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We are a pioneering full-stack mobile app development company in USA building iOS applications that are designed to look the best and perform fast. We help businesses thrive in the digital age with our responsive and next-generation applications. Our ultimate objective is to provide your users with unique digital experiences across all iOS platforms such as iPhone, iPad, macOS, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. We leverage a robust tech stack to power your iOS apps and help you maximize your business value. With our extensive experience and profound knowledge, we deliver business-specific solutions that help you stay ahead of the game. If you are willing to enter new markets, attract the attention of more customers, and improve your business-customer relationships, then we’re right here for you.

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    iOS App Development Services Aligning With Your Business Needs

    Our iOS mobile app development services are backed by a team of highly skilled and certified iOS app developers. With their long-standing expertise, they have mastered the art of creating apps with path-breaking user interfaces and amazing features.

    iOS App Development Consultation

    Before building an app, our team needs to understand your business type and app purpose. For this, our iOS experts offer app consultation services where you get to discuss your project requirements, the features you need, and which tech stack should be ideal for app development for iOS. Further, we advise on plan modernization and follow a holistic approach to creating competitive iOS apps from scratch.

    iOS UI/UX Design

    We aim to build apps that offer a seamless and immersive experience to Apple users. That’s why the designers of our app design team work extensively to ensure that our apps reflect your brand tone properly and leave a lasting impression on users’ minds. Also, our experienced UI/UX designers follow the iOS interface design guideline to ensure the apps have a smooth approval process.

    Custom iOS App Development

    If you need a scalable and future-ready solution for your business, then we can help you. We develop iOS apps based on your specifics and by using the latest technologies or SDK. Our deep knowledge and ample experience help us build apps with iOS-specific functionality and integrations. We address every need of our clients with a unique approach to make sure our solutions are top-notch.

    Enterprise iOS App Development

    Since iOS provides enterprises with a secure and scalable mobility platform, developing mobile apps has become one of the top priorities of large organizations in Olathe, Kansas in USA. We help you turn your business idea into a functional app with a sleek interface and interactive user experience. We offer full-cycle mobile app development for various niches like finance, healthcare, education, travel, etc.

    App Testing

    Our app development process includes comprehensive testing and validating of our applications to ensure that our final app before release is highly secured, fast-performing, and highly functional. As a top iOS app development company in Olathe, Kansas in USA we ensure that your app is glitch-free and completely hack-proof. We test your apps both manually and through AI-driven automated mode.

    Multi-platform Deployment

    We also aid in the deployment of applications on multiple Apple devices and help your audience find you everywhere where they are most active. Our apps run across all types of platforms like iPhone, iPad, macOS, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. With our multi-platform deployment service, you can get your app easily running on the platforms that your business needs most.

    iOS Game Development

    Our unique and exciting gaming apps for iOS devices allure gamers of different age groups. We also build metaverse game development that provides high-definition video and 3D graphics and lets users enjoy a refreshing gaming experience by converging the real world with the virtual world.

    Wearable /IoT App Development

    Our iOS app developers in Olathe, Kansas in the USA have comprehensive experience in designing and developing apps for wearables by leveraging cutting-edge IoT technologies. They build smart wearables keeping integral factors in mind like attached sensors and connection with the human body.

    Social Networking App Development

    Get interactive and feature-rich social networking apps for your business to reach the right audience at the right time. We build high-end and best-in-class social networking solutions based on your bespoke needs that help users stay connected to their friends and make new connections.

    E-Commerce App Development

    With eCommerce becoming the most popular and on-demand service in today’s time, app development for the eCommerce sector has become necessary. Online retailers, looking for innovative iOS apps to develop, can reach out to us. Our company in Olathe, Kansas in USA with its best-fit eCommerce app solutions, helps users shop easily while on the go.

    GPS App Development

    Our seasoned iOS experts deliver impeccable location-based apps specifically designed to match your business needs. By creating high-quality GPS apps we help users detect and navigate to locations and find recommendations for route optimizations.

    VoIP App Development

    We offer VoIP app development that makes it easier for users to make and receive calls. No matter what your business type and size is, we deliver the best possible VoIP app development services. Our development process includes consultation, installation, configuration, development, and deployment.

    Why Choose Us As Your iOS App Development Agency In Olathe

    With a proven track record, our team of iOS app developers at Webgen Technologies USA in Olathe, Kansas in the USA is dedicated to delivering mobility solutions with perfection and excellence. We take a user-centric approach to help our clients build apps that audiences can connect with. Our suite of app development services is known for high scalability, innovative features, and robustness.

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    Impressive UX/UI

    We understand the importance of an app’s look and feel to boost user engagement. Apple is known for its splendid user interface and user experience in its applications and therefore, our app design team ensures that the app’s design attracts the audiences in the first place. Our design and user interface are way above the standard applications and help you gain a competitive edge in the app market.

    Adept iOS developers

    Hire our exceptionally talented team of iOS apple developers in Olathe, Kansas in USA for viable mobility solutions that give users extraordinary experiences. Quality assurance remains our top concern and our team promises to deliver top-notch quality apps within your budget and timeline.

    Top-tier Security

    One of the key reasons why most business owners choose the iOS platform for mobile app development is high-level security. Our app development process goes through a rigorous testing process to protect users from malware attacks, security breaches, and other kinds of cyber threats. Our app development iOS is built with privacy features that are meant to give users complete peace of mind.

    Quick Development Time

    The app development time in the iOS operating system requires less time and our seasoned developers ensure that your project is delivered on time as promised. With our diverse knowledge base and ample experience, we have helped numerous organizations drive their business growth with our competitive iOS solutions.

    Agile Procedure

    By following an agile methodology, we ensure every single step in the development phase is well-planned and well-organized. We minimize risks and errors by breaking down the stages in short cycles. Changes are immediately implemented and our in-depth and real-time planning helps us achieve desired results.

    Secured Transactions

    We develop iOS apps that offer users great security while making transactions from the app or platform. We build apps integrated with high-end security features that safeguard users against any type of phishing attack or hacking. The transactions made from the platform are end-to-end encrypted so that the user’s privacy details are completely sealed.

    Maintenance & Support

    Support and maintenance services post-deployment ensures that your app is always functioning relevantly and gives the users a faultless performance. We provide systematic and prompt maintenance services that enhance user satisfaction and user loyalty. Our steady support helps manage the latest version releases and platform updates.

    Industries That Rely On Us For Top-level iOS App Development

    As one of the leading iOS app development companies in Olathe, Kansas in the USA, and having built innumerable mobile apps since 2011, our developers have gained in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience. During this span of 12 years, we have served global businesses belonging to varied industry verticals.


    We serve the eCommerce sector with advanced and sophisticated iOS solutions to scale their online businesses. Our powerful mobile applications built with dynamic features and scalable functionalities help hundreds and thousands of retailers worldwide expand their customer reach and create new revenue streams. We help them switch from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to user-friendly digital platforms effortlessly by developing customized eCommerce apps for iPhones and iPads.


    Large-scale and mid-sized finance companies demand app development for iOS to automate finance operations and streamline the process of customer service delivery. It helps them manage and track their customers more effectively at their fingertips. Customers, on the other hand, have easy access to banking and finance services in the comfort of their homes. The razor-focus of our highly valued iOS professionals help us in creating better experiences for our customers.


    Today, even the healthcare sector is not staying behind and is gradually adopting digital solutions to improve the quality of healthcare services. Through mobile apps, it has become possible to treat patients virtually via video calls and phone calls by making appointments through mobile apps. Remote access and 24/7 medical support are two primary advantages of healthcare app development.


    Our team of app developer iOS uses the latest technology stack to help educational institutions redefine learning experiences and enhance knowledge delivery. Our innovative and power-packed iOS apps eliminate geographical boundaries by making education accessible to students in different corners of the world. Not only students, but also the trainers, faculty members, and the administration team of the education system use mobile apps for student and employee data management, corporate training, etc.


    In the digital-driven era, the food ordering system has also transformed. People prefer ordering food online from apps and getting their favorite dishes delivered to their doorsteps. Restaurant owners are expanding their market and introducing the cloud kitchen concept to maximize their profits. Thus, the demand for iOS food ordering apps is increasing, and we as one of the top mobile app development companies in Olathe, Kansas in the USA ensure that our apps give our users a redefined and delightful dining experience.


    We help travel companies strengthen their brand image with our custom-built mobile apps. As your reliable technology partner, we ensure that ours are equipped with loads of features to give travel enthusiasts the best-ever user experience. From booking flights or train tickets to easy onboarding, and managing hotel bookings to tour planning, we built apps for every travel need.


    The logistics sector is also undergoing a massive transformation due to the introduction of digitalization and modern technologies. Logistics apps for iOS developers can be of various types depending on the purpose such as warehouse management, delivery tracking, transportation, handling inventory, route management, etc.

    Media & Entertainment

    Our wide array of entertainment application development services serves every domain of the industry such as media houses, publication agencies, gaming companies, music brands, etc. We make the most of technological advantages to create world-class solutions that give unparalleled experiences to the audience. Our amazing digital products help businesses stay connected with their viewers and fuel revenue.

    Our iOS App Process

    With 11+ years of experience in iOS app development, our developers have become seasoned experts in crafting faultless applications with a streamlined workflow.

    Understanding App Requirements

    Planning and Evaluation

    Design & Development



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    Schedule a free consultation and talk to our iOS app developers to share your project idea. As a pioneering app development company in Olathe, Kansas in USA, we ensure our iOS solutions profitably impact your business.

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    Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring the best app development companies in Olathe, Kansas in the USA.

    The cost of building iOS apps depends on various factors such as platform selection, MVP creation, development hours, complexity in features, app scale or size, app mode (online or offline), API integrations, UI/UX designs, developers assigned, location of the development team, app testing, app category, etc. Some of the other costs that get added to the final cost are the costs for server deployment, the latest upgrades, and app maintenance.

    As per the industry knowledge and expertise of our iOS developers in Olathe, Kansas in USA, Xcode is considered the ideal platform for iOS app development because it is extremely easy to use and well-designed, specially made for Mac and iOS development. Xcode is Apple’s own Integrated Development kit that includes SDK, graphical interface, tools, frameworks, and compilers, for designing, developing, coding, and debugging the application. If you’re planning to build an app for your business, you must hire iOS app developers from our company in the United States who are highly efficient with Objective C, Swift, React Native, Xamarin, and Ionic.

    The total time required for app development is divided into three stages – app defining and design stage, engineering stage, and deployment or app launch stage. The average or estimated time required to build small apps is 1-2 months, medium apps are 2-6 months and enterprise apps are more than six months.

    A mobile app is one of the primary reasons businesses are flourishing these days. It can make a big difference in your business by expanding your customer reach and helping you target new markets. Some of the most prominent reasons for investing in iOS apps built by our iOS apps development company in Olathe, Kansas in USA are:


    Smooth User Interface – The mobile app revenue market for iOS is huge, considering its popularity among users. Every business launches an app with a sole motive – to please the users with a positive and elegant user experience. iOS interface is easy-to-use and Apple users find apps user-friendly and appealing. This increases your total number of app downloads.


    Tech-Savvy Users – Most iPhone users are tech-savvy and they love fast-evolving apps with new features and new integrations. So, building a business app for the iOS platform will give your brand great exposure to tech-savvy demographics and help your business grow digitally.


    Offers Robust Secure – If users find an app unsafe for storing private information, photos, videos, or making payments, then they are going to uninstall it immediately. They fear data theft, data duplication, and other types of phishing attacks. iOS app development prioritizes security and is known for protecting customer information and keeping it end-to-end encrypted.


    Great Exposure Globally –  iPhone applications offer your business a great opportunity to reach out to international markets and target a new audience. Most importantly, Apple’s reputation as a global brand makes it easier for people to trust applications built for this platform.


    Quick Development Process – Compared to other OS, iOS apps are faster and easier to develop. It takes a lot less time to write iOS codes and can be tested on multiple devices with different resolutions. Thus, businesses can release their app sooner and start generating revenue from them.

    Our iOS app development services in Olathe, Kansas in the USA offer a plate full of exclusive benefits which are as follows.


    • Our enterprise application development process follows a tailored approach that is suited to meet your business requirements in the best possible way. After studying your business model and the industry you’re in, we plan and develop iOS apps that are meant to provide seamless user experiences to your customers.


    • Another reason why the iOS platform is mostly chosen by enterprises for application development is because of the easy integration into your existing cloud infrastructure or migration to new systems.


    • The iOS app development requires in-depth analysis and planning to create the right type of app that acts to your enterprise’s requirements. So, hire iOS developer in Olathe, Kansas in USA to ensure your app has all the necessary features and integrations that it demands.


    • If you want your app to be developed quickly and launched for public use, then iOS is the right platform. Its simple testing practices and easy deployment makes it easier for developers to release the app faster.


    As a renowned iOS app development company in Olathe, Kansas in USA, our app developers exploit the latest Apple technologies, frameworks, and programming languages to build state-of-the-art iOS apps. Here is a detailed list of the tools and technologies we use.



    1. UI/UX design tools


    Figma – It is a free and one-of-a-kind interface design tool offering designers premium features like prototyping, useful plugins, easy collaboration, accessibility, and browser compatibility.


    Hyperion – This UI/UX design tool is best suited for inspection prospecting properties, and measuring modules. It is highly preferred by designers for making slow animations.


    Flawless – If you need to design creative and dynamic designs, capture animations, and compare designs with iOS simulator implementation, then Flawless is the right choice.


    Sketch – This graphic tool is an application for UI designs for iOS apps, web apps, and wearables. It is a macOS tool and hence, files get automatically saved in sketch format. However, the files are easily viewable on other software like Adobe photoshop and illustrator.


    1. Programming Languages –  The two primary programming languages that every iOS developer needs to be familiar with are Objective C and Swift.


    Objective C – For application development in OS X and iOS, Objective C is every developer’s first choice. It is a subset of the programming language – C and offers developers a dynamic app development runtime system.


    Swift – This Apple-launched open-source programming language is highly intuitive and robust, thus appropriate for building apps for iOS, Apple TV, Smartwatches, and Mac devices. iOS app development with Swift is easy to use and offers developers great scalability.


    1. Database


    Core  Data – This framework by Apple facilitates easy saving of data and tracking of them in iOS applications. It even allows data modification and filtration.


    SQLite – The database is based on the C language that is embedded in the iOS app. It is the most common database available to the ios app developer.


    Realm – Realm Swift is similar to SQLite and hence considered as an alternative to it. It makes data syncing from mobile to the cloud easy and hence, is used for building iOS apps.


    1. IDE (Integrated Development Environment)


    AppCode – This IDE is compatible with all the most popular programming languages Swift, Objective C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, etc with the help of plugins. It ensures quick code execution and simplifies the process of code development and analysis with its intelligent code assistant feature. Other features that it provides are code generation, refactoring, database support, and unit testing.


    Xcode – This IDE was developed by Apple for Mac and iOS application development. Xcode has a source code checker that identifies coding errors and also suggests ways to fix them. It has an in-built interface builder and aids developers in seamless coding, testing, and debugging.


    1. Backend Tools


    Helios – This open-source framework is used in iOS development for various backend services and helps in the integration of iOS app features like in-app purchases, logging, push notifications, and data synchronization.


    Firebase SDK – It is a backend tool used by iOS developers for creating apps and is also used for data storage and synchronization. It accelerates the development process and helps you release your app with confidence through steady monitoring of the app’s performance and checking stability.


    Parse Apple SDK – It is a tool kit or library that gives developers easy access to the Parse server backend for iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and tvOS apps. You can also use it for debugging your iOS apps.


    Tools for Security – iOS apps are backed by competent security tools that make the app safer and more secure for users.


    Frida – This tool is mostly used by security testers and malware analysts and offers great features such as API tracing and supporting black-box testing. Frida is most suitable for testing and evaluating iOS apps.


    Ghrida – It is an open-source and free security testing tool and software reverse engineering platform. Ghrida offers a wide range of software analysis tools for examining compiled codes, decompilation, scripting, etc.


    1. Other Tools and Kits


    Cocoa (Touch) – This kit contains the key frameworks and infrastructure that are used for building apps that run on iOS phones, iPads, Apple TV, Apple Watch, etc.


    Core Graphics – This is a Graphic framework used for designing vector graphics and also offers lightweight 2D graphics rendering that can be drawn on the screen using UIview.


    Core Audio  – This is Apple’s audio infrastructure that is used for managing all types of audio needs in iOS applications.


    Webgen Technologies USA have a wealth of experience in employing the latest iOS-specific technologies. Whether it’s the implementation of high-end functionalities, integration of app features, data migration from mobile to the cloud, or connecting to wearable devices – we have the right kind of expertise for your every app development need.


    SiriKit – Apple’s voice technology Siri lets users handle their requests through voice assistants and intelligent suggestions. It lets them interact with the device for various actions such as making calls, sending messages, booking rides, setting reminders, and so on. We ahve


    CloudKit – Our developers have expertise in iCloud containers from which users can easily store and access app data not only from one device but across multiple devices.


    Apple Pay – The Passkit allows easy payment integration in your iPhone app and lets users make hassle-free payments from their apps. Our developers are also experts at integrating Apple Wallets into apps.


    HomeKit – This tool kit that our developers use makes interaction with home IoT devices and other appliances. Configuration and control of these devices through apps are what our developers help you with.


    In-App Purchases – If you want your app to support in-app purchases, then that can also be done by our iOS app development company in Olathe, Kansas in USA.


    Car Play – Most iPhone apps need map integration that offers route information and guides drivers to find the optimized route to reach their destination. We help connect your route apps directly to your car.


    HealthKit – This kit allows the users to track their health and fitness status, and share health-related data while safeguarding user data privacy.


    Metric-Kit – With the help of the metric kit, users can check their device reports and assess the performance of their apps.


    Hire our iOS app developers in the United States to ensure that every facet of your app is well-addressed. The app should bring a high impact on the user experience and establish long-term growth for your business.

    As for the front end, our developers are well-versed in the following frameworks.


    Swift – It is an intuitive programming language introduced by none other than Apple for seamless app development for Apple phones, iPadOS,  macOS, Apple TV, and Smartwatch. This open-source language is easy-to-use and provides iOS developers the liberty to create anything unique.


    Objective C – This is another popular programming language used for building apps for Apple OS and iOS. Most of the MacOS software and iOS applications are written in this object-oriented programming language.


    React Native – This UI framework is considered the ideal choice for developers because it is based on the open-source React JavaScript library with pre-built components. This speeds up the development process by reducing the codebase by almost 95%.


    Flutter – Flutter is Google’s SDK used by developers to build multi-platform applications. This open-source framework is used for creating both Android and iOS apps.


    Ionic – Considered the leading framework for cross-platform apps, Ionic allows fast development of production-ready apps. One can use standard web programming languages like Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc.


    Kotlin – It is a widely used Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS, Android apps, and  cross-platform apps. It is a flexible platform that offers programmers the ability to code safely and with satisfaction.


    Xamarin –  Xamarin is an open-source Microsoft mobile framework used for developing iOS apps, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.


    Native Scripts – This open-source mobile framework is useful for building native apps that are based on JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js, and Typescript. It offers robust backend support.


    Moreover, as a top iOS apps development company in Kansas, we ensure that our resources are highly proficient with the most influential and popular frameworks. Our clients are our top-most priority and so, whichever framework you choose to develop your iOS app, we promise to deliver solutions in that framework.

    Our developers can program in both languages but our client’s requirements remain the key decision-maker here. Although we will suggest the best language for your app after learning about your project needs, if a client is specific about using a particular language, then we will use that only. We usually choose a programming language for an app depending on the app’s features, complexity, app size, and scale.

    App architecture is the foundation of a well-designed mobile application that defines the patterns and techniques used in it. It is an integral step in every app development process because it describes the roadmap to be implemented and best practices to be followed while building a mobile app.

    The iOS architecture is a layered architecture and consists of four layers. Apps are connected with hardware with system interfaces that are well-defined and well-structured. The lower layers explain those interfaces that are required for the basic functioning of the app and the higher level is responsible for providing elegant graphics and user interfaces. Every layer contains a set of frameworks that are leveraged by an iOS app developer to build the application.

    Choosing an app architecture with effective modularity and patterns is crucial because it ensures that every app is bug-free and easy to add new features. Other reasons why app architecture in iOS mobile app development.

    Flexibility – A good app architecture will ensure the app’s flexibility over changing development environments without impacting the app’s performance.


    Security – A reliable architecture ensures data security in the app because users are most concerned about their information security and privacy. They must feel that their data is end-to-end encrypted in the device.


    Performance – Users love apps that offer great performance and are completely error-free. Thus, you need to ensure that your app infrastructure meets your customers’ expectations.


    Maintainability -Every app requires continuous maintenance so that any updates or changes are not missed out. Also, to fix errors and keep the system at its high-performing capacity, you need a good iOS app architecture.

    Augmented reality and Virtual reality are two path-breaking advancements in the technology space. AR/VR bridges the gap between the real world and the virtual world by giving users a mesmerizing close-to-reality experience. Apple, being the frontrunner in the field of technological innovations, has already dived into the world of AR/VR by building unmatched and riveting augmented reality experiences for users with AR/VR iOS apps.


    There are 5 Considerations that our iOS app development company in Olathe, Kansas in the USA keeps in mind while creating AR/VR iOS apps are –


    What is the purpose of creating the app?

    Just like any other application, the AR or VR app is also created for a certain purpose and is meant to solve users’ problems. So, our developers’ first job is to find the purpose and see whether the solution addresses the needs of the users.

    How will the real-world experience be integrated into the app?

    Gone are the days when mere animations or creative visuals would excite the audience. They want something more real and more natural. So, it is in the hands of our developers to give a real-world and immersive experience to the users.

    Who is the targeted audience for the app?

    Identifying the target demographics makes it easy for the developers to predict their likes and expectations of the app. Also, knowing the types of mobile interfaces they prefer will help them build similar types of user interfaces, but integrated with advanced AR/VR features.

    Time and cost estimate

    Developing an app comes with a lot of challenges and that’s why it is crucial to determine the project time and cost before planning a roadmap for the Ar/VR iOS app development. Predefining the time as well as the cost makes it easier for the developer to plan better and come up with efficient solutions.


    Yes, we create every app keeping in mind the latest iPhone versions. So, you don’t need to worry about your app’s compatibility with the new or last version of the iPhone released on the market.

    Yes, we as one of the top mobile app development companies in Olathe, Kansas in the USA provide end-to-end app development services, meaning that it is our responsibility to get your app published on the Apple store. We adhere to the app store rules and guidelines strictly to ensure that our app gets approved faster and is made available to iPhone users for download.

    Yes, we have flexible business hiring models, from where you can pick one that suits project requirements and budget. The three standards of our hiring models are –


    • Hire a dedicated iOS developer
    • Fixed price model
    • Full-time hiring model

    Yes, you will have complete ownership of the app developed by us. As one of the best app development companies in Olathe, Kansas in the USA, we maintain transparency in our service. After app deployment in the Apple store, we hand over the source codes to our clients. Also, for our client’s peace of mind, we mention source code ownership and handover once the app is successfully deployed.

    Yes, NDA is a crucial part of every project before starting with it. By signing NDA with our clients, we make sure that their app idea and the app remain confidential and this way we can maintain trust, transparency, and loyalty in our business relationships.

    We have a highly-experienced and qualified team of business analysts who after carefully analyzing your unique demands, allocate the best resources that have the right kind of technical expertise to handle your project.

    The most popular and best tools used for tracking project progress end-to-end are Slack, JIRA, Basecamp, Notion, and Proofhub. Also, our developers are comfortable using these tools.



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