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We are a well-renowned Hybrid apps development company in Olathe, Kansas that develops high-functional cross-platform applications to help you market faster. Our wide scope of hybrid app solutions empowers businesses to engage with users on multiple channels at a time and boost ROI. Exceptional UI/UX, seamless functionality, and high security of our applications make us a popular choice for companies looking for hybrid or cross-platform app development. Our apps are designed and developed to meet the tailored requirements of our clients. We will walk you through the entire process of development right from concept ideation to app launch.

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    Our Hybrid App Development Services Offerings

    Our extensive experience in hybrid mobile application development comprises a broader scope of best-in-class features and functionalities to help you market on all cross-channels. We have a team of highly skilled Hybrid app developers who have firsthand experience in top cross-platform app development frameworks.

    Hybrid App Technology Consulting

    Our process of app development starts with a comprehensive consultation session where our team of experts will do an in-depth discussion of your app's purpose and the features to be added. We will also select the app development framework and technologies to be used for your hybrid app.

    Hybrid App UI/UX Design

    As an experienced mobile app design company in Olathe, Kansas, we offer exceptional UI/UX design services to clients to ensure that the users have a flawless user experience. Our experienced designers keep in mind the unique requirements of the clients and prevailing market trends to create appealing and user-centric designs for your hybrid apps.

    Hybrid App Development

    We leverage eminent hybrid mobile app development frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, PhoneGap, Kotlin, and Ionic to develop apps with robust performance. Our wealth of experience and deep understanding of emerging technologies help us build apps with an exemplary quick development process.

    API Integration

    We also offer app integration services where we integrate third-party plugins into existing applications seamlessly. At Webgen Technologies USA, our adept app developers ensure the effortless integration of our hybrid apps with other applications and 3rd party APIs such as GPS, camera, etc.

    Hybrid App Migration

    Our team is also highly skilled in adding new features to existing applications or migrating a native and underperforming mobile app to a hybrid framework. We ensure that the migration is done efficiently in less time without preventing any data loss. Our app migration solutions are cost-effective and are meant to improve the resilience and scalability of the apps.

    Hybrid App Re-engineering

    Our app re-engineering process involves selecting a modern architecture for your app and addressing your present app development requirements. We integrate unique functionalities and features into the app to meet the customer’s expectations.

    Quality Assurance & Testing

    We, as a top hybrid app development company in Kansas, will test your applications to check performance, scalability, security, user experience, and user interface. Our quality assurance and testing services make sure that the applications built by us provide high performance and give your users the best-ever experience.

    Hybrid App Support & Maintenance

    Our services include consistent support and maintenance for your hybrid applications post-deployment. Our technically proficient support team ensures optimal performance of your application in peak traffic times and is also available 24*7 to resolve issues that your app may experience.

    Custom Hybrid App Development

    We build hybrid applications tailored to the unique needs of your business keeping in mind customers’ choices and changing trends. From initial conceptualization to design and testing to final deployment, we will walk you through every single step.

    What Choose Us For Hybrid Mobile Application Development?

    We have a proven track record of creating peerless cross-platform applications for businesses across the globe. Our client-centric and industry-specific mobile apps are packed with advanced features that will help you skyrocket your sales.

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    Free Consultation

    If you have a hybrid app idea in mind you can schedule a free consultation with our app consultants to understand the scope of your project and the time required to develop the app. By discussing your app requirements with our team, you can better understand the feasibility of your app and create hybrid mobility solutions to achieve quick time-to-market.

    Agile Development Approach

    We have certified scrum masters and skilled developers with an agile mindset who work closely with our clients to maximize their ROI and business value. Our approach to app development is easy to understand and we provide continuous updates and share feedback regarding app enhancements to improve the app functionality.

    Attractive UI/UX

    The design stage is one of the most vital steps in the hybrid application development process. Our designers carefully plan a client-centric design strategy before starting with the actual work to ensure that the app design is visually attractive, responsive, and has all the necessary design elements that your user expects from the app.

    Quality Solutions

    Our Quality Assurance and app testing team conducts security audits and quality analysis to check the app's performance. Before final deployment, they test the app for bugs or technical errors so that users have a glitch-free and seamless experience on the app. We have access to a diverse set of tools and libraries to perform automated as well as manual testing.

    A wealth of Experience

    By hiring our hybrid app development services in the USA, you get associated with a team of dedicated developers who are committed to creating a custom-made hybrid app. They have more than 12 years of experience in the hybrid app domain and work diligently to create power-packed applications to generate business value.

    Upgraded Technology Stack

    Our talented team follows the best industry practices and has a high proficiency in the latest programming languages, app frameworks, and technologies. Their extensive knowledge and firsthand experience in the latest tech stack help us create advanced, cost-effective, and user-friendly applications for our diverse clientele.

    24/7 Technical Support

    We will never leave you in the middle to handle everything on your own. Our support team is available round the clock to provide constant assistance even after your app is launched. Our continuous support and maintenance services ensure all the errors are resolved at the very moment.

    Industries That Leverage Our Hybrid App Development Solutions

    If you want to advance your business with a reliable and innovative hybrid application, then we are the right tech partner for you. Organizations belonging to varied industries demand app development in a hybrid framework to close the gap between hybrid and native apps and offer users a great user experience.


    Retail companies willing to move their business from offline to online mode demand the development of hybrid mobile applications that will work seamlessly on various platforms. Our adept hybrid professionals help eCommerce businesses with great on-demand features, high functionality, and enhanced UI/UX.

    Media & Entertainment

    If you want to build an OTT app like Netflix, then we’ve got you covered. Our hybrid app development service in United States has ample experience in creating hybrid applications that can be run on various platforms irrespective of the operating system. Our developers write a single code that can be used for both Android and iOS systems.

    Social Networking

    Most social networking applications are hybrid apps and Instagram is the greatest example. Apps built to connect to people, share photos/videos, etc. assure the best performance with high user engagement when created by combining both web and mobile app development. One can reuse the code and can deploy the app on multiple platforms.


    Fintech companies hire app developers for creating scalable and feature-rich apps to streamline your finance operations and improve customer service. We employ an innovative approach to hybrid app development so that our apps are user-friendly and interactive. Our cost-effective hybrid solutions can help your Fintech business scale and drive growth.


    The healthcare sector needs top-performing and efficient hybrid mobile applications to improve access to healthcare facilities, minimize mismanagement in hospitals, and other medical institutions, enhanced data storage, and automate processes in the sector. Also, we can build scalable mobile applications that will help pharmacies, pathology labs, diagnosis centers, etc. simply their work.


    Travel mobile applications help travel agents manage bookings, enhance customer services, etc. Moreover, travelers have complete ease in booking flight or train tickets, checking hotel rates, planning itineraries, etc. For in-app cab booking and geo-locations, businesses prefer cross-platform apps with features like Uber. If you need an Uber-like Hybrid app, connect with our team now.

    Our Hybrid Application Development Process

    Our hybrid application development process starts with requirement gathering and ends with deploying you on your desired platform and completing the setup. Our project managers help in the selection of best practices, tools, and technologies, to reduce your app development cost.

    Understanding App Requirements

    Planning and Evaluation

    Design & Development



    Need a custom-made Hybrid application for your brand?

    Hire our expert hybrid app developers in Olathe, Kansas in the USA to create result-driven customized applications. Our end-to-end app development services exceed your users’ expectations and help you upscale your business.

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    Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring hybrid app development service providers in United States.

    Cross-platform apps are apps that are created from a single codebase, which implies that they can be deployed on different operating systems. The primary motive for creating cross-platform applications is to make them available for all users using different kinds of devices such as Android, or iOS. These apps are built using a platform-specific Software Development Kit (SDK) from a single API.


    Big giant companies are the creators of three top cross-platform frameworks – React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin. Meta created React Native and uses Java as the programming language. Flutter was created by Google with Dart being the programming language. Microsoft created Xamarin and two programming languages are used for this framework i.e. C# and XAML.


    Native apps are those applications that are built for a specific operating system – Android or iOS. It is completely different from cross-platform applications and so, the decision of developing an app for native or cross-platform is extremely crucial. You need to consider various scenarios before choosing your app type out of which target audience, your app budget, development time, and security are the primary considerations.

    Time to market – If you want to release your app fast and reach your users, then a cross-platform app would be the best fit for you because it requires less time to build and launch. Usually, the process of native app development is time taking and maintenance is also complicated compared to cross-platform. Thus, businesses with a specific requirement of faster time to market should go for cross-platform application development. You can employ our hybrid mobile application development in Kansas for faster development and release of your cross-platform application.


    Security – If you need an app with high-grade security, then cross-platform is not the right one for you. For hybrid applications, security risks can sometimes be very high which is why you need to take the native route. Native applications offer great built-security features combined with fraud detention and file encryption facility provided by the OS library. If you need better stability, superior security, and high scalability, then the native platform has an upper hand here.


    Performance –  Creating cross-platform mobile applications with accelerated performance needs the expertise of native app developers. If you need apps with high computing requirements like crypto exchange apps, or gaming apps then you should go for either Android or iOS app development.


    Cost of Development – For low-budget app development, cross-platform is the ideal solution because they can reuse the code and projects. But if you are a big established business organization wanting to create a high-budget mobile app to attract more customers and expand your market base, then you should consider iOS or Android app development.


    Thus, to develop a successful and scalable mobile app for your users, you first need to determine the operating system. By pointing out the differences between the two platforms, we can help you with the decision-making process. Most importantly, you need to weigh out the pros and cons of both app development platforms before finalizing one.

    Over all these years, mobile app development has become the most dominant and demanding service in the software industry. However, the process of app development is complex. It starts with the decision of selecting the right operating system. Although Android and iOS are the two major players, cross-platform app development offers a different level of advantages that many businesses have not discovered yet.


    Choosing an operating system is completely an individual’s choice, particularly because it is the decision of the mobile app owner. However, it makes sense to create an app that runs on both Android and iOS devices because in that case, you can target a larger audience. People using Android phones as well as Apple phones can download and install your application.


    The major advantages that cross-platform apps provide –


    Single source code – The best benefit of cross-platform app development is that it has a single source code that can be reused by developers.


    Easy maintenance – Hybrid applications are easier to maintain because developers have to deal with a single code and so fixing bugs or deploying additional features is easier.


    Same application on multiple devices – Nowadays, most individuals possess multiple smartphones. Whether they have an iPhone or an Android phone,  they can access the same application from all devices.


    Quick time to market – Hybrid or cross-platform apps are faster to develop and deploy because they do not need to be built for different operating systems. Developers building a hybrid app can easily publish the app in both Google Play, Apple store, or Windows system.


    Easy to implement – Making changes in hybrid applications is like a cakewalk for hybrid app developers in Olathe, Kansas because they can write code in HTML and convert them on various platforms at their convenience.


    To be specific, cross-platform or hybrid app development makes your app fit for all types of operating systems without raising your budget.

    Cross-platform apps allow businesses to develop and deploy them quickly on their desired platform without requiring them to decode them separately for native OS such as Android or iOS.


    Our team of cross-platform developers follows the best practices, platforms, frameworks, SDKs, and toolkits in the process of building powerful applications. Here we have provided a list of recommended tools that our cross-platform app development team in the USA relies on.


    React Native – As we mentioned earlier, React Native is Facebook-created and is considered the best framework for cross-platform apps. This open-source framework is lightweight, robust, and fast which makes the job of app engineers easy. Its exclusive features include in-built components, 3rd-party plugins, and reusable code.


    Xamarin – This platform is .NET and C# based which is used for both Android and iOS app development. The long list of Xamarin’s extraordinary features includes native API access, and its own IDE (Visual Studio). Xamarin has its SDK and is compatible with all types of platforms.


    Flutter – It is an open-source app framework that is created by Google and is used by developers to create high-functional, feature-packed, and secure apps.  Flutter-based apps support creative UI/UX design, stock platform apps, and native app features like camera, storage, location, etc.


    Ionic – It is an open-source framework whose primary components are Angular JS and Apache Cordova.  App developers use Ionic to build apps with exceptional user interfaces and user-specific functionality.


    Node.JS – This framework is known for converting JS from a high-level language to a simple and easy-to-understand language. Node.JS is preferred by developers for server-side apps that need to be highly scalable.


    Adobe PhoneGap – This Adobe-powered Cordova framework is famous for building Hybrid solutions and comes with native plugins.


    Sencha Touch – This cross-platform app development framework is mostly used for enterprise-grade apps and is based on the latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and ES6.


    Native Script – It is open source JavaScript-based cross-platform framework that has all the native APIs and offers a beautiful user interface.

    Although the cross-platform app offers innumerable benefits, there are still some challenges that developers need to overcome. The top challenges can be beaten with proper planning and preparation.


    Coding issues – Most of the time, JavaScript is used for cross-platform app development which gives way to issues when the codes are reused.  Fixing those code issues is not only complicated but time-consuming.


    Length Integration – The process of integration in a hybrid app in local settings is a long process that stretches the development time.


    UX concerns – Access to device-specific features in cross-platform apps involves overheads and this slows down the app loading time, thus impacting user experience.


    Limitation in features and updates- Since cross-platform apps are run on iOS, Android, and Windows systems, a major problem faced by users is the uniform functionality of every feature on all platforms. Also, frequent updates are not possible just like in Native platforms.


    Security – Apps are open to cyber-attacks and hence, top-class security needs to be implemented. However, most cross-platform apps are faced with the problem of security issues.


    If you are struggling with any one of these issues, you can seek the service of our trusted cross-platform and hybrid apps development company in Kansas. Our seasoned experts are always available to find the best-fit solutions for your application.

    Before selecting any framework, some important considerations need to be kept in mind. These factors influence the decision-making process of a company to a great extent. Below is a list of determinants for selecting a cross-platform framework.


    Platform features – Cross-platform apps are developed to work uniformly on Android and iOS without requiring recoding. So, you should keep an eye on the features because complex features might not function properly on all operating systems.


    Development Speed – Cross-platform apps have faster development time and so, if you need your app to be released to the market on an immediate basis, then you should go for cross-platform instead of native.


    App Budget – For low-budget companies, it is advisable to select cross-platform because it is comparatively cheaper but yields a high ROI.


    Security concerns – Last but not least, security is another important factor you should consider before selecting a framework. Cross-platform apps have fewer in-built security features compared to native apps.


    With proper guidance and expert advice from app professionals, you can make the right decision regarding your app framework. For recommendations from the top experts of our hybrid app development software company in the USA, you can schedule a consultation now.

    Hybrid apps are web applications based on a native app shell. It has the combined features of native and web applications. The popular programming languages used for creating hybrid apps are Java Script and HTML5. This essentially means that the core or foundation of the application is written in web languages which are then blended with native applications. You can get access to all the benefits of mobile apps through the use of plugins.


    Hybrid is different from the native app in the sense that the Native app is built for specific operating systems i.e either iOS or Android. Whereas, hybrid apps work on both iOS and Android. This is the primary difference between Hybrid and Native apps. The other areas where Hybrid differs from native are –

    Development time – Since hybrid apps have a single code base, it is both easier to develop and maintain. Native apps have a lengthy and complex development process. So, it needs more time and also recoding is necessary when deployed on other operating systems like.


    App cost – Hybrid apps are less expensive because a single code needs to be written. Native app development involves high costs because developers need to focus on platform-specific features.


    User Experience – Native apps give a better user experience compared to hybrid apps because it is particularly designed for a single operating system. Hybrid apps have the same coding for all platforms, so the same level of user experience is difficult to achieve.


    We, as one of the top hybrid app development companies in Olathe, Kansas, provide app development services for both native (Android and iOS) and hybrid app development.

    Here is a brief list of benefits of using hybrid apps over native platforms for your business.

    Low cost –  Hybrid app development provides stunning features of both HTML5 and native languages. The biggest advantage is the low cost of development since it is built with a single code that can be reused in other platforms.


    Great UI/UX – The UI/UX designs of hybrid apps can be done more creatively, keeping in mind the aesthetic appeal of the brand for which the app is built.


    Fast Speed – Hybrid apps load much faster than native apps and hence can provide a seamless user experience.


    Multi-platform Support – Hybrid app, have a single code base which makes it easy to launch for other platforms with the least difficulty.


    Easy to maintain – Hybrid apps offer the incredible convenience of maintenance because they are mostly built with HTML codes which are easy to maintain.


    After going through the advantages of a hybrid app platform, if you are thinking of creating an advanced and powerful application, then our experienced and top hybrid app development company in Olathe, Kansas can find the best way out for you.

    The three frameworks mentioned in the question are well-known frameworks used for Hybrid application creation. Let’s check how these frameworks function.


    Apache Cordova – It renders your web application with a Native application component called WebView. This allows a seamless display of web content in a native app.


    PhoneGap – PhoneGap is a framework that is used for hybrid app development by popular web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


    Appcelerator – It is an open-source framework used to build a hybrid app that works flawlessly on several operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

    Although a hybrid app takes less time to develop and is inexpensive compared to native apps, there are certain limitations that every developer has to deal with.


    Inadequate interface – It is almost impossible to match the ingenuity of native app frameworks in hybrid, leading to a less-immersive user interface. Since hybrid is a blend of web and native technologies, the Web View hinders the 3D view possibility.


    Optimum utilization of platforms’ capacity – Native platform offers numerous special features which cannot be used for the hybrid process.


    Slow performance – If you expect sleek and high performance, then hybrid is not the right choice. Hybrid apps have lots of UI issues.


    Extremely dependent on browser speed – This is another limitation in the process of hybrid app development because it is reliant on browser speed.

    In the discussion over device and platform compatibility of cross-platform vs hybrid mobile app development, it can be said that both types of apps work well on Android, and iOS systems and also on all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc.

    In simple terms, cross-platform app development is the creation of applications that are compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms. Specifically, in cross-platform development, the complex part is developing a backend that works uniformly across all types of platforms, such as Android and iOS.

    Hybrid app development is the combination of native app and web development solutions, where the core of the app is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are primarily web languages. However, these web applications provide the full functionality and features of a native mobile device with the use of plugins. Hybrid apps run within a native application with the help of a web browser that is embedded and invisible to the user.

    The languages that are most commonly used for hybrid apps are HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of hybrid apps because developers can use codes that mainly web designers use and so codes can be reused for deploying the same app on other platforms.

    The prime example of a Hybrid app is Gmail which is the top email service app. Other popular examples are iconic social networking apps Twitter and Instagram. Other top downloaded hybrid applications are Uber, Amazon, and Netflix.

    No hybrid app is not expensive. However, depending on the customization and complexity of the app, prices may vary. We, as one of the hybrid application development companies in Olathe, Kansas, can ensure that our prices are reasonable and also includes app development support and maintenance.

    Yes, the hybrid app is the growing trend in the app industry currently because it is easier to build and at the same time, the same code can be used to run the same app on multiple operating systems. Besides a shorter development cycle, hybrid app development offers great benefits such as reduced cost of programming, easy deployment, and few compliance issues.


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