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Webgen Technologies USA is a preeminent Natural Language Processing (NLP) company in Olathe, Kansas, helping businesses power up their processes, analyze user data, and make data-backed decisions. By leveraging the power of NLP, we derive sense from large volumes of unstructured business data and help companies make informed decisions. These data can be anything from text, images, audio, or videos. Our NLP experts are in charge of extracting meaningful information from these disorganized and undetermined data using which businesses can make the next move and propel forward. In other words, our NLP analysis transforms business by unclosing the power of data and predicting market trends.

  • Document Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Smarter Insights

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    Attain Unparalleled Success With Our Natural Language Processing Services

    With our solid expertise in Natural Language Processing technology, we help you tap into the smart era and gain industry-wide success. We built NLP-based solutions for hundreds of small organizations, startups, SMEs, scale-ups, and large corporations. By hiring our professionals, what you get is a perfect combination of tech innovation and actionable insights.

    Data Acquisition

    Our data processing team studies and analyzes massive volumes of data collected from users, sales, and markets, to filter business-critical information. Our process involves analyzing text obtained from multiple endpoints which are further used for making data-driven business decisions. Our job is to train machines to understand data and draw key conclusions from them.

    Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment analysis is a type of market intelligence solution where NLP-based models dig deeper into customer reviews, social media profiles, emails, and purchasing histories to classify their emotions and understand the sentiment behind a product or service purchase. Natural language processing software performs sentiment analysis and helps businesses predict their customers’ behaviors better.

    Product Recommendations

    Another area where NLP holds high importance is its application in the e-commerce industry for improving search relevancy and offering product recommendations. Based on browsing patterns and customer query intent, the NLP software suggests personalized offers and drives their purchasing decisions. This way NLP enhances customers' experiences by recommending them with better choices.

    Document Processing

    Our NLP experts will help you with text analysis of your business documents and come up with semantic reasoning that aids in better decision-making. Our smart document analysis and text categorization services automate the time-consuming and monotonous process of manual data entry and analysis. We use cutting-edge document processing tools to extract information from PDFs, scanned documents, images, and text.

    Speech Recognition Systems

    As one of the best Natural Language Processing companies, we ensure top-of-line and custom speech recognition app development to help you easily identify the human speech representation and analyze them to get useful details. Text-to-speech recognition technology further helps companies offer enhanced customer services by delivering voice-based solutions to the queries of the customers.

    Custom Chatbot Development

    Integrating virtual assistants as well as custom chatbots into websites and mobile apps improves customer service experiences. They don’t have to wait anymore for human agents to address their queries and solve problems. Personalized chatbot development and virtual assistants with the help of NLP technology aid in instant product recommendations, resolve problems, and provide them with the information the moment they need it.

    Fraud Detection & Risk Management

    Utilization of NLP goes beyond business process automation, document analysis, and improved customer experience. It is now leveraged for scrutinizing critical and sensitive financial documents, contract papers, and others to identify business risks and bottlenecks that can become obstacles to your business growth. Natural language processing analysis by our company is used by several businesses for better risk management and fraud detection.

    Text Mining & Entity Recognition

    With the outstanding power of entity recognition tools, the identification and retrieval of named entities from enormous volumes of text data have become possible. In other words, named entity recognition is a commonly used data mining and preprocessing task involving the collection of important text information and categorizing them to reveal crucial details such as business name, founder, location, etc.

    Upgrade & Maintenance

    Are you looking to upgrade your existing chatbot or AI solution? Webgen Technologies USA has got you covered. Update your AI solution to the latest and most advanced version for better performance and experience. We will help you migrate to a better application or software with better technology, upgraded features, and high-end functionalities. For boosted performance of your AI app or software, we are right here.

    How Natural Language Processing Applications Support Your Business Growth

    In this fast-paced world, businesses need to accelerate their performance to exceed the expectations of their customers. With the help of Natural Language Processing in Machine Learning, not only can you mitigate user demands and address their queries in real time, but also make your business more efficient and productive. Our adept team of NLP developers aims to make your application more innovative with the aid of intelligent ML algorithms.

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    Prompt Customer Service

    Customers hate waiting and when they get answers for what they need instantly, it makes them happy. Integration of automated chatbots with the help of Artificial Intelligence and NLP results in happier customer experiences. Chatbots are particularly the need of the hour because, with the e-commerce sector open 24/7, it has become crucial that customer support service is also available round the clock to respond to queries immediately.

    Better Business Insights

    NLP solutions combined with Business Intelligence services allow your business to extract meaningful information from large amounts of business data collected from varied sources such as email, social media, comments, documents, and more. Predicting the market trends and identifying the risks much earlier than your competitors will help you level up your game and stay ahead.

    Boosts Conversion

    The primary objective of marketing campaigns is to drive conversions. To optimize the conversion rate, fine-tuning the conversion funnel is an essential step, and for that, you need natural language analysis and AI-powered tools such as voice search optimization, and advanced search functionalities. This will elevate your customer’s experience in your app or website and help them in their purchasing decisions.

    Saves Time & Money

    Cost and deadlines are two significant factors that determine the success of a business. To ensure that your company’s expenses are minimized and at the same time employee efficiency is at its peak, you need to start relying on new-age technologies like NLP and machine learning. You can automate tedious and repetitive tasks with the help of NLP-trained models that otherwise would take hours to complete by humans. This helps your resources focus on more important and core activities of your business and increases productivity.

    Large-scale Data Analysis

    Natural Language Processing AI can help in better understanding your users’ sentiments, demands, and expectations. By interpreting their behaviors and sentiments, you can make better and more informed decisions that will make the future of your business secure by addressing the needs of your customers adequately. In just a few minutes, you can gain useful insights about your customers and implement better digital marketing solutions to drive sales.

    Natural Language Processing Solutions Across Various Industry Verticals

    Webgen Technologies USA is a leading service provider for Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence having a wide range of experience in building customized NLP solutions for businesses across diverse industries.

    Banking & Finance

    NLP has several noteworthy applications in the finance and banking domain, which include automation of customer data input, processing of customer feedback, credit score checking, loan approval, claim handling, and faster claim settlements. Further, NLP-based solutions assist financial institutions in deriving important information from data and enhancing their customer services.

    Retail & e-Commerce

    To improve the online shopping experiences of customers and help them make better decisions, Natural Language Processing has turned out to be an important technique. Whether it is product recommendations, personalized offers, or quick responses to queries, NLP assists in all and gives users a whole new digital experience while shopping. Retail companies leverage Natural Language Processing technology to understand and analyze the emotions of the customers and implement new SEO, PPC, and social media marketing campaigns.

    Healthcare & Pharma

    The healthcare and medical sector utilizes NLP solutions to track patient data, process clinical trial records, and manage medical research data. Hospitals and healthcare organizations gain purposeful information from their primary resources automatically. These sources can be anything from reports, text documents, medical summaries, etc. Tapping into the NLP capabilities helps hospital authorities and administration better identify the patient’s needs and complaints so as to improve their overall services.

    Logistics & Supply Chain

    NLP benefits the supply chain management system with invoice automation, processing customer records, and tracking vehicle and driver information in real-time. NLP streamlines the process of logistics and supply chain operations, obtains industry benchmarks, translates documents, and compliance verification. With the help of NLP, the supply chain and logistics sector become more efficient and coordinated.


    The advantages of Natural Language Processing Artificial Intelligence in the manufacturing industry are remarkable and are, therefore, more frequently used by businesses these days. From taking care of quality control to enhancing customer satisfaction, and production process improvement, NLP has outstanding potential to transform the industry. The application of NLP has resulted in reduced downtime, increased efficiency, and better quality of products.


    The application of Natural Language Processing in telecommunications can help in processing support requests, customer feedback, analyzing customer sentiments, and extracting essential insights from various sources. Natural language processing can aid in configuring network management systems and provide solutions like automated generation of documents.

    Our NLP Development Process

    Our NLP experts employ leading-edge tools and technologies to improve user experience, automate business processes, and simplify data processing. They try to understand the user’s intent based on their queries.

    Understanding Requirements

    Data Collection

    Data Analysis

    Model Training


    Want to fuel your business with NLP solutions?

    By fetching insights from unstructured data, we help businesses transform their operations and unlock the power of customer interactions. To improve the overall experience of your end-users, partner with our Natural Language Processing company in Olathe, USA today!

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    Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring top natural language processing companies in Kansas, USA.

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subset of artificial intelligence and computer science that focuses on the interaction between machines and human language. NLP revolves around the development of AI-based applications that are trained to comprehend human language and craft responses that feel inherently human-like. Typically, NLP solutions encompass two primary components: Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG).

    Machine learning and NLP both are subparts of Artificial Intelligence. The key difference is that NLP is also a part of Machine learning that deals with algorithm development which is used for understanding and processing human language. On the other hand, Machine learning (ML) is the algorithm that is used by computer systems and applications to undertake various tasks such as object recognition, speech recognition,  text classification, and others.

    To put it simply, Natural Language Processing Analysis is used to understand what users are trying to say or intend to do, whereas ML trains the system to learn from the experiences.

    Yes, of course. You can take for example big tech giants like Google and Microsoft who have been using NLP for a decade to understand the users better and improve their delivery of products and services. Particularly, if you are in a business that involves data entry & analysis, customer services, document generation, and text classification, then NLP can certainly be of great use and will also save you time and costs.

    There is no universally accepted answer to this question because the amount of data required depends on the project or the purpose for which you need the data. For instance, you can use the data to reduce complexities in a task, train a model or application, or predict patterns. However,  as per experts’ opinion, the more, the better. If you provide large amounts of business data it becomes easy for NLP professionals and data scientists to use algorithms to train and learn to improve performance.

    The process of designing and developing NLP-enabled practical systems involves employing state-of-the-art technologies, tools, and open-source NLP libraries. Hence, the cost of a project with the application of Natural Language Processing technology depends on the project requirements, scale, complexity, tools used, and resources hired.

    The frameworks, tools, and programming languages used by our experts for providing NLP analysis and solutions are –

    • Programming languages – Python, C++, Julia, Scala, JavaScript, and Java
    • NLP libraries – TensorFlow, SpaCy, PyTorch, TextBlob Library, and Keras
    • Tool Kits – NLTK, AllenNLP, Intel NLP Architect, Apache OpenNLP, GenSim, Stanford Core NLP.


    Yes, with the use of APIs, our DevOps team and AI engineers can integrate a scalable, compatible, and robust NLP-based solution into your existing system. Whether it’s speech recognition, language translation, insight extraction, entity recognition, or text summarization, we can build a solution that seamlessly integrates and syncs with your internal applications.

    Webgen Technologies USA is one of the top reputable natural language processing companies comprising a close-knit team of software developers, data scientists, and AI engineers. Besides helping businesses make data-backed decisions based on their key findings, we also offer top-level Web3 development services by implementing path-breaking technologies such as Blockchain, cryptography, NFT, smart contracts, and more.


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