitoring patient data and staying connected with them.

    Telemedicine Software Development

    We build full-cycle telemedicine software to allow contactless patient care and treatment through video calling, and instant chat. By utilizing our telemedicine app development services, it has become possible to provide top-notch personalized care and medical treatment remotely to patients at reduced costs and in no time.

    mHealth App Development

    If you need mobile app development services for your healthcare organization to build a standalone mHealth application, connect with our health app developers today. Our custom solutions ensure efficient management of patient health data, automate processes, streamline workflows, enhance patient care, and connect with patients seamlessly with a few clicks.

    Healthcare Organization Management Software

    As a leading custom healthcare software development company in Olathe, Kansas, we deliver cutting-edge tools to digitize and streamline healthcare operations. With our remarkable management software solutions, we ensure easy automation of repetitive hospital procedures, managing appointment scheduling, regulatory compliance, financial auditing, and other operations.

    Patient Portal Development

    Our service offerings for patient-related applications include the creation of platform-specific patient portals for managing patients’ health proactively with ease of access to all the health records, treatments undergone, upcoming appointments, and so on. We ensure secure and quick access to patient information and appointment management in a hassle-free manner.

    Medical Imaging & Lab Software

    At our company, we also focus on providing software solutions for medical image and lab information management based on their specialties and laboratory size. Being one of the leading healthcare IT service providers in the USA, we help pathological laboratories and medical imaging testing labs seamlessly store and monitor lab records, ensuring data integrity and security.

    Pharmacy Management Software

    We can build pharmacy management software from scratch or integrate additional functionalities into your existing system to enhance real-time communication and faster distribution of medical supplies. We ensure smoother payment processes, automated invoice generation, and workflow automation with our cutting-edge pharmacy software and application development.

    IoT & Medical Device Software

    Leverage the expertise of IoT developers to build smart IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) applications. Our IoT-based healthcare software seamlessly connects medical devices or smart sensors and helps doctors and medical professionals gather insightful patient information and track health vitals. The quality and security of our software solutions are ensured through quality assurance and risk management practices.

    Why Choose Webgen Technologies USA For Custom Healthcare Software Development

    We aim to deliver compliant custom software development for the healthcare and medical sector to promote interoperability, enhance doctor-patient communication, streamline clinical processes, and improve accessibility to patient care. Our end-to-end software development services are aimed at revolutionizing the medical and healthcare ecosystem.

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    Proven Experience

    Our healthcare software developers and mobile health app developers have proven and long-standing expertise in creating cutting-edge and top-notch healthcare solutions. By integrating new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data analytics, cloud computing, and blockchain development, they build an avant-garde solution that reduces the workload of hospitals and healthcare institutes and facilitates faster and more secure transfer of patient information and health records.

    Result-driven Solutions

    We provide customized solutions specific to our client’s needs, ensuring they meet the ultimate goal and drive success. By taking advantage of our innovative tools and the latest technology trends we come up with goal-oriented software solutions that align with the needs of the client who can be a patient, medical professional, healthcare provider, pharmaceutical agency, etc. Schedule a call with our software consultants for the best healthcare IT consulting services in the USA.

    Agile Development Approach

    With the help of our highly qualified DevOps engineers, it has become possible for us to follow an agile methodology with complete transparency at every step of the software development life cycle. We keep our clients informed and updated about every progress and modification, prioritizing their feedback in real-time. With our agile development process, every change is taken care of quickly and accurately, ensuring 100% client satisfaction through the journey of development and deployment.

    Flexible Hiring Models

    Our flexible and customizable engagement models ensure that healthcare and medical businesses of every scale can hire our service as per their project needs and budget. We offer client-specific solutions and allow them to pick an engagement model based on the on-demand project requirements without worrying about the financial burden.

    24/7 Steady Support

    Our end-to-end healthcare custom software development includes consistent support and maintenance services that ensure every software or mobile application we develop performs flawlessly. We fix bugs, upgrade apps or software to the latest versions, and offer all the necessary technical support round the clock for smooth and error-free performance of your digital solutions.

    Types Of Custom Healthcare Software Development For Every Healthcare Need

    Our healthcare and mHealth app development services strive to create technology solutions that would bring a solid impact on the healthcare and patient care ecosystem. Our healthcare IT services cater to every need of the patient, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.


    Our innovative app solutions digitize patient experience and help them manage their well-being and overall health better. From fitness and wellness apps to mental health apps, telemedicine apps to medicine-intake tracking apps, and appointment scheduling software - we are your trusted IT partner for all types of tech needs. With these mHealth applications and IoT app development, we deliver premium health support to users.

    Medical Professionals

    We help doctors and healthcare professionals seamlessly manage appointments, schedule appointments, and track and monitor patient health remotely with our best-in-class applications. Our extensive exposure to working with healthcare service providers makes customized app or software development easy. Our custom healthcare software development agency in Kansas, USA builds high-performing patient monitoring apps, appointment booking apps, practice management apps, patient data analysis apps, and medical research apps.

    Healthcare Providers

    We enhance and optimize medical and healthcare operations such as billing, patient data management, adaptive staffing, and clinical assistance with our state–of–the–art software solutions. These include EHR/EMR systems, Software as a Medical Service (SaMD), time-table scheduling, Hospital information systems, financial auditing systems, and medical practice management.


    Our pharmacy management software is designed to streamline the process of distribution of medical supplies, tracking drug inventory, and enhancing communication between customers and suppliers. Whether you need a top-notch pharmacy app for your online medical store or want to create an e-prescribing system - we’re the right fit for you. Connect with our healthcare software developers in the USA to get a customized pharmacy app for your business.

    Medical Imaging & Laboratories

    Besides patients, healthcare professionals, and pharmacies, imaging and blood testing labs are leveraging the power of technology to streamline their work process and speed up the image analysis process. Software development for accurate image analysis, blood testing reports, and patient portal development for tracking and sharing diagnostic results are currently in high demand by pathological and imaging labs.

    End-to-end Process Our Healthcare Software Development Agency Follows

    At Webgen Technologies USA, our iOS and Android app developers practice agile methodology to craft compelling and feature-rich robust applications to help healthcare businesses scale up and stay ahead of the curve.

    Project Analysis & Consultation

    UI/UX Design




    Need an on-demand healthcare mobile app?

    Talk to our healthcare IT consultants to craft a dynamic and feature-loaded mobile application to shape your idea into a reality. Leverage the expertise of our custom health software development company to create an intuitive app and provide best-ever experiences to your users.

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    Here are the answers to some questions raised by our clients before hiring health software development companies for their business.

    mHealth or mobile health application is designed and built to deliver personalized treatment and “telemedicine” services to a patient remotely. Any Android and iOS app development for healthcare aids a healthcare service provider in communicating with patients in real time with high audio and visual quality and integrated chat functionalities. mHealth apps are aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare services by enhancing communication and facilitating self-care management.

    The healthcare app development and market comprises around $8.2 billion, representing a wide acceptance of software solutions by the healthcare industry globally. The benefits that a robust and next-gen mobile health app development brings to your business are as follows.


    Increase in patient loyalty – Digital healthcare solutions optimize various processes such as doctor’s appointment booking, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring health, and tracking of patients’ reports and records. This improves the standard and quality of patient care and coordination.


    Data-driven decisions – When you choose a long-established healthcare software development company like ours, you get the best IT solutions powered by data analytics services, using which you can analyze patient data. This aids in accurate diagnosis and treatment through medical software.


    Heightens data security – Protection of patients’ health information and maintaining the confidentiality of healthcare professionals’ details improve by integrating secure and safe mobile applications. Our apps and software adhere to and comply with all the security and privacy standards.


    Better patient management – Partnering with an experienced agency that offers turnkey digital solutions for healthcare will help you with better patient care and management by facilitating seamless connections between healthcare service providers and patients.


    Lower cost of healthcare services – Applications of IT solutions for healthcare can eliminate extra costs in healthcare businesses while automating and streamlining processes. This frees medical staff from repetitive manual tasks and reduces the healthcare organization’s overall cost.

    Integration of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare holds remarkable potential in improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare treatment. For faster and more accurate diagnosis of diseases using AI algorithms, AI-assisted robotic surgery, automated medical billing, and improved care with nurse-like chatbot assistants – all these are revolutionizing the entire healthcare and medical ecosystem. Machine learning and NLP applications are also being utilized to analyze and extract insightful information from unstructured clinical data and notes.

    Every healthcare software, mobile, and web development company needs to comply with and follow all the major security standards of the healthcare industry to ensure data security and safety regulations. Furthermore, these standards and compliance ensure the ethical and appropriate use of sensitive and critical patient data and medical information.


    • Compliance with industry-wide healthcare information privacy standards like HIPAA, GDPR, and CMMIDEV/3
    • Adhering to healthcare standards such as FHIR, DICOM, CDA, and HL7.
    • Complying with ISO 9001:2015 Certification
    • Adherence to medical development security standards like OWASP, and IEC 62443


    We employ a wide array of cutting-edge technologies, tools, frameworks, and programming to build custom and project-specific software. Below is an overview of all the technologies used by our developers for medical software development.


    • Programming languages – Python, Java, C#, JavaScript or TypeScript (js, React.js, or Vue.js)
    • Frameworks & Libraries – .NET, Spring Boot, Django or Flask, React Native
    • Database – PostgreSQL, MYSQL, MongoDB, FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources)
    • Cloud Platforms – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
    • Healthcare Standards & Protocols – HL7 (Health Level Seven International), DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)
    • Security Technologies – OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, HIPAA compliance tools.
    • Encryption Technologies – TLS and AES
    • DevOps Tools – Docker or Kubernetes, CI/CD Pipelines – Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI.
    • APIs and Web Services – RESTful APIs, GraphQL, gRPC
    • Interoperability – Mirth Connect
    • Mobile App Development – Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android, Xamarin for Cross-platform.
    • AL and ML – TensorFlow and PyTorch
    • Data Analytics & Visualization – Power BI and Tableau


    Besides these tech stacks, our software development healthcare solutions are also equipped with leading-edge and revolutionary technologies like Blockchain and Metaverse development (AR/VR and MR), and Robotic Process Automation for one-of-a-kind user experiences.


    Webgen Technologies USA follows very flexible pricing models which are customizable as per the project requirements, timeline, client’s budget, and resource utilization. After preparing a project scope with our healthcare app consultants, we determine the exact time required to complete every stage of the development process and give an estimation to our clients.

    A hospital management system (HMS) software aids in the easy management and tracking of information related to patients, doctors, and hospital employees through one system. From managing appointments to tracking the attendance of medical staff, and keeping clinical records to financial audits, a hospital management system makes the job of authorities easy.

    Webgen Technologies USA is one the most reputed and well-established health software development companies in Olathe, Kansas, with more than 12 years of experience in healthcare IT solutions. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our software and mobile app developers, we have earned an esteemed position as a healthcare IT services provider internationally.


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