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Webgen Technologies is a well-established educational app development company building innovative and custom eLearning mobile applications to transform the learning journeys of students. We have a team of 75+ competent mobile app developers who have hands-on experience and in-depth expertise to create tuition apps and virtual classrooms that are simple to use for both students and educators. Whether it's integrating artificial intelligence, AR/VR, or gamification in education, we have got your back. With more than 12 years of existence in the IT industry, we have emerged as an experienced and highly-recognized software and mobile app development company, helping education institutions and private businesses digitize their educational services.

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    Our Broad Spectrum Of eLearning App Development Services

    Partner with the top education app development agency in the USA to get turnkey eLearning solutions and create engaging experiences for learners. Our full suite of services not just address the needs of the students but also educators and academic institutions seeking to take advantage of online tools. We help them take a dominant position in the competition-driven era with our cutting-edge solutions.

    UI/UX Design Support

    We provide exceptional mobile app design services backed by in-depth UX research and advanced design software. After evaluating the market trends and needs of the users, our UI/UX designers will create appealing designs for your mobile application which will align with your theme and style of your education business perfectly.

    Tuition Apps Development

    Build robust and scalable tutoring apps to improve the accessibility of students to education in real-time without any geographical boundaries. Our developers provide customized student-centric tuition app development services loaded with high-end features to elevate the academic experiences of the students. We have expertise in both iOS and Android app development for online tutoring services offered by individuals as well as private companies.

    Custom LMS Development

    For bespoke Learning Management System (LMS) platform design and development, we have the right kind of expertise and knowledge. Our LMS platform is highly integrated with advanced features and supports remote learning. We can seamlessly track all your training and learning activities and students have access to correct information and entire study material in the right place and at the right time.

    Virtual Classrooms App Development

    With technology advancing at an unprecedented speed, screen learning in virtual classrooms is an absolute yes! Leverage the expertise of our educational mobile app development company in the USA to create virtual classrooms and video conferencing apps for distance learning by students. We ensure your education applications do not miss out on integral features such as chat and messaging, screen sharing, recording, raising a hand for queries, and saving offline lectures.

    School Management System

    Our efficient school management system takes complete charge of the entire administration operations of your school. From managing teaching staff to monitoring student’s progress, and maintaining parent panels to managing online assessments, our state-of-the-art school management system can help you with everything with a few clicks. Our digital solutions help you create a next-gen academic place to attend for your students and teachers.

    On-demand eLearning Apps

    Revolutionize the learning experience of the students with dynamic on-demand eLearning apps with intuitive user interface and fast performance. Webgen Technologies USA offers both Android and iOS app development services to educational businesses of all scales. Our highly flexible on-demand eLearning apps offer you immense scope to host live sessions, build curriculum, create unlimited courses, upload documents (pdfs, text files, docs), videos, images, audio files, and more.

    Corporate Training Apps

    Besides assisting educational institutions of all grades, we build training and learning apps for corporate entities for the skill development of their employees. Our multi-purpose online training applications also aid government bodies in training their candidates before and during job tenures. Easy course management, user registration, tracking training courses, reviewing courses, video tutorials, peer interaction windows, and eBook downloads are some of the innovative features our mobile app development team can integrate into your corporate training app.

    Induction and Orientation App Development

    Hire our educational mobile app developers in Kansas, USA to streamline the employee onboarding process with a class-apart induction and orientation app. We build organization-specific applications that will help HR managers and recruiters onboard new joiners and explain to them company policies and guidelines effortlessly, making them comfortable and feel at home at their new workplace.

    Employee Engagement & Skill Boosting Apps

    Our educational mobile apps are in high demand among big-scale corporations, scaleups, and medium-sized companies to bring their employees together with interactive online sessions and engagement activities. We help them enhance their skills and knowledge at a low cost with our skill-boosting app development.

    E2C eLearning App Development

    You can always rely on the outstanding skills and expertise of our mobile app developers to build large-scale eLearning apps powered by leading-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Our E2C eLearning apps provide personalized learning experiences catering to a wide range of education requirements starting from language learning to online exam app development, and preschool or kindergarten apps.

    Education App Gamification

    Get your unique educational app integrated with gamification elements powered by Metaverse technology to make learning fun, engaging, and immersive. By incorporating mini-games, interactive contests, puzzles, and quizzes, you can keep your students engaged and enhance their knowledge and academic skills. With personalized recommendations and progress-tracking features, educators can seamlessly streamline their learning tasks.

    Education Apps For Differently-abled

    Our app development services not only focus on the general audience but also keep in mind the struggle for differently-abled audiences. We build dynamic and scalable mobile apps integrated with haptic and 3D technologies to make the learning journeys of specially-abled children smooth and enjoyable.

    Why Choose Our Education Mobile App Development Company

    Being a top provider of education app development services in the USA, we emphasize creating applications that impart value to learners with meaningful content. Our solutions allow users to pursue a learning journey full of thrill and excitement. Our user-friendly platforms are designed aesthetically, keeping in mind the interactive user interface and speed.

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    Customized Applications

    We focus on the distinctness of your education institution or business while developing our client-specific mobile apps. You can get solutions customized as per your unique requirements. We personalize every feature, functionality, and other aspect of your application so that it becomes easy for your audience to connect with the app. Whether it’s a learning app for kids or an advanced school management app, our app developers are always ready to help.

    Domain Expertise

    Webgen Technologies USA is a professional mobile app and website development company with 12+ years of expertise and experience in IT solutions for the education sector. We have handpicked the top 1% of the best educational app developers from the market who go the extra mile to deliver personalized eLearning solutions to businesses worldwide. They employ trending technologies and leading frameworks for various mobile app projects.

    Rapid Development Procedure

    We believe in spontaneity and our developers work on optimizing strategies to expedite the development process, delivering visible results in less time. While adhering to project deadlines, we ensure that our clients are always satisfied with the service and receive high levels of reliability. Our unique solutions powered by faster project delivery help our clients outperform their competitors.

    Flexible Hiring Models

    We never swear by rigidness, we promote elasticity in our pricing offerings that allow our clientele to pick a model based on their unique requirements and project budget. The varied engagement models of hiring our education app developers cater to the needs of businesses of every scale and type, from small startups to medium-sized organizations, and large-scale educational enterprises.

    Updated Technology Stack

    Client satisfaction is our top-most priority and in today’s age, customers’ choices are dynamic. They prefer to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technology advancements. While developing an educational app, our team keeps in mind their needs and choices. They make the most of the popular frameworks, the latest technologies, and advanced tools to appeal to the choice of your target audience.

    Top-notch Security

    Security will never be an issue when you hire us for educational app development. We have a reliable app testing and security team that tests and evaluates your app’s security and performance thoroughly before final deployment. We guarantee that your data is safe and secure with us. All the information of your users pertaining to your business is kept confidential, ensuring users’ complete peace of mind.

    New-age Technologies Powering Education Mobile App Development

    We excel in providing customized eLearning solutions to those who choose to enrich their academic experience online. Our dedicated mobile app developers for education applications integrate cutting-edge technology to incorporate supreme features and provide users with an unmatched experience. We help the education industry adopt technological innovation with our future-ready EdTech app solutions.

    AI & ML

    Our AI-powered educational app development will help your institute to raise the bar of education services with personalized learning solutions. Our developers take advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to integrate top-tier features in your applications such as multi-lingual support, chat support, virtual assistants, progress tracking dashboard, automated grading, lecture scheduling, and much more.

    Metaverse (AR/VR)

    We help our clients enrich the learning experience of their students by making immersive applications integrated with virtual and augmented reality. Our AR/VR-enabled solutions promote greater interactivity and engagement of your users on the app. With our modern-edge Metaverse development services combined with robust application development, we have become a global leader in eLearning and education app development services.

    Big Data Analytics

    We employ big data analytics and support database integration to gain meaningful insights from the app data. This valuable real-time information helps us predict customer trends, market patterns, evaluate students’ performance, optimize the learning process, prepare daily reports, and provide real-time feedback. By incorporating big data analytics, we make the eLearning experience more insightful and data-driven.


    We leverage cloud services to make your education application centrally connected to a cloud server which increases accessibility and minimizes the chances of data loss, in case of multiple devices use. Our cloud technology ensures all the app-critical data and information are stored safely in the cloud, and users can access the app anytime anywhere from any device having a steady internet connection.


    Integration of blockchain technology in our eLearning solutions allow us in creating secure and authenticated experiences, alleviating cybersecurity attacks and data threats. If you are looking to create a student-friendly education mobile app with heightened security, our blockchain professionals can help. Connect with us to get started with your blockchain-powered app development project.

    Our Process Of Educational App Development

    At our company, we utilize cutting-edge, industry-tested methods to craft the most exceptional and groundbreaking educational apps ever built. Our dedicated project team will guide you through each step of the app development journey. The development team holds a significant responsibility in creating an app with customized features and seamless functionality.

    Requirement Analysis

    UI/UX Design




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    Our proficient development team provides tailored, end-to-end solutions to tech-savvy clients, spanning from conceptualization to deployment. We have collaborated with reputed brands and are trusted by renowned names in the education industry worldwide.

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    Here are the answers to some questions raised by our clients before hiring educational app development companies for their businesses.

    Educational application is a hot trend that has garnered massive attention in the education sector. Online education app development will help schools, colleges, universities, private tutoring agencies, and teachers, seamlessly tap into the digital ecosystem and improve accessibility to education. Education apps promote distance or remote learning and help learners, the corporate workforce, and others, enhance their knowledge, upgrade their skill sets, and stay ahead in the cut-throat market.

    Being a versatile agency for mobile app development for education, Webgen Technologies USA boasts a diverse range of app development services for businesses worldwide. No matter what your project scale or complexity, or what kind of features you need to be integrated into your application, our experts have always got your back! From on-demand educational and eLearning apps, school management systems, tutorial apps, virtual classroom apps, course selling apps, kindergarten apps, eBook library apps, educational gaming apps, online exam apps, – you name anything and we will build it for you.

    Although developing educational apps is a complex and challenging process, our app developers streamline the entire development cycle by taking care of certain facets in advance. A successful app development is possible when the following criteria are considered before planning a roadmap for implementation.


    • Project goal determination
    • Purpose of the education or e-learning app
    • Keeping resources ready, aligning with the expectations
    • UI/UX design support reflecting your institution’s branding
    • Technologies and frameworks to be employed
    • Testing of your app security and performance


    Having detailed and step-by-step planning for app development ensures that there aren’t any loopholes, or even if they arise, are solved instantly with our technical expertise and years of industry experience. Partnering with a reputed and well-established education mobile app development company in the USA can help you easily achieve a robust and stellar EdTech app at a cost-effective rate.

    We ensure the development of perk-loaded educational and eLearning applications that will enrich the learning experiences of students and also help educators seamlessly teach or train their students. From adding basic features like robust UI/UX, 3rd party integration, database and sharing integration, interactive content, offline mode use, etc. to incorporating advanced features like multi-lingual support, testing knowledge, grading & reporting, – we have expertise in all of these. Besides, the other exceptional features that our app developers for education requirements can integrate into your apps are:

    • Different portals with separate access ( admins, faculties, parents)
    • Online examination management
    • Online fee collection and information update
    • Peer interaction portal
    • Secure interface with data integrity
    • Gamification
    • Efficient content management

    We have the best app developers who employ popular mobile app development frameworks, tools, and technologies to bring your vision to life. Whether you need an iOS or Android education app development for your project, our developer can achieve that easily with the following tech stack.

    • App development – Android Studio, Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Swift.
    • UI/UX – Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, XD, InVision, Sketch, Zeplin.
    • Backend & Database – Microsoft SQL, Postgre SQL, Mongo DB, Firebase Realtime Database, Firestore, AWS Amplify, Room DB.
    • 3rd Party Libraries – Chatbot, Network Calling, InApp Purchase, Face Detection, Online Payment, Image Processing, Databinding, Dependency, Custom Views, Socket, Firebase, Firebase Chat.
    • Payment Gateway – Stripe, PayPal, Google Play, Apple Play.
    • Project Management – Trello, Jira, Slack.

    We understand that overlooking details can lead to security breaches, which is why we prioritize securing every aspect of our system. Additionally, our system incorporates a token authentication system to ensure data transmission remains safeguarded against hacking attempts. You can rest assured about the safety of your course or user content stored within your education app, as we diligently encrypt and securely store all data.

    There are a number of different factors that come into the picture while estimating any education or eLearning app development cost. The most crucial ones are the choice of platform (Android or iOS), UI/UX design, project complexity, number of features to be integrated, tech stack used, number of app developers assigned, and ultimately, time duration to complete the development and deployment. Share with us your app project requirements so we can provide you with an exact quotation.

    It is difficult to figure out an exact timeframe to develop an educational app until we have your app requirements in detail. Various factors influence the total time of the development cycle of your education app such as project scale, design complexity, no. of developers, the platform for development, number of features to be integrated, functionalities, security measures, implementation, testing, and more.

    We measure the success of your educational mobile app on the basis of  –

    • Number of app downloads
    • Retention rate
    • Churn rate
    • Monthly Active Users
    • Daily Active Users
    • Cost per acquisition
    • Return on Investment

    Yes, it is the responsibility of our mobile app development team to submit your app to the app stores (Apple Store or Google Play) and get it published. Our assigned project manager along with mobile app developers for education apps takes the entire responsibility to upload the app and carry out all the various processes necessary to make your application live and downloadable on the app stores. Moreover, we have a highly professional digital marketing team whose services you can hire to rank your app at the top of the search results. With efficient App Store Optimization strategies, we can help your app get noticed by maximum users and fuel your revenue growth.

    Yes, sure! For maintenance and in-app modification, once your app is launched, you can seek service from our dedicated support team 24/7. Our team will ensure that your app runs smoothly without any flaws, is upgraded to its latest version, and has security updates installed.

    Of course! Upon hiring our services for eLearning app development, we will prepare and sign a robust non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and other necessary legal documentation to safeguard your information.

    Webgen Technologies USA is a market-leading educational mobile app development agency based in Olathe, Kansas, serving education businesses for more than 12 years. If you are on the hunt for a class-apart tuition app, virtual classroom app, LMS platform, or an on-demand eLearning app, we have the best resources ready at your service. After working for a range of industries and enterprises, small, medium, and large-scale, we have gathered tremendous experience and vast expertise in app development, particularly for the education sector.


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