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Uncover the potential of decentralized, secure, and immutable blockchain technology to empower your business. Automate your work process and make it transparent and efficient with our top-class blockchain development services in Olathe, Kansas. We support enterprises of all sizes, big and small, to build advanced mobile and web applications leveraging this innovative and revolutionary technology that offers the highest level of encryption and data security. Our blockchain experts make the most of this tremendous technology to deliver futuristic solutions to clients all over the world. Join the blockchain revolution to accelerate your business growth and ace the competition.

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    Services Our Blockchain Development Company in USA Offers

    If you are the one looking for a reputed and experienced company in Olathe, Kansas to build secure and scalable applications to enhance business automation and scalability, then Webgen Technologies USA is the ideal company to approach. Our wide range of development services includes building customized applications tailored to your business needs such as cryptocurrency exchange apps, DeFi applications, and a lot more.

    Blockchain Consulting Services

    Get into a one-on-one discussion with the top experts in the blockchain industry to understand the feasibility of your blockchain project. Our consultants can help you build an operational app or software that runs on a peer-to-peer network, thus providing security and transparency to the users. Our blockchain consulting company in Olathe, Kansas of the United States aims to help the client recognize the benefits of this breakthrough technology in building enterprise solutions and bringing transparency and trust to the business ecosystem. With our top-notch consulting services, we always stay updated with the emerging trends in the blockchain space.

    Blockchain Protocol Development

    Protocol development services by our blockchain experts include designing and launching new protocols as well as modifying existing protocols. We help enterprises navigate their blockchain journey and gain a deeper understanding of the architecture of parent protocols. Extensive research and rich domain knowledge of our team help us develop consensus algorithms, blockchain protocol tools, blockchain forking, ecosystem development, and network bridging. Our services successfully align with the requirements of our clients who want to venture into the NFT and DeFi space.

    dApps Development

    We build decentralized applications tailored to your business needs that will help gain a distinctive edge in the market. dApps created by our blockchain developers run on a blockchain network are customized and highly-scalable applications using trending tools and technologies. Whether it's user-interface design, integrating APIs, or creating decentralized storage space, our team has always got your back. Share your ideas with us and we will convert them into robust dApps that are definite to give your users the best-ever experience.

    Metaverse Development

    We are one of the firsts in the USA to tap into the era of the metaverse and provide metaverse development services using our expertise in AI, AR/VR, and blockchain technology. With more the 11 years of technical prowess, our developers and designers work diligently to execute metaverse development and help clients expedite an all-new digital journey. Creating visually appealing and highly interactive applications featuring blockchain-oriented functionalities such as transparency, user sovereignty, and automation. Our list of nonpareil metaverse development solutions includes building 3D virtual spaces, metaverse NFT marketplaces, and Metaverse apps.

    Blockchain Supply Chain Development

    Integrating this cutting-edge technology in the supply chain helps businesses improve their supply chain management. Blockchain development adds value to the supply chain and logistics businesses by eliminating inefficiencies such as data inconsistency and the absence of interoperability. Businesses involved in the supply chain networks benefit largely from our services as we aid in increasing traceability and transparency in the networks. We reduce communication gaps and help in a smooth product journey from the warehouse to the end customer.

    NFT Marketplace Development

    We create easy-to-use decentralized platforms for NFTs with rich features and functionalities that facilitate the easy trading of NFTs. As an Ethereum blockchain development company in Olathe, Kansas in the USA, we can help you launch robust NFT marketplaces using the popular blockchain network Ethereum. Our blockchain developers are also skilled at leveraging other platforms like Polkadot, Hyperledger, and Avalanche. We offer NFT development services from scratch i.e. from audit and design to development and support.

    Smart Contracts Development

    We offer smart contract development services for public, private, and hybrid blockchain network that accelerates the transaction process in businesses. The rich tech stack and knowledge of our blockchain software developers help us design smart contracts for NFT marketplaces, crowdfunding, and dApps. Virtual contracts are created with self-executed protocols that run on automated codes and minimize the possibilities of human manipulation. Transactions and records in the contract are end-to-end encrypted which makes it impossible to delete, modify or hack.

    DEX for Cryptocurrency

    We build an immutable and secure cryptocurrency decentralized exchange (DEX) platform that facilitates easy buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in real-time. With high-security features and multiple payment integrations, our exchange platform development offers great scalability to investors, industry stakeholders, and digital creators. We can develop and customize exchange platforms using the latest and emerging blockchain networks that our clients demand. We are your one-stop solution for hybrid exchange, white-label NFT marketplace, crypto, and P2P exchange platform.

    Defi Platform Development

    As a blockchain company in Kansas, we strive to provide assistance to finance organizations with exclusive DeFi exchange platforms for the flawless execution of transactions and process automation. Our wide assortment of DeFi development services includes DeFi yield farming, staking platform, lottery platform, crypto lending, and Web 3.0 Defi development. Our clientele includes startups, small-scale enterprises to big industry giants across the globe.

    Token Development

    Asset tokenization brings liquidity to your assets and reduces volatility. The creation of blockchain-based tokens helps in maintaining the asset ownership of tangible and non-tangible assets. It also allows for safe and secure transfer of ownership and fractionalize asset ownership. Token development integrating smart contracts and crypto wallets help in effective asset trading without the need for an intermediary.

    Blockchain Wallet Development

    The blockchain engineers of our blockchain development company Kansas in the USA specializing in creating mobile and web cryptocurrency wallets for faster and more secure payments without the need for any centralized authority or a middleman. We create and launch blockchain wallets for varied versions like mobile, desktop apps, and website browsers. Our wallet development service provides seamless and secure crypto trading and payment experiences.

    DAO Development

    The profound knowledge and long-standing expertise of our blockchain engineers result in the creation of efficient Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) development. Our services range from governance token development and DAO platform development. DAO eliminates the need for a centralized governing system in a legal structure where participants or members have common goals and act in their best interests.

    Blockchain Game Development

    Even gaming companies are not staying behind when it comes to utilizing blockchain technology. We help creative game development agencies to turn their gaming fantasies into powerful and attractive games that games can’t stop playing. Integrating blockchain in game development helps in building highly advanced next-gen Web3 games powered by metaverse and 3D experiences. In-game tokens, avatars, and character creation and selling them in NFT marketplaces to create new revenue streams.

    How our Blockchain Development Company in USA Impacts Your Business

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    Enhanced Security

    The immutable nature of blockchain ensures complete data safety. All types of payments or transactions on the blockchain network are end-to-end encrypted. The information shared is traceable and stored across a spread network of computers instead of one system. When a new transaction is approved, it is added as a new block to the previous transactions, thus forming a chain of blocks. Hence, blockchain is beneficial for businesses in the sense that it safeguards sensitive information and protects important business transactions from hackers and malicious attackers.

    Fewer or no intermediaries

    Lack of trust sometimes becomes the primary cause of conflicts in businesses. An intermediary is needed to establish trust and reliability. However, the chances of data manipulation by the governing authorities remain. Blockchain solves this problem. Blockchain applications are created by blockchain development companies using automated codes and support smart contract development where records or transactions are shared, exchanged, or transferred without any intermediary.


    Blockchain systems are fully automated and hence manual input is not required. It allows for transaction verifications automatically in the network itself. In fact, enforcing smart contracts, conducting background checks, and authenticating rules in smart contracts are done through automation without any human interference or governing authority. This is the reason businesses are embracing blockchain-based technology solutions to accelerate business workflows.

    Increases efficiency

    The introduction of blockchain has replaced the traditional methods of doing business. It has reduced paper-based heavy workload as processes now are automated and done by blockchain-powered applications in the blink of an eye. Blockchain development services save time and also minimize the involvement of third parties or intermediaries to carry out payment transactions. Altogether, business efficiency improves due to automation in operations, elimination of repetitive manual tasks, and faster payment processing.

    Greater Transparency

    Information sharing and transactions in the blockchain are completely transparent, thus ensuring data accuracy and consistency. All the members in the P2P network have full access to the information but the data encryption ensures that no one can alter, delete or copy any records without letting others know. This makes blockchain applications more secure and tamper-proof. The immutable and decentralized feature of the network makes it impossible to hack or unauthorized data access.

    Reduces Cost

    Businesses hire blockchain developers in Olathe, Kansas in the United States, to lower their company costs because blockchain applications help them get rid of lengthy processes of documentation involving heaps of paper. Also, transactions no longer require the presence of bank authorities, lawyers, or any intermediary. This saves a lot of time and intermediary fees for transactions. In a nutshell, firms and financial institutions are gradually adapting to the blockchain ecosystem to lower costs and drive more revenue.

    Our Journey as a Top Blockchain Company in Kansas USA Across Industries

    Blockchain is a game-changing technology that is impacting various industry verticals. Learn how our blockchain solutions are solving recurrent problems in different sectors.


    We have several top and reputable finance organizations across the globe tap into the blockchain space by building safe and decentralized applications. Our blockchain solutions have helped them earn their customer trust in them. Their faith in finance companies has grown due to robust and secure mobile apps backed by state-of-the-art features. It offers strong security, protects customer privacy, and processes payments faster.


    After finance, it is the insurance sector that is reaping the maximum advantages of this revolutionary technology. Whether it's faster claim settlement or lowering the burden of lengthy paperwork, blockchain has been the savior. Also, smart contracts aid in the development of virtual agreements and information authentication without requiring any middleman.


    Our custom app blockchain development for healthcare companies has helped the industry overcome critical and real-world problems like patient data management, securing information in clinical trials, and tracking workflow. Blockchain is transforming the healthcare sector by enhancing the security and privacy of data. Leveraging data insights for accurate diagnosis, finding cost-effective treatment, etc, are some of the ways blockchain revolutionizes the health ecosystem.


    The retail industry is now able to provide better customer satisfaction by incorporating blockchain technology into their retail business. Easy and hassle-free payment methods, secure authentication, and easy data collection. We build the finest apps that offer great and interactive user experiences and guarantee customers’ data safety. Also, retail businesses can provide personalized services to their customers by creating attractive loyalty programs and coupons.

    Supply Chain

    Our custom blockchain app development in Kansas includes creating effective apps to ease supply chain management, efficient handling of inventories, and real-time tracking of vehicles. We deliver the best solutions to increase the efficiency of supply chain administration through automation and secure data protection. It also promotes effective communication which streamlines logistics management, lessens order delays, and shorter lead times.


    The education sector has also improvised by joining the blockchain revolution.Few outstanding benefits of this game-changing technology in accurate record-keeping, efficient management of student data, and identity verification. Also, managing ownership of academic certificates and credentials has become easy. It allows for the secure and transparent sharing of educational resources in the public network.


    As one of the best blockchain development companies in Olathe, Kansas in the United States, we offer dynamic and feature-packed blockchain applications, we help travel enthusiasts book hotels and flights easily and make online payments safer. Moreover, third-party vendors, hotels and travel agencies, etc. have benefitted immensely from the blockchain. It helps to combat fraudulent activities and data theft.

    Real Estate

    Blockchain facilitates easy buying and selling of real estate properties through secure smart contracts and also increases asset liquidity. It helps in seamless transactions of property payments, improves interoperability, and saves costs. There is no third-party involvement in property trading. Further, smart contracts have reduced the need for tedious and lengthy paper documentation and verification before buying or selling any property.


    Blockchain is one of the latest technologies to influence the government sector. It is leveraging its features to make the voting systems more transparent and secure. It has simplified the voting systems with proper authentication of the voter's identification and easy tracking of votes in elections. Altogether, blockchain has lowered the government’s expenditure and has made the process traceable and more accurate.

    Our Blockchain App Development Process

    If you are searching for a dependable and experienced Blockchain app development company in Olathe, USA, then we are right here! We have an extremely professional team whose members are conscientious and always strive for excellence and quality work.

    Understanding Project Requirements

    Planning and Evaluation

    Design & Development



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    Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring blockchain software developers in Olathe, Kansas in the US.

    As said earlier, blockchain technology is a public, decentralized, and distributed ledger that aids in the easy storing, tracking, and sharing of digital records and assets. Since it is immutable in nature, the data can never be deleted or modified. At the same time, mobile app technology has also gained a lot of momentum as more and more people are adapting to mobile devices over desktops and laptops. With the integration of blockchain technology, mobile apps have become safer and more secure. Let’s explore in detail how blockchain is transforming mobile app development.


    Security – Applications built with this game-changing technology ensure top-level security because of the advanced level of encryption. Unfortunately, the data security of the users is none of the greatest concerns of the developers because of the increase in occurrences of data breaches and data theft. Since blockchain is basically built with blocks where each block records transactions that are encrypted end-to-end, it becomes impossible to manipulate or tamper with the data security. Hence, it can be concluded that blockchain offers greater digital security to mobile apps.


    Transparency –  Besides security, this technology offers high transparency because any member in the network or chain can see the activities of the other members in the network such as when a new transaction record is added. It is considered the most efficient and appropriate technology for mobile app development because it enhances transparent interactions among users and most importantly, enhances a user’s control over data.


    Accessibility – The key to your business success is data accessibility. Our blockchain developers in Olathe, Kansas in the United States make use of the digital ledger format to ensure easy but secure access to data availability to the users. Network members need not worry about losing data because the decentralized nature of this platform aids in the automatic and identical distribution of data across the participants in the network.


    Efficiency – Mobile apps that are built by integrating blockchain are not only reliable but also cost-effective. It increases the overall efficiency and productivity of the business because blockchain aids in automation and eliminates repetitive tasks. It reduces the cost of hiring expensive resources to carry out manual tasks.  Industries such as banking, finance, real estate, logistics, etc are benefiting from this revolutionary technology because it optimizes customer experiences and aids in easy transaction processes.


    In a nutshell, blockchain has streamlined the mobile app development process and also drives innovation. Get connected with one of the top blockchain app development companies to reap its benefits and implement blockchain in applications to give your customers the best experiences.

    Blockchain development is worth-investing in because of the countless advantages that it provides to your business. A few of the prominent reasons to consider developing blockchain-powered solutions are as follows.


    Automation – Blockchain aids in the easy automation of business processes and streamlines operations. Smart contracts are one of the best examples of real-life use cases of blockchain in business. Digital contracts eliminate the need for handwritten documents and the lengthy process of paper documentation between the involved parties.


    Immutability – Data analysis is an integral part of every business, irrespective of the industry it belongs to. Every transaction and data in a blockchain network is immutable and traceable. This means one can track them in real time which simplifies the data analysis process. Quick and easy predictions of insights help in driving important business decisions.


    Tokenization – Asset tokenization through blockchain has helped in streamlining commercial as well as financial operations. Tokenization implies converting real assets like property, patents, copyrights, digital artworks, and others into a token to facilitate further trading through a blockchain network. Our crypto software developers are highly skilled and proficient in token development for various businesses.


    Speed – Blockchain-based applications and software handle transactions swiftly and efficiently in no time. Furthermore, you don’t need a middleman or governing authority to authenticate payments in a blockchain system. Since the human intervention is no longer needed, the time taken to complete the transaction is much lesser than other modes of trade.


    Trustworthy – Trust is an important factor for the smooth functioning of any business organization. And a business that involves third parties to validate and control transactions always runs a risk of data manipulation, theft, or hacking. With blockchain, this problem gets solved because everything is automated and you don’t need to rely on a third party. Trust is established among business partners with the application of blockchain technology.

    Blockchain with its ability to bring fairness and automation is impacting businesses by revolutionizing the way transactions are done and information is shared. Let’s find out how some of the top best applications of blockchain in business.


    Smart contract – The use of virtual contracts in real estate, finance, and real estate industries has streamlined the way agreements are executed and enforced. Smart contracts are automated and self-enforcing contracts that are processed once conditions prespecified in the contract are met by both parties.


    Decentralized data storage – Data or information is recorded on a decentralized public ledger that offers complete transparency and security. Since there is no single or central point of control, the chances of data manipulation and theft are minimized. Members in the blockchain network can access the data anytime with complete ease.


    Identity management – Blockchain helps in identification management and authorizes the digital identities of individuals. It becomes easier for organizations to authenticate transactions by verifying identities in real-time and thus, reduces fraud rates.


    NFT development – Most NFTs are developed by using the popular blockchain platform Ethereum. As an Ethereum blockchain development company, we utilize this cutting-edge technology to create NFTs that facilitate seamless exchange, trading, and sharing of digital assets in the NFT marketplace.


    Data Management – Storing and managing data in the blockchain network becomes easy because all the records are validated and encrypted end-to-end. Each record is connected to the chain in the form of a new block in the decentralized peer-to-peer network.


    Above are a few outstanding real-life instances of blockchain applications in business. There are other implementations also in other industry verticals such as Finance, healthcare,  supply chain, education, media & entertainment, and many more.

    The blockchain platform is a decentralized distributed network that lets users share information and record transactions in a secure manner. Blockchain platforms that are mostly used by our blockchain development company in Olathe, Kansas in the USA are mentioned below.


    Ethereum – It is a popular network platform for validating smart contracts and facilitating NFT transactions. Most importantly, Ethereum is a public platform that enables our programmers to create and deploy dApps or decentralized applications. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a software that executes smart contracts by converting high-level programming languages like Solidity into EVM bytecode.


    Hyperledger –  Hyperledger is a private open-source blockchain network with predefined members or participants and is used for developing distributed ledgers for enterprise-level applications.

    Avalanche – This platform comes after Ethereum in terms of popularity and scalability. It allows the developers to build custom blockchain applications including dApps and private blockchain development.


    Polkadot – This open-source interoperable blockchain platform for Web3 development is scalable and supports multi-chain. It enables interconnectivity and supports communications among multiple blockchain ecosystems. The blockchain protocol – Polkadot layer-0 is built using Substrate, which is the fundamental software development kit used by developers these days.


    Corda – Corda is preferred by blockchain developers for building applications and smart contracts that require strict privacy. This open-source blockchain platform is designed to help businesses in initiating direct transactions with utmost security.


    Binance – Considered one of the leading platforms to support blockchain, Binance has its own product suite Binance smart chain that facilitates digital asset exchange. Being one of the best blockchain development companies, we offer blockchain development services in Binance for secure transactions and token development.


    Solana – Solana is a public blockchain platform that also supports smart contracts functionality. Solana is a powerful Web3 development infrastructure that hosts dApps as well. By leveraging a Proof-of-History (POH), it handles and processes transactions efficiently.


    Stellar – This distributed ledger platform uses consensus to trade digital currencies or crypto coins. Money transfer on Stellar is faster, inexpensive, and secure. Stellar makes currency payments and the creation of other digital assets easy.


    NEAR Protocol – It is a user-friendly platform that supports dApps development and also is smart contract capable. It is an advanced-level carbon-neutral and Proof-of-Stake (POS) platform that offers great usability.


    Cosmos – Cosmos is a decentralized network of blockchain that allows easy transfer of value through Peg-zones and IBC. Applications built using Cosmos are highly scalable, sovereign, and interoperable.

    Cosmos is a decentralized and independent blockchain system that is interoperable and scalable. This platform has been widely accepted by blockchain developers for creating easy-to-use and customizable blockchain applications. The exceptional features of the cosmos that have made it a favorite for developers nowadays are multi-support programming languages, a simple application programming interface (API), and a robust modular infrastructure. The blockchain engine used to empower the cosmos network is Tendermint Core which assures the high integrity of the blockchain network.


    The substrate is an open-source platform that is used for building blockchain systems that run autonomously by using open protocols. This flexible platform allows for developing blockchain for specific purpose applications. The substrate is future-proof which means the platform can be upgraded over time. It is also interoperable which that aids in easy communication among the chains. One chain is connected to another Polkadot para chain, also known as a bridge.

    When it comes to software and mobile application development, we are one of the top blockchain development companies in USA that can assure you the best results.


    Rich Technical knowledge – We hire the top experienced professionals in the blockchain field who have a deep understanding of the technology. Our experts have profound knowledge in this niche that has helped them assess the needs of our clients better and provide high-quality solutions.


    A great team of experts – Our team of consulting experts, blockchain developers, QA specialists, and project managers help us grow and serve clients across the globe in a seamless manner. With more than 10 years of experience, most of them have become specialized professionals in the blockchain field.


    Quality Assurance – Delivering the finest quality solutions remains our top concern. Our team of QA testers performs security testing and usability testing before the final deployment to assure error-free and bug-free blockchain applications. We implement and use the latest and trending tools to get proven results.


    Updated Technology Stack – Our blockchain development company in Olathe, Kansas in the United States has access to the most trending and advanced blockchain platforms and tools to build robust and next-gen applications.


    Transparent Coding –  Transparent coding by our blockchain developers gain the trust of our clients. Our team always keeps them in the loop throughout all the stages of development by following an agile methodology.


    24*7 customer support – Our blockchain development services include constant support and maintenance services during the development and after the deployment. We have a supportive team that is available round the clock to answer all your queries.


    Cost-effective solutions  –  Our packages are extremely budget-friendly and hence any business, big or small, can rely on us for diverse blockchain solutions like smart contracts development, exchange platforms, custom blockchain development, crypto bot development, tokens, and a lot more.


    Apart from all of these qualities, our blockchain app development process involves high technicality and a systematic approach to delivering first-class solutions to our clients.

    Our blockchain engineers are well-versed in popular platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, and Stellar. They use Etheruem.js to connect the front end of your mobile application with the Ethereum network. Also, for smart contracts development, Ethereum is the most common choice of our developers.

    Picking the right agency to build your blockchain applications is a challenging affair. And the decision depends largely on numerous factors.


    Team size – You should always choose the one that has greater team strength. A company with a large number of qualified and experienced resources will be able to handle large-scale projects with complex requirements efficiently.


    Years of experience – The total number of years the company is in business reflects its expertise and knowledge in the blockchain field. We are a company with more than 10 years of experience and hence, we assure you that our solutions are tailored to your business needs following the best practices and tools.


    Past Portfolio –  When you hire a blockchain development company in Olathe, Kansas in the USA make sure to check out their previous works i.e. portfolio to understand the quality of their service and how versatile they are.


    Customer Feedback – Another brilliant way to check whether the agency you are going to hire is reliable is through the client’s reviews and ratings on the various review platforms and social medial channels. Going through the customers’ past feedback, both positive and negative, is essential to establish trust in that firm before hiring.


    By keeping the above points in mind, you can find and select the right blockchain development agency and have complete peace of mind.

    The cost of blockchain development in our company varies greatly on certain factors like project type, choice of blockchain platform, project scale, and complexity. Other factors influencing the app cost are the total number of business stakeholders and compliance standards to adhere to.

    Our blockchain team follows a very systematic and sound approach to building applications. With more than 11 years in business, we have successfully delivered numerous blockchain projects. The step-by-step app development process is explained here.


    Blockchain consulting – This is a stage of idea sharing by clients and assessing the feasibility of the blockchain project. Our consultants will discuss the platforms, programming languages, and tools to be used.


    Technical Design – This stage includes user interface design, architecture selection, and defining the technical components of the blockchain platform.


    Development – After designing, comes the development stage. Our blockchain engineers are seasoned experts who create scalable and high-level applications that maximize the ROI of clients.


    Deployment – The deployment phase has several parts to it – backend, frontend, network configuration, and node validation. Before launch, we perform app testing to check the security and performance of the apps.


    Maintenance – Our developers are constantly involved in the support, monitoring, and maintenance after the final deployment. Besides resolving critical issues, they also integrate the latest releases and upgrades.


    Migration – We also help our clients in updating their existing applications and migrate to the blockchain. We also ensure that all decentralized applications are upgraded in order to reduce project downtime.

    With blockchain, the payment system has become more secure and effortless. With time, more and more people are switching from traditional payment methods to blockchain-powered payments, and here is why:


    Greater Security – In the blockchain, there is no centralized system to authorize transactions and process payments. Thus, unauthorized intervention by hackers becomes difficult. The coding is immutable and hence, any change in the records can not be restored. Thus, users’ payment records are completely encrypted and secure.


    No third-party involvement – Blockchain is the only technology that facilitates direct communication between two parties without requiring any intermediary. Since no middleman like a bank is required to authenticate and monitor transactions, the cost of processing payments is also lower compared to traditional systems.


    Data Transparency – Blockchain fosters trust in users by making the entire transaction process 100% transparent and traceable. Both the parties, vendor and buyer, can see whether the payment is completed or not. This also minimizes the chances of discrepancies in payments or invoices.


    Faster Payments – Payments supported by blockchain get completed in the blink of an eye. Smart contracts that are created using automated codes speed up the payment process and thus, reduce the total time taken to complete the transaction.


    Blockchain is a decentralized shared ledger system that aids in the easy storing, sharing, and recording of transactions and information. The records in the blockchain network are in the form of blocks which are then linked to other blocks, thus forming a chain. Blockchain offers high integrity and reliability. Users have full control over the information and no single entity or authority is in complete charge of the system.


    Hashgraph can be considered as an alternative to blockchain. As the name implies, Hashgraph functions on a graph-like structure, where information is stored on nodes that communicate with each other. The information in Hashgraph is stored in the form of events. The two mechanisms based on which  Hashgraph works are “Gossip about Gossip” and “Virtual Voting”. The first one is all about syncing or transferring information among nodes or every member of the network. Virtual voting algorithms allow the user to see what other participants have voted.

    A blockchain-powered application can help your business in many ways.


    • It helps in storing and sharing information more securely across a decentralized public ledger.


    • It facilities secure and easy payments among the members of the network.


    • It aids in the easy management of the supply chain and enhances real-time tracking.


    • You can also use blockchain for creating smart contracts that are transparent and built using automated codes, thus minimizing human interference.

    Yes, certainly. Blockchain is one such pathbreaking technology that has transformed the operations in the business sector and revolutionized various industries starting from finance, insurance, real estate, media, healthcare, media & entertainment to logistics.  Therefore, if you haven’t integrated blockchain technology into your business ecosystem, then you are definitely missing out on some great business opportunities. Hire blockchain developers from Olathe, Kansas in USA to develop blockchain-based applications to drive your business growth.

    Usually, the time taken to develop a blockchain app depends on the app type and sets of features and functionalities you want to integrate. The development lifecycle of a blockchain project includes MVP creation before proceeding with the final development. Besides, a blockchain company also performs security testing and performance testing before it is finally deployed or released in the market.

    The primary difference between a public and private blockchain is that the former is an open network which means that anyone from outside can participate without any permission. Everyone is free to join, read and share information within the public blockchain network.


    On the contrary, a private blockchain is a closed network that is administered by the network in charge and participants or members require the consent of the supervising authority. Unlike a public network, one or more than two entities control the network and have knowledge about the transactions. Since transactions are securely encrypted, no one will be able to access the information without prior permission.

    Blockchain 4.0 is the latest generation of this disruptive technology that strives to make the blockchain more adaptable to the business environment. This fourth generation of blockchain technology is expected to build applications by making this technology fully mainstream.


    The era of bitcoin was known as “Blockchain 1.0” where its only use was to support cryptocurrency exchange. Then comes “Blockchain 2.0”, which evolved as a technology supporting more than just bitcoins. Blockchain 3.0 facilitates multiple activities across varied applications and Blockchain 4.0 is an updated and modified version of the third generation. It allows the business houses to migrate their current business operations into a securer and transparent application powered by an encrypted and decentralized ledger.

    Yes, we can. We can integrate 3rd party tools or API systems into our blockchain application if it is technically feasible. Many of our clients demand our services either modernizing their existing software by integrating blockchain or migrating from a legacy system to a completely new application.


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