WGT-Health Apps - Technology solutions to improve medical care & patient services

Healthcare providers face a challenge to design and develop mHealth app that fits their requirement and help them sustain in the ever rising competition

Business Models We Support

Hospitals and clinics

On demand healthcare services

Healthcare Aggregators

Mobile and Cloud-based Healthcare support

Saves time
Saves cost
Optimize patient engagement

Enhance medical care, patient care and quality of life with the right technological solutions

Solulab has an expert team of developers and designers that build customised mHealth applications. Create an ecosystem that addresses the rising demands of healthcare providers, corporate hospitals and patients.

We take care of


Due compliance with legal and local laws of healthcare industry


Easy, prompt and secure connectivity of patients with healthcare providers


A user's identity and personal information is completely confidential.

Benefits of WGT-Health apps

Doctors and healthcare providers

  • Point-of-care coordination
  • Manage appointments
  • Boost diagnostic accuracy
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Passive care
  • Direct patient care
  • Records of consultations
  • Increase branding
  • Real-time communication

Patients and treatment seekers

  • Search doctors online
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Pre-diagnosis
  • Preventive Care
  • Remote Healthcare
  • Save and share medical records
  • Affordable Insurance Cost
  • Real-time Health Monitoring
  • Easy payment integrations

Admins: Web-based admin dashboard to:

  • Manage doctors and healthcare service providers
  • Manage patients and treatment seekers
  • Manage pricing and commissions
  • Track services
  • View analytics and reporting


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