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Boost your business growth by building dynamic, fast-loading, and intuitive Angular JS applications and creating remarkable user experiences. If you are seeking a low-cost yet productive solution, connect with our AngularJS development company in Olathe, USA. With innovative resources, the latest tools, and greater knowledge of development trends, we can help you with the creation of feature-rich and future-ready applications for websites or mobile apps while meeting quality code compliances. Angular is an open-source front-end framework used by developers to craft robust and next-gen web applications. The best thing about this JavaScript framework is that it uses simplified MVC architecture and makes the development process faster by splitting web application codes into multiple components. Utilize the potential of this code-splitting technology by leveraging our AngularJS development services, and get a stunning application for your business.

  • High speed and performance
  • Best for single-page applications
  • Rapid development

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    Discover Our Comprehensive Range Of Angular JS Development Services

    With unmatched expertise in the industry-leading web development framework JavaScript, we assist businesses in building single-page applications and web apps from the ground up, by seamlessly incorporating new features and functionalities or migrating your existing applications to the Angular version or its latest release. Explore our wide range of services offered by our skilled and experienced Angular JS developers.

    Angular JS Consultation

    Don’t keep your amazing web app development idea to yourself. Instead, share it with us and allow us to turn your imagination into a reality. Schedule a detailed consultation with our experienced Angular JS consultants so that we can understand your business-centric requirements and reckon the feasibility of the Angular JS project. Further, they will help you clear all your doubts and suggest a world-class solution for your business.

    UI/UX Design

    To make your application unique, user-centric, and easy to use, the app design must be well-thought and crafted with great precision. The designers of our Angular JS development company create highly appealing and interactive UI/UX designs that make the application engaging for the users. For high-user retention, you need to make your app design appealing and engaging and we can help you achieve this easily.

    Angular JS Web App Development

    We craft Angular JS web app development with reusable UI components that ensure lightning-fast rendering and effortless navigation. Our services empower businesses with secure, scalable, and reliable web applications with AngularJS. We guarantee elevated engagement rates and widespread adoption with our top-of-line web app solutions. Why wait? Boost your digital presence by partnering with us today.

    Angular JS Mobile App Development

    Leverage the power of AngularJS framework and popular mobile front-end UI tools like Angular UI, Cordova, and Ionic to create secure, scalable, and user-friendly mobile app front-ends. As a top-notch Angular JS Development Company, we specialize in building cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android. Our agile development practices guarantee on-time delivery and top-notch code quality.

    Custom Angular Development

    Experience customized solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Make the most of our in-depth business consultations and top-tier Angular app development services to build a unique website or web app from scratch. Our expertise allows us to build scalable solutions by seamlessly implementing new functionalities, or effortlessly upgrading your current React version to the latest release. You can always trust us to deliver excellence at every step of your project journey.

    Angular JS Single Page App Development

    The AngularJS framework is most developers’ preferred choice for creating dynamic and seamlessly integrated single-page applications. The team at our Angular.JS development company in the USA excels in crafting well-structured, flexible, and dynamic single-page applications with server-side rendering which guarantees better website crawling and securing top spots on Google SERP. We can fuel your digital presence and business growth with our clear and efficient code solutions.

    Angular JS Progressive Web App Development

    Modern web applications, also referred to as Progressive Web applications, are dynamic, offline, easy to install, and have zero loading time. Our developers possess extensive knowledge and strong expertise in crafting state-of-the-art PWAs rendering an incredible user experience and mobile friendliness. With our Progressive web app development services, you can view your website in a native mobile version with a single click.

    eCommerce Application Development

    Because of its ease of maintenance, scalability, and robustness, AngularJS is most favored by eCommerce developers for building user-friendly and elegant eCommerce platforms. Our Angular JS web development company in Olathe, Kansas, assists both large enterprises and small startups with their e-commerce application development equipped with the latest features and cutting-edge functionalities. Moreover, this framework allows developers to incorporate safe and secure elements into the application.

    Social App Development

    Avail of futuristic and highly functional social media app development with React Native, and Ionic which are secure, user-friendly, and flexible. By utilizing the Angular framework, we built best-in-class social networking applications that help users connect with others on social media effortlessly. Our apps are well-structured, easy to use, and with remarkable user interfaces.

    Angular JS Plugin Development

    Plugins extend an app or website’s functionalities and features to your app and make your digital solution more advanced and efficient. Plugins add value to the users by uplifting their user experiences on the application or website. If you want to speed up the performance of your business website or application with the latest or modern plugin development, reach out to our Angular JS developer company and get expert solutions.

    Angular JS App Migration & Upgradation

    Whether you want to migrate your existing website or application from other web frameworks to Angular or power up your old Angular version to the latest version, we are always at your service. Upgrade or migrate your old application to an updated Angular framework to network to enjoy super capabilities. Our developers can help you seamlessly migrate your application to an Angular-JS-powered platform without compromising any data loss.

    Angular JS API Development

    We specialize in building goal-focused and business-centric APIs that improve the overall performance of your application or website. With our scalable APIs, you can optimize the app’s functionality and help businesses innovate their digital transformation. Our Angular JS web development company offers reliable and secure API integrations of multiple components into your application or website.

    Angular JS Widget Development

    Our custom Widget app development is meant to make an application more accessible and beneficial for the users. Our Angular JS developers build functional re-usable widgets with minimalistic designs across several partials to accelerate the development of the application. We have rich experience in crafting web apps or website solutions with bespoke widget development to scale your business growth.

    Testing And Quality Assurance

    The team at Webgen Technologies USA provides proper quality assurance and comprehensive testing services that focus on functionality, integration, and usability testing. With extensive automation testing and test-driven development process, we ensure the end result is reliable and top-grade quality. Implementation of best code review practices and continuous integration enhance the stability of your application or website.

    App Maintenance and Support

    As a trusted Angular.JS web development company, we assure you that our support team is always available to resolve any kind of technical issues or glitches that arise post-deployment. They always stay updated about the latest advancements, industry trends, and Angular framework versions, so that your app is updated and stays ahead of the curve.

    Why Hire Our Angular JS Web Development Company

    Webgen Technologies USA is trusted by businesses of all types and scales for the development of AngularJS-powered websites or web applications. Our long-standing reputation and deep expertise in this JavaScript framework enable us to provide faster and success-driven digital solutions aimed at driving transformation in the business landscape.

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    Vast Experience

    We have been in the business since 2011 and the journey of 12 years in web development and mobile app development has made us an absolute pro in JavaScript with frameworks, including Angular JS. With more than a decade of experience, we have gathered ample experience that helps us provide business-centric solutions catering to their unique specifications. By following the pre-agreed and specified project plan meticulously, we ensure that all the requirements are completed and the project is deployed within the defined timeline.

    Competent Developers

    The developers here are well-versed in this framework and can create custom applications based on specific user requirements. Their unmatched coding skills combined with technical knowledge and capabilities to overcome any complex challenges make us one of the best Angular JS development companies in the USA. They create the perfect web or app solution for you while complying with industry standards and regulations. With them, you can always trust that the final outcome will be top-grade and you will gain a competitive edge in the market.

    Agile Development Process

    The adoption of agile development methodology optimizes the process continuously by making it adaptive and flexible. With a cross-functional team, we follow a collaborative method of Angular web or web app development. A dedicated team along with a project manager is assigned to your project with whom you can directly communicate during the dedicated work hours to track the progress of your project. The manager will oversee your project and ensure flawless development and launch.

    One-stop Solution

    The best thing about hiring our Angular development company is that you can enjoy complete 360-degree development services in Angular JS. Be it a customized website, web application, single-page app, mobile app, progressive web app, AngularJS migration, upgradation, or plugin development - we have solutions for your every kind of project needs. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with our experts and share your requirements.

    Flexible Hiring Models

    We offer our clients adequate flexibility in choosing a plan by offering them different types of engagement models. We aim not to keep any unnecessary or rigid parameters of hiring to give them the convenience of choosing a model as per their project requirements or budget. Keeping client satisfaction in mind, we provide cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of the project.

    On-time Delivery

    With a perfect blend of quality innovation, effective code quality, technology tools, and agile concepts, we speed up the development process and smartly manage the project. This helps us deploy our applications or websites in the least possible time. Being one of the leading Angular JS development companies, we employ the best practices and use efficient project management tools like Trello, Jira, etc. to deliver uncompromised solutions on time.

    Transparency and Integrity

    We believe in complete transparency and to achieve this we provide our clients with every minute detail of the projects regularly. To guarantee 100% client satisfaction, we consider their every worthy advice and valuable suggestions. All the project updates will be visible to our clients so that they can share their reviews with us. Additionally, we also keep our pricing structure transparent so that clients get a clear picture of the total project cost.

    Industries Our Angular JS Web Development Company Serve

    Webgen Technologies USA has a global clientele belonging to versatile industries. Our solutions cater to all kinds of businesses of all scales, from startups to scaleups, and big enterprises. As a globally recognized Angular JS development company, we ensure to deploy your digital product faster in the market by using emerging tools and technologies.

    Retail & E-commerce

    A major section of the retail industry is gradually shifting to online sales with user-friendly and cost-effective eCommerce solutions with Angular JS. One of the reasons for choosing this framework is that the pages typically load faster and allow developers to add specialized features to your retail websites which otherwise take longer time to build. AngularJS is the ideal choice to go ahead if you own a retail or eCommerce business.

    Travel & Tourism

    Today’s new-age customers prefer to make informed choices when it comes to traveling. AngularJS is the perfect framework to build travel review websites, or websites for hotels, flights, or train bookings. Also, you can create travel-related web applications to manage customer bookings, personal details, charges, itineraries, etc. Collaborate with the team at our Angular JS web development company in Olathe, Kansas, and supercharge your travel business.


    Angular JS effortlessly solves the widest range of healthcare web app and website development needs with its powerful and exclusive features like data binding, codeless, MVC architecture, and others. It is also used to create patient care management systems, eHealthcare systems, or single-page applications to streamline workflows, healthcare operations, and other management processes in the sector.

    Media & Entertainment

    To develop video streaming applications or browser apps, AngularJS is considered a great platform and is used by most businesses in the media and entertainment industry. Uploading and streaming high-quality video content is easy and the user interface is interactive and easy to understand from the user’s perspective. So, if you want to launch a mobile app or web app for content streaming, we are the right agency to reach out to.

    Social Networking

    For all kinds of real-time messaging apps, dating apps, blogging apps, and social media app development, our Angular JS development company can assist you. We provide cost-effective and scalable solutions using this popular framework. We are committed to creating dynamic apps that deliver excellent user experiences and help your business gain user traction.

    Our Angular JS Development Process

    A lot of effort goes behind crafting a perfect and business-specific web application or website using AngularJS. Our systematic roadmap planning and carefully designed steps make your project disruptive-ready and ensure that it appeals to the customers in the right manner.

    Understanding Project Requirements

    Planning and Evaluation

    Design & Development



    Want us to help you with your AngularJS project?

    Let’s start a conversation today! Book a consultation with our USA-based AngularJS experts to share your unique project concept and we will craft a robust and dynamic website or web app solution equipped with Angular JS. With us, you can a best-fit solution for your project that caters to your business requirements.

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    Here are the answers to the most common questions raised by people before hiring top Angular JS development companies in Olathe, Kansas.

    Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework suitable for building diverse applications with HTML and TypeScript.  Its versatility enables businesses to utilize it for building a wide range of applications, making it a preferred choice in the enterprise web development landscape. With its powerful features and robust ecosystem, Angular enables developers to create dynamic and feature-rich applications across different domains.

    Some of the popular types of web applications include –

    • Single Page Web Apps (SPAs)
    • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
    • E-commerce Apps
    • Chat or social media apps
    • Enterprise web applications
    • Real-time apps
    • Server-side rendered apps

    AngularJS is considered one of the most secure and robust JS frameworks for building single-page applications or web applications matching your business goals. Let us see what the reasons are for its widespread popularity.

    Code-splitting – AngularJS provides faster page loading time by using component routers, and efficient resolution of view requests as it loads only the necessary code. Adding a new component router enhances AngularJS apps with quicker loading and automatic code-splitting capabilities. This means that when a user requests a view, the router loads only the specific code required to render that view contributing to improved performance and user experience.

    Two-way data binding – AngularJS simplifies the process of building and rendering templates using plain HTML, thus allowing seamless binding between components and models. The automatic detection and updates of templates make data binding faster and more accessible. This bidirectional binding enables instant display of view changes in the model and vice versa to enable efficient data sharing among components for enhanced application responsiveness.

    Flexibility – The declarative standard in coding results in lightweight and easily comprehensible code for developers of Angular JS development companies. It ensures that only the desired output is shown, avoiding the clutter of unnecessary information.

    Effortless Testing – AngularJS facilitates efficient automated testing without memorizing specific sequences. It supports end-to-end unit testing with dependency injection which enables developers to quickly understand the code, identify errors, and thoroughly test applications. The Angular framework emphasizes both unit testing and functional testing as standard practices for testing Angular applications.

    Angular CLI – With AngularJS’s command-line tools, developers can accelerate project implementation and testing and easily pass test data to capture outputs. The framework’s pre-configured CLI streamlines the deployment process letting the developers skip installation complexities and deploy projects instantly.

    Large Community Support – AngularJS benefits from a robust and extensive web development community which provides the developers with prompt solutions for their project requirements. Whenever developers encounter challenges, they can readily leverage the support and expertise of the vast AngularJS community to overcome hurdles and achieve their goals.

    Although primarily Angular is intended for web application development, it offers versatility for mobile app development by integrating with frameworks like Ionic or NativeScript. This capability allows developers to create native or hybrid mobile apps that ensure a seamless and uniform user experience across multiple platforms. By adopting Angular’s features and ecosystem, developers can leverage their existing knowledge to efficiently build mobile applications while maintaining code consistency and reusability between web and mobile projects. With this approach, businesses can maximize their development efforts and reach a broader audience across different devices.

    Yes, sure. Some of the leading and giant brand names like Netflix, Paypal, Forbes, The Guardian, and Upwork have Angular-based front-ends. Even Gmail is built with this dynamic and versatile framework.

    The developers of our Angular JS development company possess multiple skill sets and diverse knowledge bases which results in fruitful and satisfactory web app solutions.

    • Front-end development – Angular.

    It is highly favored by enterprises due to its exceptional attributes, including stability, scalability, maintainability, and performance as a development framework.

    • Back-end Development – .NET and PHP.

     .NET – Visual Studio comes equipped with ASP.NET Core Single Page Application (SPA) templates that offer support for Angular.

    PHP – To implement Angular, a distinct client-server architecture is required, with PHP commonly operating on the server side and Angular on the client side. To enable communication between these two components, an API becomes essential.

    • Databases – The four common databases our Angular JS developers use for their projects are MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Elasticsearch.
    •  Clouds & DevOps – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Azure, and Kubernetes.
    • Mobility – Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin apps can be built with Angular.
    • Q&A Testing – Karma, Selenium, TestRail, Jasmin, Katalon Studio, Postman, and Browser Stack.

    As a top-tier web development company in the USA, we offer JS services to boost your digital presence with exceptional digital products.

    •  React JS – The component-driven architecture allows for dynamism and adaptability in React JS development services and results in the creation of intuitive and robust SPAs and PWAs.
    • Node JS – The extensive load-bearing power and versatile efficiencies of the Node.JS development framework help us provide versatile web and mobile applications with high-capacity infrastructure.
    • Vue JS – If you are seeking a next-gen and performance-driven application, acquire our full-stack Vue.JS development services to create an exceptional front-end for your app.


    There is no universal answer to this pricing-related question because it depends on a range of factors that include client budget, app scale and size, complexity, features, plugins and widgets, tech stack used, no. of developers assigned, etc.  Also, when you go for customized web app development, your cost will be based on your unique app requirements.

    The development timeline for an AngularJS web app is influenced by multiple factors such as the project scale, resources hired, incorporated features and functionalities, and the testing process, etc. To obtain an accurate estimation of the project’s duration, it is best to reach out to our Sales team with your specific requirements. Our team will be able to provide you with a tailored cost assessment based on your specific app needs and objectives.

    Yes, as a leading Angular JS web development company in the USA, we prioritize the protection of our client’s intellectual properties at all times through various measures. Starting from the initial stages after entering the contract, we establish a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to safeguard sensitive information.

    Yes, certainly. After your project is completed, we adhere to all formalities related to code ownership and copyrights. We will hand over all the source codes to ensure that our clients retain full rights to their intellectual property. Our commitment to safeguarding our client’s interests is an integral part of our service offering.

    Webgen Technologies USA is one of the top Angular JS development companies in the US. If you are searching for the finest and budget-friendly AngularJS developers, we are the right place to reach. With over 12 years of industry experience, an unparalleled track record of successful projects, and a comprehensive work portfolio, we are one of the fastest-evolving companies in the world. We have delivered more than 1280 projects by leveraging robust and cutting-edge toolsets. Having worked with clients from over 35 countries, Webgen Technologies USA is well-equipped to handle diverse and global development requirements.


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