Resume Certified - A pre-screening tool to check resume information accuracy.

Resume Certified BREES system is a resume-screening tool that helps jobseekers verify the information provided in their resumes and increases their chances of getting noticed by recruiters. The system checks whether all the resume details i.e. the candidate's background, references, education, employment, and social media profiles are correct and truthful. To verify their resumes with the BREES system, candidates can simply upload their resumes and update their profiles. Resume Certified assists employers and hiring managers to identify resumes with false or misleading information and streamlines the hiring process.

Technology Used for Resume Certified








The Challenge

  • Prescreening resumes to improve resume quality.
  • Increasing a jobseeker’s chances of getting hired.
  • Speeding up the process of recruitment.
  • Giving a candidate a competitive advantage over others.
  • Eliminating resumes with false or inaccurate information.
  • Saving recruiters and employers time and effort.

The Solutions

    • With the BREES system, candidates can prescreen their resumes.
    • Candidates upload resumes and update profiles for resume verification.
    • The system validates all the information and checks its accuracy.
    • A resume approved by the BREES system gets noticed by employers fast.
    • Recruiters trust resumes that have been pre-screened with BREES.
    • Saves employers from the hassle of canceling out resumes with false information.

Project features

Key Features Of Resume Certified

BREES System – It is a pre-screening tool developed by Resume Certified with the purpose of verifying information provided by candidates in their resumes. BREES is the combined name for background, references, education, employment, and social media profiles, which are primarily verified by the system.

Profile Creation – Candidates can upload their resumes and update their personal and professional information which is then verified by the BREES system to ensure 100% accuracy of every single piece of information provided in the resume.

Resume Shortlisting – With the help of Resume Certified, it becomes easy for potential employers to spot genuine resumes with the BREES icon and eliminate resumes with false or misleading information.


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