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Webgen Technologies USA possesses the caliber to allow businesses to effectively deal with object tracking and recognition solutions in real-time with 100% accuracy. By utilizing our professional expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we build premier and top-class object recognition apps and software signifying your image and digital recognition needs. We help your business augment in-depth understanding and knowledge of digital media. Our custom-built image recognition and computer vision software helps businesses stay innovative and propel digital transformation.

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    Our Range Of Remarkable Object Recognition Services in USA

    Our AI professionals have rich expertise in crafting future-proof Object recognition solutions in Kansas with the transformative potential of visual AI. From image detection to biometric authentication, inventory scanning to radiology, our services generate results with great accuracy.

    Object Tracking

    Our cross-domain knowledge combined with our years of experience in computer vision has made us one of the leading players for object and image recognition solutions. With real-time multiple object tracking, we foster safe environments in businesses, workplaces, public places, and others. We further assist in the creation of comprehensive object profiles to help businesses solve their pain points and seamlessly streamline operations. We teach AI models and train algorithms to automatically recognize an image or multiple images with the help of neural networks.

    Visual Data Recognition

    One of the high-demanded applications of image recognition is product discoverability with visual search by decoding the true potential of image data. From startups to large-scale MNCs, everyone is focused on utilizing the image annotation services provided by top object recognition companies to quickly adapt to evolving market environments. The process our Artificial Intelligence developers embrace is image segmentation models where they break a visual image into multiple parts to train a machine to understand and analyze them with convenience.

    Face Detection Software

    We help businesses and individuals expand their limits of security capabilities with cutting-edge face detection and recognition software. Basically, it is an AI-enabled software that processes scanned or live-captured faces to match them with collected faceprints and authenticate an identity. This type of software is primarily used to enhance security and facilitate safe access to individuals. Our technical know-how of deep learning algorithms enables us to store data on facial features and form faceprints based on the collected data.

    OCR & Data Capturing

    With the exponential growth of big data, data discovery and gaining useful insights from massive volumes of datasets have become mandatory for organizations to stay ahead of the curve. In fact, it has become a very part of every business workflow. As a leading provider of object recognition solution in Kansas, USA, we have access to the right tools, resources, and knowledge to collect, extract, and convert data automatically into text from images or unstructured documents to speed up work processes.

    Product Matching

    Also referred to as image similarity, this AI-enabled solution enables customers to search and locate products on the internet with the help of similar image search or product matching. Locating related products based on size, color, shape, and other characteristics after studying enormous volumes of data, both structured and unstructured, has become possible online. Moreover, it reduces cost, saves time, and boosts ROI for eCommerce retailers by helping shoppers with better search results using images.

    Object Segmentation Using 3D Modeling

    3D point cloud technology is used for generating accurate models of real-time objects or events. Our object recognition professionals leverage their 3D modeling expertise to help in object segmentation for a large variety of use cases like medical imaging, virtual and augmented reality, mobile robots, and realistic 3D models with ease.

    Why Trust Our AI Object Detection Solutions In USA

    Get custom-built object recognition and computer vision software to power up your business with high-value functional benefits with zero to less effort. Here are some of the prominent reasons why you should consider hiring our object recognition services in Olathe, Kansas.

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    Experienced Technical Team

    We have a team of highly proficient and seasoned AI developers with diverse experience and knowledge of computer vision. We provide our clients with remarkable and top-notch image recognition, image matching, visual data recognition, face detection, and other variety of computer vision services. With real-time decision support and expertise in advanced technologies, we improve efficiency in businesses and help them deal with the cut-throat competition in the market.

    High-Value Outcomes

    Our solutions add value to the business and fuel their revenue-earning opportunities by enhancing the quality of customer experience. For instance, better product discoverability, stock imagery, AR games and apps, and interactive marketing by analyzing the massive volumes of visual data available on the Internet and social media. Our object recognition solutions clubbed with Machine learning assist business houses in expanding their paradigms by making the most of visual data.

    Greater Precision

    As one of the top object recognition companies in Kansas, USA, our ability to optimize data-based operations with generative AI minimizes risks while ensuring precision. Our solutions provide rapid computer vision development and ready-to-deploy AI models in the cloud. Our highly qualified AI and ML engineers energize innovation and support your strategic business goals.

    Customized Solutions

    We offer tailored image recognition and computer vision solutions catering to your unique business requirements. Based on your scope of data and project needs, we plan and devise a strategy for software or application development before proceeding with the final work. Our cutting-edge and custom-built image processing, object tracking, and object recognition solutions are transforming industry norms and helping businesses like yours lead the way forward.

    Cost-effective Solutions

    Most business houses are of the opinion that implementing computer vision, AI, and ML, into their existing technology solutions is an expensive affair. But with us, it is no more. Our services are budget-friendly which ensures that any business owner can afford to use our services regardless of the company size. In fact, we aim to reduce your company expenses and boost your business’s profits with our top-notch solutions.

    Persuasive Advantages Of Object Recognition Technology

    Object Recognition is an emerging computer vision technology that trains and programs AI models to detect and identify objects. Whether it is images or videos, this AI and ML-driven technology performs analytics to detect objects automatically. Check out below the outstanding benefits of this pathbreaker in an individual’s life and in an organization.

    Automating Object Detection

    It automates the manual process of detecting objects from videos and images and thus, saves time and eliminates the chances of errors in detection. This is why businesses can now accurately identify objects, track them in real time, and also take necessary actions based on the detections. In short, automation leads to improved efficiency in business operations and better decision-making.

    Facial Detection Capabilities

    Face search and facial detection technology powered by AI aids in seamless biometric identification of employees, staff, and others in an organization and simplifies the process of biometric authentication. Moreover, police and crime investigation departments can make the most of this technology to quickly identify suspects and criminals from the large database of existing facial images.

    User and Product Verification

    AI Object detection solutions help retailers identify minor details of an object for verification at convenience stores for bill generation without the need for human store managers. By making object identification accessible, businesses can also review, track, and manage inventory better and handle the operations in the warehouse efficiently through proper user and product verification processes.

    Quicker Identification

    With Object recognition technology, it is just a matter of seconds to provide accurate information about any object. The fact that everything is done instantly and with such accuracy in real-time has made businesses gain insights into the visual data they are dealing with every day and make informed decisions.

    Safety and Security

    Object Recognition technology enhances safety and security in a variety of fields like monitoring traffic flow, tracking inventory, identifying faces to unlock secure devices, detecting potential hazardous actions in industrial environments, and much more. It is helpful in preventing accidents and tracking vehicles used for theft, extortion, and other criminal activities.

    Video Object Recognition

    Another incredible advantage of object recognition technology is that you can also use it to identify or spot an object or multiple objects from video sources. It basically analyzes and classifies objects in a video in a similar way it does in the case of images. With the help of various tools, a video is divided into frames. Next, they are worked on pixels and their relevant features to get accurate results.

    Object Recognition Model Development Process

    Our seasoned AI professionals can build unique object recognition apps that have the potential to revolutionize your business processes. Based on your tailored digital recognition needs, we develop scalable, secure, and highly efficient solutions powered by computer vision technology.

    Requirement Analysis

    Collecting Data

    Choosing & Training Model

    Testing & Validating App

    Deployment & Maintenance

    Want to stay innovative with a top-notch Object Recognition app?

    We are the leading service provider for applications using object recognition in Kansas, USA. Allow us to build your dream app and scan objects up to 3X faster than other devices in challenging light, various angles, and different conditions. To discover more, speak to our experts today!

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    Here are the answers to the most common questions raised by people before they hire top Object Recognition companies in Kansas, USA.

    It is a general term for computer vision technology that leverages AI and ML algorithms to train models for quick identification of objects in real-time. This technology analyzes large volumes of visual data collected from different sources to spot objects, faces, etc. using 3D modeling and computer vision techniques. 

    Object recognition is one of the latest and remarkable innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence which is helping businesses save costs significantly, improve customer loyalty, and boost employee productivity at work. Let us see some of the real-world applications of object recognition. 

    Retail Industry – Walk-in stores like grocery, food, apparel, etc. can install object recognition systems at their checkout counters to speed up the process of checkout with zero human intervention. It allows for instant self-checkout without any barcode scanning. Shoppers can simply put the items under the scanner, get them detected, and generate invoices in just a few minutes. 

    Public Safety –  Object recognition services aid in strengthening public security and safety with cutting-edge object identification solutions such as violence detection, suspicious activity detection by individuals or groups, crowd analysis, and so on. 

    Access Control – Biometric development solutions equipped with facial detection technology help in better managing access to organizations, maintaining attendance records, and enhancing security. 

    Inventory Management – Inventory tracking, SKU processing, and keeping records have become very easy and convenient for retail owners and warehouse managers with the help of object recognition and OCR technology.

    Based on scientific research and decade-long knowledge of signal and image processing techniques, our team has gathered vast experience in this domain. The key object recognition development tools that our AI developers employ are:

    • DL FrameworksTensorflow, PyTorch, Caffe2, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Theano, MXNet, Core ML, Sonnet, and Chainer. 
    • Modules or Tookits – Kurento’s computer vision module, TensorRT, NVIDIA DeepStream SDK, and  GStreamer.
    • AI Technologies – Machine Learning, 3D modeling, 3D Scanning, Image Sensing, and LiDiar. 
    • AI Cloud services – Google Cloud AI, Azure ML, and Amazon ML.

    The price for object recognition app development can be determined only after consulting with our AI experts who evaluate your project needs, scale, features, functionalities, and complexities involved to estimate a budget for your project. Schedule a call with our sales team to get an estimation today!

    The timeline for a project is conveyed to our clients after a thorough consultation regarding the project requirements. The timeframe for this kind of application mainly depends on the project scale, complexity, technologies & tools used, resources hired, and more. 

    Webgen Technologies USA is one of the top object recognition companies in Kansas, USA known for building high-quality flawless applications at competitive costs. Furthermore, they focus on accomplishing the goals of their clients with a rapid and flexible development approach combined with error-free sprints. For secure and scalable object recognition solutions, we are the right technology partner for you.


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