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Webgen Technologies USA is a custom business intelligence service provider that delivers the right information at the right time with the help of advanced data analytics and business intelligence (BI) solutions. You can gain valuable insights from the large volumes of data that your business generates. We streamline the data analytics process and data management for clients across the world. By uncovering insights, we help you drive your business forward through informed and smart decision-making with real-time data. Choose us as your BI development partner and leave the responsibility of delivering robust data analytics solutions to us. We would streamline your business information management and help you win an edge over others.

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    Our Full Range Of Business Intelligence Services & Solutions

    We offer a comprehensive suite of BI solutions & consulting services to automate the process of extracting useful insights from the input records of the business. We apply cutting-edge analytics techniques and integrate data-oriented solutions from multiple sources to optimize business operations.

    BI Consulting Services

    With our tightly integrated process, we make sure that our BI advisory services refine your business solutions and guide you through the optimization process. After reviewing your existing data management systems and practices, we elaborate BI strategy roadmap for improvement, as well as, BI implementation. Whether it is cloud BI consulting, technology assessment, architecture selection, or data governance setup, our BI consultants will always have your back.

    BI Implementation

    We conduct BI needs analysis and then deliver a full-scope business intelligence solution customized to your business requirements. Conceptualization of the BI solution is an integral step to consider before designing the architecture. Our business intelligence experts have a decade-long experience in building BI solution components which include a data lake, data preparation, data warehousing, reports, dashboards, etc.

    Custom BI Software

    Webgen Technologies USA provides the design and development of fully configurable BI platforms for desktop, mobile, and web applications powered by Microsoft Azure and AWS. We deploy and manage the infrastructure that helps you optimize your business process by uncovering meaningful insights and predicting market trends better. We utilize Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology which facilitates analyses of big data from multiple dimensions and sources.

    Data Warehousing

    We, being an end-to-end solutions provider for business intelligence, offer exceptional data warehousing solutions where we engineer centralized repositories and interconnect multiple nodes. This helps streamline the process of data mining, cleansing, filtering, analyzing, and reporting. The data warehousing solutions of our Business Intelligence agency include Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) design, data modeling, data mapping, and mastering data management.

    Cloud Business Intelligence

    We develop and deploy custom and cloud-based BI applications with the help of container architecture. Especially for a high-performance cloud BI that is lightweight, this type of architecture is beneficial. Using the cloud business intelligence infrastructure ensures that you can easily scale it up and update it as per industry and governance standards and security protocols.

    Data Integration

    Our data analytics professionals have rich expertise in integrating various databases into applications to convert complex data, ideas, and information into actionable insights. They leverage cutting-edge data analytics and data integration tools into data silos to ensure clarity in the information collected from the data. We also offer custom data-oriented AI model integration and optimization.

    BI Dashboard Development

    As a leading business intelligence service provider, we develop customizable and robust business intelligence dashboards with powerful data analytics tools. Our dashboards have remarkable capabilities to run on any platform or device and provide real-time and beneficial insights. With our BI dashboard development solution, you can automate the production of data-driven reports that include charts, maps, tables, etc. for further analysis and visualization. This helps our data analysts plan your BI strategy more effectively and precisely.

    Data Science & ML

    Besides business intelligence services, our services extend to Artificial Intelligence development which comprises engineering Machine learning models for data configuration and the creation of predictive models that are shareable and custom-scripted. Our AI and ML developers engineer data science to train ML models automatically based on data. Our BI technology experts are capable of enhancing the organization's existing BI solution and also support myriad BI databases and platforms.

    BI Reporting Solutions

    The collection of data has no value unless they are properly analyzed, visualized, and reported. The useful insights that are derived from massive volumes of big data will help you to make an informed decision and take that leap forward. Our Business intelligence service specialists, with the help of a robust BI dashboard, prepare data-rich and easy-to-understand BI reports with great attention to detail. Through automation of report generation in the dashboard, you can get reports at the frequency you need.

    Why Hire Us For Advanced Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions?

    Our team follows the best practices of data analytics, reporting, and visualization frameworks and tools for custom business intelligence solutions to accelerate the performance of an organization.

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    Better Data Quality

    For a business, data collection and updating data are extremely important as it helps in their decision-making process. Our BI service providers help companies collect and organize data better and efficiently. We focus on offering comprehensive and in-depth insights into operational and financial data which aid in automating data reporting, thus saving time and money. We help improve decision-making by building effective data warehouses which helps data aggregation and data processing.

    Valuable Business Insights

    We help companies uncover powerful and impactful information from large volumes of their hidden business data. By discovering insights from data you never knew existed, we help you gain accurate forecasting and therefore, develop fool-proof business strategies. It further helps our clients locate their strengths and weak points by assessing company revenue, employee productivity, overall growth, and the success of every department. Our BI solutions are effective in identifying the company’s areas of challenge while detecting the sources of the problems.

    Strong Technology Expertise

    Our approach to custom business intelligence software development is powered by the cross-domain expertise of our BI developers. They have long-standing expertise in leveraging cutting-edge and industry-leading tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, Amazon QuickSight, and Hadoop, etc. With the help of these tools, our professionals are able to provide accurate and fast business information with predictive views that lead to smarter decisions.

    Competitive Analysis

    We manage and manipulate large volumes of business datasets at a single go which gives your organization a competitive edge. We don’t go with standard analysis but extract much more information by performing competitive analysis. This helps us track the sales and marketing practices of your competitors and analyze their performance. Based on our findings, we plan and devise a different and one-of-a-kind marketing strategy that outperforms your contenders and distinguishes you as the absolute best.

    Faster & Accurate Reporting

    We use BI software that prepares interactive data-driven and customized reports in no time. Monitoring Key performance indicators (KPIs) by leveraging varied data sources and templates like sales data, finance, operations, etc. helps us generate accurate and data-rich reports in real-time that include tables, graphs, charts, etc. Our process of reporting results in easy-to-understand visualizations of business reports which simplifies the decision-making process.

    Identifying Market Trends

    As one of the top business intelligence companies, our BI solutions help companies understand the upcoming market trends and make more intelligent business decisions based on these predictions. In fact, BI solutions allow businesses to explore better and new opportunities and construct new strategies with the help of supportive data. The data-driven decisions impact business profitability in the long term by leveraging external and internal data and detecting new sales trends.

    Quick Turn-around Time

    Time is money and this is applicable to every business. Therefore, we never keep our clients waiting for results or give them extended timelines. We ensure the earliest possible delivery of Business intelligence reports. With our powerful data visualization reports and analytics tools, we help businesses spot trends before their competitors, identify risks, eliminate those risks, and grab the best opportunities.

    Enhances Customer Experience

    As a custom BI solutions provider, our services ensure that businesses are able to view data from various perspectives which in turn helps them improve their products and services. With detailed and in-depth reporting on sales, operations, and customer services, our BI software allows companies to better predict, analyze, and understand the behaviors and patterns of their customers. Most importantly, it lets them utilize customer feedback in real time by using their information for the overall improvement of product and service offerings.

    Diverse Domains We Serve With Our Business Intelligence Services & Solutions

    Our BI services include custom Business Intelligence data visualization for various business operations starting from finance to marketing and supply chain to brand intelligence, and more. We make our BI reports interactive and easy to understand with the help of custom displays like charts, diagrams, maps, tables, and more.

    Finance Intelligence

    Our BI solutions are extremely beneficial for a business as it helps them track their company expenses, revenue, and profit earnings based on which financial performance analysis is conducted. Our team of data analysts thoroughly studies and assesses the company’s financial progress and helps them plan their expenditures properly for the next financial year. Besides helping with budgeting, we also forecast financial risks associated with your business and suggest ways to evade them.

    Sales & Marketing Analytics

    With the help of Business Intelligence technology, we draw action-oriented and eye-opening information from massive volumes of sales data using which we conclude accurate and real-time sales predictions to maximize the ROI. Furthermore, we combine marketing and sales data to understand the pattern of market trends and forecast any upcoming trends that might impact the overall sales of your business. This way we help companies prepare better by anticipating the market conditions for the future.

    Customer Intelligence

    Another unmissable part of Business Intelligence services is customer Intelligence reporting. This involves the creation of a complete 360-degree view of your customers to predict their purchasing behaviors. This process is known as behavioral analytics and is used to gain intriguing insights into the behaviors of the consumers of eCommerce websites, mobile apps, online games, etc. With the data collected and its findings, businesses can get a picture of how customers interact with the products online or how their digital experience is.

    Brand & Product Intelligence

    This segment deals with the performance analysis of the existing products or services, new products or services, how the customers are responding to them, and so on. As the best Business intelligence development company in Olathe, USA, we help companies with their brand awareness and competitor analysis. Competitor benchmarking also falls under this service where we implement best techniques, practices, and goals, to maintain an edge over competitors.

    Supply Chain Intelligence

    Data intelligence services aid in improving supply chain visibility and managing risks associated with it. For demand forecasting and planning, logistics agencies often use BI solutions to draw conclusive information from unrivaled data of the supply chain management system. The cost modeling and supply chain management process are also streamlined with supply chain intelligence.

    Human Resource Intelligence

    The employees constitute the pillars of an organization. To track their performance, improve their efficiency, and promote better screening, you need to make the most of the HR data analysis. HR intelligence reports prepared by business intelligence systems result in better workforce planning, employee management, employee recruitment, and churn prediction.

    Business Intelligence Development Process

    Our journey to advanced BI & analytics solutions and services starts with the collection of business data and analyzing them to convert into engaging and informative visuals in the form of symbol maps, heat maps, funnel charts, pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, pivot tables, and more. Our BI solutions align with our core business goals and bring value at every step.

    Understanding Requirements

    Collecting Data

    Business Data Analysis

    Data Visualization

    Data Reporting

    Want to drive your organization with business intelligence?

    Webgen Technologies USA takes pride in providing meaningful and relevant insights from raw data that help businesses make better decisions and augment revenue generation. We identify your data needs and offer a very well-documented and process-oriented intelligence service to our clients.

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    Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring top business intelligence companies in Kansas, USA.

    Business intelligence (BI) is a process of collecting large amounts of data generated by businesses and then analyzing them to extract significant findings, useful information, and other details. Business intelligence services can help a business gain an upper hand over others by making business-critical decisions carefully and in an informed manner.

    Business intelligence development companies employ experienced and qualified data analysts and BI analysts who are in charge of data processing and descriptive analysis using large volumes of structured and unstructured business data. They help organizations make informed and data-driven decisions which would enhance their performance and boost ROI.

    Both the terms differ slightly on the basis of the occurrence of the events. Business intelligence prioritizes describing the “what” and “how” of a business’s challenges, how to overcome them, and ways to improve business performance. These are done through effective data visualization and data summarization of past and present data.

    Business Analytics, on the other hand, focuses on making predictions regarding market trends and determining the various possibilities of future outcomes with the help of Machine learning, data modeling, and data mining.

    Below are the notable tools and platforms our Business Intelligence experts in the USA use for providing unparalleled data-driven BI solutions.

    Microsoft Power BI – This tool helps enterprises build real-time dashboards that yield instant and relevant insights for effective data visualization and reporting across all platforms.

    Tableau – This is one of the best data analytics platforms where you can create graphs, charts, and plots, seamlessly for better visualization and reporting.

    Google Data Studio – This Google cloud-based data visualization tool helps data analysts build customizable dashboards and prepare easy-to-understand data-driven reports.

    Amazon QuickSight – It is a serverless and cloud-powered business analytics service based on ML technology. This tool is used by enterprises to build data visualization and get quick business insights anytime and on any device.

    QlikView – This is the best-known guided analytics solution that instantly converts raw business data into meaningful information and knowledge.

    Hadoop – This open-source software is used to solve business-critical problems through the processing and computation of big data.

    As the leading Business Intelligence service provider in Olathe, Kansas our emphasis is placed on the safety and management of our BI software solutions. This is achieved through the integration of Secure Key Authorization technology and the provision of adaptable data deployment choices. Our security provisions cover cloud, on-site, or a combination that guarantees heightened security and expandability.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology using which AI experts train computer systems and applications to simulate human intelligence, AI solutions help businesses in various aspects such as better decision-making, improving business operations, responding to customers, etc. Although AI is still in its initial phase of technological development, its diverse potentials are already getting recognized in the field of business intelligence for better decision-making, speech recognition for better customer experiences, and generative AI for automatic content generation.

    Yes, certainly. The integration of BI software with current business systems is smooth and effortless when you hire our Business Intelligence agency. Seamless integration choices are accessible for well-known frameworks such as  Oracle BI, SAP Business Objects, Looker, ZOHO Analytics, Logi Analytics, and DOMO. These frameworks enable the utilization of existing infrastructure or business systems for holistic data comprehension with the integration of BI software.

    Webgen Technologies USA is one of the fastest-growing and top business intelligence companies in the USA. We assist organizations and enterprises in improving their data strategy and streamlining their internal processes. Besides evaluating their existing BI analytics system, we help them plan and build a roadmap for implementation that leads to positive business outcomes in less time. We offer a very systematic approach to data collection, integration, and transformation into an appropriate format. Our clean and precise process of data visualization and reporting helps businesses gain important insights and make informed decisions.


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